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Century Ultra Hi Performance Car Battery 75D23LMF $189.99 (Was $239.99) + Free C&C Only @ Supercheap Auto


The Century Ultra High Performance range is the best option for the driver looking for the most out of their car battery. Built for harsh Australian conditions these units come with a 36 month warranty available at 300+ stores nationwide, so you can rest assured you're in safe hands. With a maintenance-free design you can set it and forget, Century's innovative vibration and corrosion resistance technology will ensure you get the most efficient power delivery and longest lifespan possible.

The Century 75D23L MF is suitable for a range of modern small to mid-engine Asian-built and other imported vehicles with power hungry electronics on-board. This 12V 620CCA is the premium option for the driver looking for peace of mind.

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  • 2.1% ShopBack

    I don't think that all our personal and bank details are worth 3.98

  • Thx mate, was looking for this!

  • Wow this stupid website adds a free item when you spend $50 or more, but the free item is out of stock at my local stores and wont let me order…

  • Personally I prefer Supercharge Gold over Century.

    • The few Supercharge Gold's that I have had failed early and got replaced under warranty, and the replacements only lasted the warranty period and could not be recharged/ reused. I am now on Century's for the cars I have and all good so far.

    • Only got experience with supercharge and wasn't that good, battery died at around 4 year mark. On the other hand I have a century probably over 8 year now and still good, the last time it gave me panic was when I left the radio on overnight, went to supercheap and almost spent $200 for a replacement but had a second thought and left charger for a bit longer and it was back to life.

    • Similar to you, I had a poor experience with a Century battery, I now have 2 SuperCharges and they’re both going well. Including one which has been run flat and charged up from zilch twice now and is still keeping on.

    • Agree, have had one Supercharge Gold that lasted over 5 years before I scrapped the car.

      As we speak getting my battery replaced by RACV, because I was too lazy to go and get one. I'm sure I'll regret it when the battery fails one month after the warranty ends.

  • How do I tell when my car's battery needs changing? If I buy too early then there's the cost of degradation over time of the unused spare battery awaiting to be used when existing dies. But if I don't buy now, I might be stuck with flat battery, unable to use the car to get to the shop to buy a replacement.

    • does your car start up quickly with current battery or does it crank over for some time before ignition?

      • Quickly. However I have had many past experiences where it was good one day, then fails the following day. No warning sign at all…

        • Assuming you have a no/low maintenance or sealed battery then check the inspection hole regularly. Green - good, red - needs attention. Buy a decent multi-stage 12V charger or emergency starter if you're that worried. It's not usually necessary but charging your car battery from 240V occasionally is not a bad idea. If your battery is dying (ie not totally stuffed) you should be able to get at least a service charge capable of getting you started from a charger. A flat battery doesn't necessarily mean that the battery is unserviceable. You need to put a load over it to check that - any auto electrician can do that in a few minutes.

    • Get a free battery test at both Repco and SCA. If the person doing it is honest you'll get to see the raw data or even a printout, not just an answer like 'replace'.

      Compare the CCA they measure with the CCA the battery had when new. I reckon anything over 80% is fine, below 70% you might start to worry. In between: probably still time to wait for the next special, like boxing day sale.

      I've got an Exide Endurance. Got it checked after I flattened and re-charged it, was still healthy after 4 years of use. Now had it for 5 years, still no problem.

    • mine just went without warning which I thought was weird but the road side assistance guy says the newer batteries of the last few years don't give warnings like the old ones did, you know, having to start a few times before going etc. Apparently now they are just good to go then boom. Don't start. I am always a subscriber of a roadside assistance product so it doesnt really matter they can come give you a jump start and then you can go to the shop to get a replacement. Mine went on the weekend so they jump started it then and then I called when it was a weekday to get them to do the same so I could go get a new battery and it was all good.

  • Bunnings sell 620cca exide extreme for $176 everyday price. Comes with 40 month warranty after registration.

  • Batteries are not universal, my personal experience with century is that if the battery is not on the recommended list for your vehicle, kiss your warranty goodbye. Running standard SCA battery after 2 century failures. SCA also offer free battery testing

    • Theres a tool right there before you add to cart to check fitment for your car.

      • Both batteries were suitable for my vehicles - initially they tried to say one wasn't therefore wouldn't be replaced - it was the upgrade option and I got my refund and cheaper battery that hasn't given me any troubles

    • Most SCA batteries are made by Century

      • I know - see comment below (reply to where century is OEM for Repco). Not made in Australia hence lower price point. Ever since Century went to MF there's been more returns - (Source - friend is AM at my local). The SCA one has been in the vehicle for longer and still tests as new :)

  • This seems like a lot of marketing BS. What makes this any better than their standard range?

