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Century Ultra Hi Performance Car Battery 75D23LMF $189.99 (Was $239.99) + Free C&C Only @ Supercheap Auto


The Century Ultra High Performance range is the best option for the driver looking for the most out of their car battery. Built for harsh Australian conditions these units come with a 36 month warranty available at 300+ stores nationwide, so you can rest assured you're in safe hands. With a maintenance-free design you can set it and forget, Century's innovative vibration and corrosion resistance technology will ensure you get the most efficient power delivery and longest lifespan possible.

The Century 75D23L MF is suitable for a range of modern small to mid-engine Asian-built and other imported vehicles with power hungry electronics on-board. This 12V 620CCA is the premium option for the driver looking for peace of mind.

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                      • @Possumbly:

                        despite upvoting his comment?

                        I upvoted the comments below because I believe that SuperCheap does inflate the price of batteries but then offers a discount to make it appear more attractive. I also believe they gained a reputation for good value (which for some products they still have) but now are using that gained reputation to encourage people to continue buying, even if their batteries are not. It pays to shop around.

                        Supercheap inflates the price massively and after big discounts it is still overpriced. Supercheapauto used to be cheap but not anymore. It is bait and switch marketing strategy. They took their time to gain reputation for being cheap and now misleading their customers.


                        I remember at what prices I used to buy at SCA so why the huge markup now.

                        You seem to be really bothered by this or at least want the last word. There's no issue about the system here or no need to question a persons education. It's quite simple, people see a bargain, they'll post. If people see better value, they'll share that better value or even their experiences. If people agree with some or part of a statement, they may upvote it. Hope that clarifys ozbargain to you.

                        • @Kranbone: What you both believe and reality are light years apart. Would have expected that your "experience and facts" might have told you that. Unfortunately self-awareness is something not everyone attains. Education suggests, nay demands that if you have a "belief" then you should be able to justify it. Neither of you has done so, hence my point. But this is Ozbargain so I guess I should lower my expectations.

                          • @Possumbly: You must be amazing at parties ;)

                            • @Kranbone: Haven't heard that before. Here's a suggestion - if you're going to give sarcasm a burl as least make an effort to get the saying right. Some might see irony in the fact that your one and ONLY deal involved this hugely overpriced retailer.

                              • @Possumbly: I as well as many others have made the statement in my previous post so there's no "right" way. The irony is you understood what was being said.

                                I stand behind my comments, proudly. If I see a deal, I'll post it, but also if I see something which doesn't represent value (ie, a comparable battery which is cheaper elsewhere than a current "special") I'll also make that point heard where I can.

                                A friend pointed out you have so many comments across a variety of threads and in many cases you always loved having the last word. Me and him have a wager on whether you'll reply or not. We'll see who wins :)

  • BTW, i recently found out that Century OEM for Repco's own brand. So i got one of those Repco ones instead. That is a bargain when they have 25% off like every month.

    • Yeah, Repco told me that when I bought one of their own batteries back in 2009. I suspect though that Century supplies them with their batteries and label them as Repco but they are a cheaper version of what Supercheap stock under the Century brand.

    • Century OEM for SCA as well - not made in Aus though, less CCA for the size, less warranty

    • Yes I did the same. The Repco branded battery is a Century battery and cost less. I recently got one of these batteries delivered to my home By Repco cheaper than the special price At SuperCheap. Battery was delivered next day too. Super convenient when you have a dead battery!!

      • Cal the local store directly. You might be able to get it deliver to you same day as repco do delivery for repair shops.

        • Yeah you are probably right. Being in vic I didn’t really need the battery straight anyway but it’s a good service.

  • +3 votes

    My Century had 24 month warranty. It lasted 25 months. Good job Century.

  • Had to change my battery 2 weeks ago.
    Toyota had the stock Century from 2012.
    Replaced with another Century.

    Whats with all the hate?

    • Toyota does not supply their calls with Century batteries mate nor would a battery of that type last 8 years. It's been replaced with a Century by someone along the way.

