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Google Chromecast Ultra $79 @ Harvey Norman/JB Hi-Fi/Officeworks


With the Google Chromecast with Google TV now out, the Google Chromecast Ultra has now been reduced. If you want 4k casting and don't need a google assistant remote then its a good option.

Harvey Norman: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/google-chromecast-ultra.html
JB: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/google-chromecast-ultra
Officeworks: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/google-chr...

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  • +6 votes

    If you want 4k casting and don't need a google assistant remote then its a good option.

    Not if you use Netflix.

    Then the new one works out a lot cheaper

  • -2 votes

    Vodafone TV is a better value for money option than the new and old Chromecast

    • Unfortunately its just not the same performance, especially when handling 4K video.

      Source: have the vodafone tv and the old 4k chromecast.

    • Not sure about that with the new chromecast out, newer chromecast has newer specs. Will also be much better supported in terms of updates. Only benefit I can see of a Vodafone TV is the antenna port so TV is in the same interface.

      • From memory I thought you could also record FTA TV? Not that useful though but nice to have the built in TV tuner especially if you wanted to use it on a PC monitor, etc.

  • only $20 off the old model? This is apparently a deal?

    • Yeah, shouldn't buy this unless absolutely desperate for a chromecast. Better to wait for that new deal to come back in stock or this drops to at least <$50.

    • People are strange with Chromecasts. Some people seem to have a phobia of having a real remote control.

      Massive fanboys for the extremely limited devices.

      New one (which is really Android TV) looks great but.

      • why not just use your phone as a remote control. I've been really happy with the Chromecast and haven't had a need for the remote

      • @ PainToad… I don't understand what the big deal is about having to have a remote control to use with your Chromecast.

        I repurposed on old Samsung phone for my 92 yo Mum to use Netflix, iView , Prime etc. No SIM card, no calls… just the apps… no probs :)

        Mind you the Sony Bravia was once a "smart" TV that Sony stopped updating the in-built apps once they jumped on the Android TV bandwagon.

    • Maybe if the person would make use of Stadia? Never used it myself, just pointing out that the new Google TV CC doesn't have it -

      • @kopisusu

        I made a big mistake with Google's last out. Back in 2015? I bought the Asus Nexus Android TV (the "hockey puck') which lasted about 10 months then died after an Android TV update… while still under warranty. ASUS couldn't fix it or replace it because Google had just ceased the product… Took about 6 months to get a refund from JB HiFi…
        Judging by the history of Google's hardware releases, they don't appear to be a good investment in the medium to long term.

      • The new version has, or at least will have, Stadia.


        • Good to know! I think the Ultra needs to drop further to be considered a good deal in that case…

  • And to think that someone paid $50 for my normal Chromecast (new) the other day off Gumtree…

  • Get the Google TV version. Thanks me later.

  • Agree with those saying no reason to buy this over the new one if you are a netflix subscriber.

    Other than that the new one is a $20 premium for mostly just remote control and TV box interface (vs doing everything via phone), so take it or leave it.

    • mostly just remote control and TV box interface (vs doing everything via phone)

      "just"?! It's an entirely different and more natural way to view/interact and control it.

      • It is the same thing though at it's core, just with a different interface. Chromecast Ultra = phone interface. Chromecast TV = TV or phone interface.

        I agree though I would definitely pay the extra $20 even without Netflix but not a must for everyone I am sure.

    • Lol, yeah it’s “just” a complete media streaming box, rather than a dumb dongle waiting to be thrown a streaming link.

  • Keen to see some emulation performance videos on this. Guessing ETAPrime will do that once released.

  • Chromecast Ultra is dead, long live Chromecast Ultra (and this new Ethernet dongle).

  • Might be worth noting free delivery at officeworks