    • Higher CCA etc.
      E.g. 75D23L vs 55d23L is the capacity, cca, etc.

    • Typically: warranty, higher Ahs, higher reserve capacity, higher CCA, thicker plates.

      Century website shows 40m warranty for this battery. SCA old stock?

  • Annoyingly the reverse polarity version is not on sale.

  • Heads up folks.

    I've stopped buying batteries at Supercheap as they are expensive, even when there is a "special". Recently found out Bunnings have been selling batteries. They aren't on special there but already undercut supercheap

    The equivalent battery would be this model from exide which offers, higher amp hours, higher cold cranking camps, longer warranty…yet is cheaper

    Paying 176 at Bunnings for a better battery vs 239 at Supercheap (or 189 for the special) seems like a no brainer to me.

    EDIT: Before someone mentions Costco, last time I checked the Costco version was cheaper but slightly weaker in performance despite being from the same manufacturer. It would make sense as neither retailers want to compete against each other.

    • I am using Century battery from last 2 years. Got it from supercheap auto. I believe Exide is a gold standard in the battery industry in many countries. I will switch to Exide if any issues happen with my current battery.

      $176 is pretty good deal for Exide though. I remember, I paid $200+ for battery last time (+ installation charges).

      • Not sure how you arrived at the "gold standard" assessment. They have both good and average products like most makers. Century's reputation is at least as good as Exide's, which used to be made here but sadly no longer. I usually buy Exide because I've had a good run from them and they are often significantly cheaper.

        • Not in Australia, but in other countries Exide is very popular, reliable and long lasting.

          • @crazyboy: Really? Which countries? Generally speaking, Exide is all those in Australia and has been for decades. Haven't been made here since about 2015 iirc.

      • Exide is owned by Supercharge

    • 189$ (on special) for a battery made in Australia vs. 176$ for a battery made in Philippine.

      • I don't want to turn this into a racial debate but I have no issues with a product made abroad providing it offers similar or better quality, performance and or warranty.

        • Not the point he's making though is it?

          • @Possumbly: I didn't say he was? I merely stated I base my decision on performance, quality and warranty.

            • @Kranbone: Whenever I done research I haven't seen any evidence for the first two claims myself. Can you point me towards some for future reference? Century now offers 40m for this battery.

              • @Possumbly: What 2 claims do you want clarification on? I can help but am not affiliated with either retailer or battery manufacturer. I'm just a tight arse who tries to pick the best logical option.

                • @Kranbone: Performance and quality.

                  Specs are near enough to identical. Century has more Ah (70 V 65, arguably more important than CCA, depending on vehicle), Exide higher CCA (650 v 620), Century is heavier (16.8kg v 16, ~ better quality), both have 120 reserve capacity.

                  • @Possumbly: SCA listed the Century as having 64 AH, over the 65 from Exide Bunnings. That's where I got my info from (along with the warranty).

                    • @Kranbone: My guess is SCA has old stock if that's the case. Irrespective there's nothing to suggest any significant diff in quality or performance imo. I've done plenty of reading over the years and wrt the battery type I've been interested in can safely say people have been very happy with both Century and Exide. Can't say I've come across any real criticisms of either, but then again I'm searching for comments from people who actually look after their batteries they same as they do for any other working part, not just drive until they drop so to speak.

                      • @Possumbly: If they have old stock, that is a problem indeed. Batteries deteriorate in storage, more than when in use. Let's hope SCA actually have new stock and just didn't update their website to the latest specs…

    • Great advice. I stopped buying batteries from Supercheap quite some time ago for that reason and started buying Exide batteries from BIGW and KMART as they are great quality for the price.

    • I've also heard it can be a nightmare trying to do a warranty on Century brand batteries.

      Returning stuff at bunnings couldn't be easier.

      cheaper and 42 months war vs more expensive and 36 months war

      • depends on the retailer.

        I've had no issue returning a Century battery to Bob Jane.

      • Heard where exactly? I've heard and read enough bs like that to fill the Pacific. Price and warranty diff is marginal (Century now offers 40m on this product, probably worth a call to anyone buying one from SCA). Big diff is Century puts hundreds of millions of dollars into our economy.

        • I had issues with my battery a month ago and researched which new battery to purchase, I found thread after thread complaining about century and their return policy, here, whirlpool, reddit and a few auto forums that I don't recall.