      • Really?
        Weirdly the battery sticker said Toyota Aurion OE 2012, come to think of it maybe it wasnt a century. It was a black battery….

        Do you know what batteries they stocked?


        • Japanese Panasonic batteries. Mine lasted 8 years in my 2012 corolla.

          • @bashar20: My model car was made in Adelaide though?
            So they would still use Jap battery if the plant was in Aus?

            • @iNeed2Pee: Not sure. How can I check where mine was made. Corolla 2012 ZRE152.

              • @bashar20: Check the VIN

                Toyotas are made in many different countries hence parts come from many different supplies globally.

                Australian manufactured Toyotas (Camry, Aurion) would usually use Australian suppliers

          • +1 vote

            @bashar20: These go forever them Panasonics. Had one on my Nissan which went for over 10 years. Crazy really!

            • @spy: I replaced mine on the 8 yrs mark as battery lost charge if I left any lights on for more than a minute.

            • @spy: I replaced my Century with a Panasonic and I don’t know why but my car seems to run smoother with the Panasonic. The car battery shouldn’t be related to how smooth a car runs so not sure what is going on. Anyhow, I much prefer the Panasonic over the Century.

              • @FrugalNotStingy: It's definitely all in your head, the car basically runs off the alternator when the engine is running. Placebo effect for your brain trying to justify spending more money on the Panasonic perhaps??

      • Wrong, Toyota have used Century battery

        I have a 2012 Toyota Camry which came with a Century OE battery from factory

  • When shopping for batteries the most important thing is to check the manufacturing date. Anything older than 6 months is a big NO. The battery will already be damaged from sitting around idle for too long and won't fully recover.

    That detail alone might explain all the positive and negative experiences you've had with the various brands.

  • Hmmm, I've just realised. My car has stop start, I probably shouldn't be throwing one of these batteries in should I?

    • No. use the ones compatible with start stop.

    • A good AGM will do the trick, or turn your stop-start off and save your battery and starter motor maybe? Read up if you're considering the latter.

      • I wish I could. Damn car keep defaulting back to on.

        For whatever reason, my car also has an additional auxillery battery to support the start stop system. One of these start stop battery is already expensive as it is. It seems to cost more money than it saves

  • I got an Exide from Bunnings. Was $100 cheaper than the similar century offering from Supercheap auto.
    36 months warranty.
    Too early to give a long term review though….

    • same - exide one had higher CCA though - so should in theory start better on cold mornings.

      cant tell the difference - except being $100 richer in the wallet.

  • You guys with batteries that haven't had cell failure and have openable caps should buy inox battery conditioner for $10 and revive your battery.

    I don't know why people don't know about this product, it works wonders.

  • I just got this exact battery with only 10% off the $240 a few days ago. Do they do any credits for price drops?

    • Yes they do within 14 days if you are a SCA club member! Are you?

      • Yep! Any idea of process?

        • From the website see below.
          When i spoke to a SCA member they said sometimes when the sale ends is when you automatically get credited but for your sake i would even call them tomorrow just to double check that.

          1300 175 010

          "If you purchase an item and it goes on sale at a better price within 2 weeks of your purchase you will be credited the difference. You will then have 28 days to spend your Loyalty credit"

  • This battery is good, for a better price, go here: https://www.ebay.com.au/p/921895906

  • strikethrough

  • How to install the battery if bought from Bunnings? I guess nowadays cars have stuff that lockup if battery is removed.

    • You'll need a "memory saver" thing. Never used one only being told by the battery installer.

      • Yeah so that's the thing. If you don't have that and have also never used the thing then you're at the mercy of SCA / NRMA to gouge you for $h!tt¥ batteries.

  • Today, I went to tyrepower to fix my tyre. And the battery is cheaper and they fitted it for me. Just 149$ for the 55d23l. It is 159$ in superccheap and not include fiting fee.

  • Has anyone heard of Amaron battery?