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Silicon Power 128GB UHS-II V90 SD Card $88.60 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Likely a niche post, but a deal is a deal.

Seems to be the cheapest reliable V90 SD card I can find globally.
This card is ideal for those who need V90 speed for high bitrate 4k and 8k recording.
This card is fairly new onto market, but already see positive reviews on Amazon US here:

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  • I need a card for my macbook pro 2015…. will this increase the space?

  • If you're looking for a card for Sony A7SIII, you're better off with a more reputable V60 card in my opinion. Not that this one is demonstrably bad yet, with so few reviews. I would go for the Sony Tough M cards, or Prograde, also both on Amazon.

    Almost no difference on A7SIII between V60 and V90 for most uses. V60 can do 4k120p

    • All of the All-Intra modes require V90.

      • Yes, but they’re not particularly useful for most people, they only go up to 60fps, and they chew through storage so fast you would want a 256gb card minimum.

      • Isn't a V90 just a guarantee of 90MBps?
        There are a few cards that reach that easily, that just happen to have existed before the spec.
        Like the Extreme Pro.

        • Not just that. Some camera will read the spec of the card. If it’s not V90, it will refuse to record on it.

          • @poporange630: Can you give an example of a card that has that feature?
            And what software can read it?
            AFAIK that sort of data isn't (or at least wasn't) part of the SDcard specifications.
            Hell, a lot of devices still have trouble identifying the controller on a card, let alone probing it for data, lol

            Is it possible you're confusing 'reading the spec' with doing a self assessment (internal speed test) to make sure it's suitable?

            • @MasterScythe: Example is the new Sony A7S III. It somehow knows and refuse to record for some formats on V60 cards or below.
              Note that it will even refuse to record on the Sandisk Extreme Pro 300MB/s card, due to it lacks Video speed rating, despite the fact that it’s write speed is far above the requirement.
              Related image: https://imgur.com/gallery/Xl5RpyA

              • @poporange630: Fascinating.

                As i said, it never used to be part of an sd card spec.

                Perhaps the new v90 cards come with a "marker" built into them.

                Perhaps you can low level flash the card to embed the v90 flag.

                This is something new to research; thanks!

  • Sandisk Extreme Pro's are a lot cheaper if you're not going above 4K 30 for recording.

  • I bought this brand once because I forgot to bring a card to a shoot so I bought one at nearby store out of desperation. Useless, a lot of the files got corrupted