        • Price and warranty diff is marginal (Century now offers 40m on this product, probably worth a call to anyone buying one from SCA). Big diff is Century puts hundreds of millions of dollars into our economy.

          Evaluating these at their standard prices 176 vs 239 seems like a fairly significant difference in price to me? I run some Century batteries in my cars and have only had one premature failure out of the last 5. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the brand but there is an alternate brand offering better performance, value and warranty.

          Regardless, can you share the 40m warranty as I'd like to claim this for one of my existing batteries (I've kept the receipt). I saw nothing in store and the store wasn't aware of it.

          EDIT: You're indeed correct, the century website states the warranty is 40 months. Shame none of the retailers knew this. Glad I kept the receipt. The Exide warranty still exceeds Century though.

          • @Kranbone: Yes, I agree at those prices (not the $13 being discussed here) I'd certainly go Exide Extreme - and regularly have as I said elsewhere because I've had good runs from the Au made Exides and because Century is rarely discounted when I've needed a battery.

            Warranty is only what is advertised. If you want the extra 4 months on the SCA Century then you'd need to argue the point before buying. If buying from an auto store (or Bunnings) you should check the date of manufacture. Batteries could be sitting around for many months.

    • Thanks for the heads up.

      In my case I think I would be better off going to Beaurepaires for that Exide battery. It is $3 more expensive but it seems like there is 7% back on Cashrewards / Shopback. Also, my Bunnings does not fit car batteries whereas my Beaurepaires will fit it for $11.


    • Yeah, the Costco version is the mid-tier version from Exide rebranded as a house label. That said, the equivalent 55D23L is $115 so on a cost per year basis, it would be the most economical option. I won't buy anything else these days.

    • Why not buy an RACV one? They install it and no questions asked 3-year warranty.

    • Awesome!

      I was actually planning to buy the Century battery this weekend.

      I might go for the one you've linked instead

    • I followed this same logic and replaced a Century battery from SCA with an Exide from Bunnings, and wasn't impressed. Both had near identical CCA and RC ratings, however the Exide is far more sluggish to start than the Century.

      Century lasted about 4 years, can't speak for life of the Exide as it's about 1 year old at this stage.

  • Nice gonna stash up on a dozen of these for next 10 years so we don’t pay for inflation.

  • Just a heads up to people I purchased a Century battery from SuperCheap which was 1 year old until it started having issues with my car electrical system. Brought the car into Mazda and they connected it up to their diagnostics machine and advised the battery failing code is showing up. Excellent service by Mazda they printed out the report and everything for me.

    Showed SuperCheap the report and they connected up their own small battery tester and said "no we are not exchanging it, my battery tester says it's ok". I then showed them the diagnostics report from Mazda and they said that the report is wrong (???).

    Went back to Mazda and told them to change the battery (at my own expense) as I was sick of the dash warning lights coming on and power steering failing. As soon as they did electrical problem went right away.

    Went back to SuperCheap and explained the above but they still argue that the Mazda diagnostics was wrong and that their battery tester is right.. Will never purchase a battery from SuperCheap again, just not worth the hassle.

    • these have a battery health indicator on it. when I returned mine to Bob Jane, it was showing uncharged indication even after a full charge and their tester reading it as good.

    • You sure it wasn't a problem with the alternator ? If the battery is still providing over 12 volts or what ever the minimum is from the battery itself it should still operate normally ? But yeah most places like SCA are not very helpful when it comes to product support.

    • Did SCA or Mazda put a load over the battery to test its condition? Something fishy in the Mazda story.

      • To be honest not sure, If I remember correctly they were advising the capacity of the battery was giving the fault code.

    • If ur Mazda is with istop feature, you need to have batteries marked compatible with start stop as other batterys dont get enough charging before car is started multiple times during a small ride.

  • Looking for cheap! 109$ on catch with free delivery. Hyundai enercel 550 CCA, 65 AH. Just check terminals (cell layout 0 is left positive) Not sure about warranty but the price is way cheaper. With 8% gift cards i got battery for kluger for 110$, 70Ah, 620CCA. Showing 650 CCA when arrived in 7 days in melbourne. Similar prices on ebay

  • I'm gong to buy this for the wife's vibrator that'll get things going.

  • Still overpriced.

    • You found one cheaper or is it like your first deal - still coming?

      • I bought Supercharge for $140 3.5 years ago and it is still going strong. Supercheap inflates the price massively and after big discounts it is still overpriced. Supercheapauto used to be cheap but not anymore. It is bait and switch marketing strategy. They took their time to gain reputation for being cheap and now misleading their customers.

        • That would be why they're so successful eh? I still can't see this battery cheaper elsewhere atm.

