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[Pre Order] 10% Store Credit + Save $30 on 2x Google Nest Audio + Free Delivery @ Google Store Australia


Google have just released their latest range of Nest Audio products, and are now running a promotion when you order direct from Google Australia. Get an immediate 10% store credit into your account when ordering any Nest Audio product, plus until midnight on 15 October you'll save another $30 for every 2 Nest Audio you buy in a single order.

Current pre-order pricing is AU$149 each and delivery is free.

Terms and conditions

Get 10% Google Store credit when you pre-order a Nest Audio from Google Store Australia. Customers will receive an email notifying them Google Store credit is added to their account approximately 3 weeks from the order shipment date. If you pre-order 2 Nest Audios you can also save a further $30, starting on 1/10/2020 12am AEST through 15/10/2020 at 11:59pm AEDT. Available only to Australia residents with shipping addresses in Australia. Must be age 18 or older to be eligible. Recipients must have Google Pay profiles registered to the country where purchase was made in order for the Google Store credit to be issued and once issued will be in the currency of the country where purchase was made. The Google Store credit can only be used in the country of purchase. Limit 2 per customer. Offer isn’t valid if the device (or any part of the order) is returned. It’s non-transferable, and not valid for cash or a cash equivalent. Available only while supplies last. Shipping charges may apply at checkout. Void where prohibited. Google Store credit expires on 31 October 2021 at 11:59pm AEDT. Terms of sale and additional Google Store credit terms apply: https://store.google.com/intl/au_en/about/device-terms/.
What is Google Store credit?
See here for details: https://support.google.com/store/answer/7549796

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  • How do these compare to max? Anyone any idea?

    • This is the Google Home Max Mini not to be confused with the Google Home Micro, Google Home Micro Max.

      • Is this the Google Nest Home Max Mini , or just the Google Home Max Mini ???

        • Didn't they rebrand them Max Mini and Mini Plus? I think the difference is the packaging, which can effect perceived performance.

    • Just by the pricing you'd expect them to be the replacement for the regular Google Home. Before it's insane price drop near end of life, the Max was going for about $400.

      Sorry to not respond with an idiotic joke, I know that's what we're meant to do round here.

      • The max at $200ish was fantastic value, the sound output mixed with smart device for the money is great.

        I would be interested to see how these actually sound because the only smart speakers i have been impressed with so far is the maxs.

        And the jokes above i don't mind i think it highlights how stuffed up googles naming convention got, seriously using max for two different product lines and rebranding to nest but not doing a hard switch just muddied the water so much.

    • Considering the specs and size, my bet is on the Home Max being superior. I have two Google Home Max speakers and they are bloody awesome. I'd be interested in the new ones based purely on size alone, but two of these bad boys in a two bedroom apartment is more than enough for me.

      • agree with you on that one. I used to use my 2x google home max for my computer but then got some proper desktop speakers and moved one of them to the living room in our apartment and left one in the office so I could use the google home commands to control our lights and other smart devices. I wouldn't mind these for my bedroom, but we already have 2x mini's, one on each of our bedside tables and they do a decent enough job just to listen to some podcasts or music before bed.

        • Yeah two of those for the computer is some serious sound, that's for sure. I've got my Nest Hub Max in the bedroom office, one Home Max in the living room and the other one in the bedroom hooked up to the TV. The mics are super sensitive so I'll probably leave it at that to avoid conflicting devices trying to respond to my voice.

      • Totally agree with you. Proud owner of two google home max speakers in stereo pair mode. The sound quality is amazing. The stereo pair works fine in Aux mode too. Bought each for $198 from Officeworks and it was definitely a good deal for such a high-quality speaker.

  • already have mini and does a good job for the average bedroom, nest hub, and next max for the larger rooms. Does the job and don't need the upgrade. Doesn't look exciting apart from maybe better sound over the mini. I think this is to replace the Google Home (and a cheaper alternative for the Nest Hub).

  • sorry to be simpleton.

    how does the 10% work?
    do you receive 10% of your purchase as credit?

    i.e. I buy 2, for $300, I receive, $30 credit + $30 for buying the 2nd speaker?

    or is the 10% off my next order or something?

    I decide to upgrade next month to the Google nest audio max, and get 10% off ?

    • The way I see it is:

      $149 x 2 = $298 - $30 = $268 (no shipping costs as its for free) is your total immediate cost.

      On top of that, you'll get 10% of $268 ($26.80) as credit added to your Google (Pay?) account to use for future purchases direct from them (ie if you wanted to put that towards a Pixel or something else).

      • thanks, that makes a lot of sense now.

        I wonder if I can the Google pay credit for my YouTube premium payments. ?

      • do you mean I pay $268 for 2 Nest Audios
        and $30 credits in my google account
        Make total discount are $30+$30=$60?

  • No auxiliary input ?

    If only I could get my minis or this new unit to bluetooth to my tellie with no lag :(

  • Is it new version of nest mini?

  • Will the other colours be available in Australia? Or is it a US only thing for now? I only see charcoal and chalk available.

  • Cannot believe it but I was after the Netfix and Chromecast/Google TV and it is already out of stock! Great logistics Google! https://store.google.com/au/config/chromecast_google_tv_netf...

  • Thanks OP!,

    I grabbed a pair to replace my pair of Sonos 1's I got thanks to last week's deal from Melbourne Hifi.

    It kills me using the Sonos app on my Samsung instead of the YouTube music app. (using YTM and casting to Chromecast audio is heaps better)

    will report back re: sound quality vs the Sonos if anyone cares.

    it was a bit of looking around for me, very hard to find decent speakers that are wife friendly, she made me take my monitors out of the kitchen 😭.

    • Maybe Google should add 'bonus spousal Brownie Points' to their advertising. ;-)

    • Yes, I’m keen to know about the sound quality… please do report back :)

      • will do.

        I'm not an audiophile or specs sort of guy.
        that "50% more bass etc is such crap."
        have 500% more bass, doesn't matter if it's bad sounding bass.

        this is an interesting reviews/ read tho. looks promising.


        • Looks promising indeed. Decided to pull the trigger on this after seeing the LatitudePay-HN offer. Guess we'll both find out if it's any good in one or two weeks' time. I am not crazy about bass, i'll be happy as long as it's clear and sharp.