          Can you - or your upvoting mate Kranbone - provide evidence for anything you've written at all? Think you need to learn what bait and switch is before you falsely accuse any other businesses of what is essentially a fraudulent practice.

          • @Possumbly: We are just used to four times the “normal” prices now. Coles, woolies and maybe even IGA siblings run by congloromate to make people believe there are competitions where there isn’t and see how often you see half price discounts. Coles and woolies are successful too. It’s just that there is not much competition in Australia.

            Aldi gained their reputation for being cheap over the years but now it’s not that cheap like it used to be. I don’t know what would that be called to win customers over the years to make you go there again and again. By the way, it’s bait-and-switch.

            AGL, Origin, Energy Australia (siblings) are another companies under the guise with many similarities with their pricings. Maybe go to other western countries to see what’s normal pricing even considering their low wages compare to Australia.

            • @alphaoasis: You still haven't bothered to learn what bait and switch is obviously. Nor have you provided any evidence for your assertions, unsurprising given your wild generalisations. Throw me a dozen examples from each of those companies to explain your point. There are MANY reasons why things are relatively expensive here, including price gouging (for electronic items esp), population/market, competition, sole importer rights, freight, (minimum) wages, warranties, ridiculous rents, taxation, consumer and employee protection laws (which add costs to businesses but limit exploitation), ludicrous management remuneration, etc. The evidence for all those actually exists. Some are justifiable, others not so. What are you willing to sacrifice to see price reductions?

              • @Possumbly: With bait-and-switch, people still get the idea to what I am trying to say. I explicitly mentioned that I don't know what would that be called instead then if companies try to win you over the years and then jack up the price. That's literally bait and switch over the years. We tend to go again when we have been going to over the years much to the like of Chemist Warehouse which also sells at inflated price with 50% discounts and that's too often. Chemist Warehouse used to be cheap too. These greedy companies are making us getting used to highly inflated price and slash price by around 50% or more to make it look like a bargain. Even after those expenses, they are still well off with huge profit margin.

                SCA sells this 5W-30 full synthetic Nulon or Castrol for over $70. Their normal price is around $25 to $35 (I have bought many times) so when they do discounts, they still sell it at more than $55, very occasionally around $35. No body sells at a loss. That speaks for itself so no need to elaborate more.

                • @alphaoasis: Okay, so your bait and switch claim is nonsense and you have a gut feeling but no evidence that companies are fooling consumers with their pricing. I think you're on the wrong website to make that claim.

                  You obviously haven't got a clue what wholesale price retailers pay for their products or their costs and you seem not to have any understanding of loss leaders or why manufacturers discount products from time to time.

                  I don't understand your last paragraph - the numbers and/or the wording are confused but it's evident that you've got used to massive markdowns companies have been occasionally providing (due to stagnant retail markets) and can't deal with smaller discounts. That's called entitlement.

                  • @Possumbly: I meant to say the normal price should be around $25 - $35. In US, Castrol Edge advanced full synthetic is sold at around $US25, US$28 for 5 quarts (4.73 L) and that's their normal price. Meanwhile at SCA, normal price is $72. So in Australia, the fair price should be around $25-35, $45 at most. In some countries, it's even cheaper but I know it's not fair to compare.

                    You haven't got any clue about their wholesale pricing either. At least it's evident that the wholesale price must be lower by a good margin than the lowest price they sell at. It's unlikely they will sell at a loss.

                    • @alphaoasis: You need to learn the basics of economies, starting with currency values, taxation, wage rates and other employee costs, transportation costs. Comparing USA prices (from two discounters) to Australia's is ignorant. Even ignoring those fundamentals, Australia is a very small market. I'll leave you to find out how that affects prices.

                      • @Possumbly: No need to know the basics of the economics. It’s abvious that they are selling at ripoff prices and with huge profit margin compare to the rest of the world even after factoring all the expenses and taxes you mentioned. They are still well off. Think about David Jones and Myer and many others demise. They know economics but they are still dying. There is a sweet spot of price where you will get the most sales but they just want more and more and never get full and this is why Kmart is successful. After all it’s about the profit margin so when you sell at huge markup, few will walk in your store. Same with small business owners. People will walk out when seeing another competitor selling at lower prices. SCA just doesn’t have real competitors.

                        After seeing all those jargons, you just sound like one of those. You just want them to be that way. Dude, we are on ozbargain.

                        • @alphaoasis: Your opening sentence confirms what I had already inferred from your wildly inaccurate posts. What is obvious that you haven't got a grasp of even the basics of running a business. If you think "they(??) are selling at ripoff prices and with huge profit margins" then start a business yourself and see how you go. Your claims are fantasy born of ignorance. Take a look at the financials in annual reports for just about any retailer and check the relationship between turnover and profit. Might give you a clue as to how little you actually understand. Here's SCA's 2019 Annual Report since you're so convinced of your own wisdom that you don't bother to research and read. I'll be interested in your theory on why they're managing to grow despite the stagnant retail conditions (a 28 year low, pre Covid) in this country.

                          Yes this is Ozbargain and it's not even vaguely surprising that SCA deals make regular appearances on the site. Why would that be? Surely in your entitled world that shouldn't happen on a website patronised by very price-conscious consumers?

                          • @Possumbly: You are either affiliated with SCA or you just support these companies. I told you SCA used to be good and competitive for years until the last few years so why now it’s two time more expensive? I remember at what prices I used to buy at SCA so why the huge markup now. You talk about small market share, it was even smaller years ago and yet it was much cheaper than now. At the end of the day, the net profit margin matters most and it is huge compare to US and others.

                            SCA is no more super cheap. Even the name is misleading customers.

                            • @alphaoasis: Your comments are nothing if not consistent. Your guesses started badly and they're still wrong. Ludicrous assertions like "now it’s two time more expensive" are Trumpian bluster at best. I'm (still) calling your ignorance out so one of us will end up with egg on his face. In lieu of making things up feel free to provide a handful of indicative examples of SCA being generally "two times more expensive" and having huge net profits compared to "US and others" (taking into account the obvious-to-everybody-but-you vastly different environments). I'm looking forward to reading what you come up with. If nothing else it'll make you actually do some reading.

          • @Possumbly:

            Can you - or your upvoting mate Kranbone - provide evidence for anything you've written at all? Think you need to learn what bait and switch is before you falsely accuse any other businesses of what is essentially a fraudulent practice.

            Look, I stand by what I've said above. I'm just hoping to save others money. it's that simple.

            SCA are a great store and I wish them success but when it comes to batteries, they know because of their brand exposure, most people will always assume they have the best value (when this isn't always the case).

            • @Kranbone: So you don't agree with the alphaoasis comment that you upvoted? Let me remind you:

              Supercheap inflates the price massively and after big discounts it is still overpriced. Supercheapauto used to be cheap but not anymore. It is bait and switch marketing strategy. They took their time to gain reputation for being cheap and now misleading their customers.

              Not that I agree with his premise at all, but what is wrong with a company offering attractive prices early to gain market share and get brand recognition? That's common, and entirely sensible, business practice. The challenge is then maintaining and building on that start - something which SCA appears to have done if you look at financials. Retailers soon lose their gloss and cred if they don't keep delivering, and motor spares is a competitive market. You and alphoasis might think consumers are sheep but I think you greatly underestimate their ability to sort the pretenders from the deliverers.

              Anyone expecting ANY retailer to be cheap across the whole product range is living in an entitled dream world but out of interest who do you think delivers better overall value in that segment? From my own experience SCA offers better value than their b&m competitors - obviously not all the time and not on every product - hence they get a lot of my custom. BUT I always check prices and depending on service, availability, urgency etc I'll look elsewhere if savings are significant. I have NEVER bought a battery from them.

              • @Possumbly:

                So you don't agree with the alphaoasis comment that you upvoted?

                I just want to help people save money. I'm not here to neg you. I speak facts or from personal experience.

                • @Kranbone: So you've been a victim of SCA bait and switch, misleading customers and/or massively inflating prices or did you just not think when you upvoted his wild comment? Interested to read about your experiences because it seems they're far from typical.

                  • @Possumbly:

                    So you've been a victim of SCA bait and switch, misleading customers and/or massively inflating prices or did you just not think when you upvoted his wild comment? Interested to read about your experiences because it seems they're far from typical.

                    When I've bought batteries from Supercheap in the past, they were cheaper in comparison to their competitors. I also bought a Century battery which has failed but I'd have no problem recommending the brand. I also buy a lot from Supercheap, just not batteries.

                    I believe many of their current battery prices are inflated (but not all). You seem really bothered or interested. Is everything okay?

                    • @Kranbone: So we can take it that you have neither "personal experience with" nor "facts" relating to SCA bait and switch or misleading customers - despite upvoting his comment? I'm confident you also have nothing to justify your upvote of his "affiliate" comment either. You do understand the concept of voting on this website presumably? Peas in a pod. I'm fine, but I do worry about the basic thinking ability of some on this website and what it says about our education system.