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Dell Inspiron 15 7590 15.6" Laptop (i7-9750H, 512GB, 8GB, GTX 1650) - $1282.83 @ Dell



Was browsing https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/568487, and I preferred the model with the GTX 1650, did some browsing and the model is 40% with the code SAVE40, and SUPER7 can be used for an extra 7% off, bringing it down to $1282.83, which I believe is the cheapest it has been.

Credit to @shabaka for the original deal which led me here.


Original Coupon Deal

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  • username and story check out!

  • and this is also in stock for fast delivery. when I ordered mine from that original deal, it was delivered Syd -> Melb within 2 business days

  • oh and also this is Inspiron vs what I posted is Vostro

    this one has magnesium alloy body as opposed to aluminum on Vostro
    as a result this one is lighter by about 200g
    but also mag alloy is less thermo conductive

    means a bit more load on the cooling subsystem, and especially since this one is 6 core i7.. and 1650.. I decided to go with the one I posted, despite seemingly less power both in graphics and CPU department

    but yes, I actually love the Inspiron SKU you posted for its lightness

    • Thanks for your write up - appreciate your comments! I think both models are each great value

    • What is the weight for the vostro that you got @shabaka?

      • btw it seems dell removed expiry on my deal as of now

        • so as I understand your comments @shabaka between the two models:
          * Inspiron pros: more gaming performance, less weight
          * Inspiron cons: higher price, more heat
          * Vostro pros: lower price, less heat
          * Vostro cons: lower gaming performance, more weight

          • @WarChief: also the following:
            + larger battery 97Wh
            - although more power hungry components and fans will probably spin more, so it will consume power a bit quicker
            + still that's a much larger battery so better battery life overall
            + 512 GB SSD
            - no SATA 2.5" slot (space taken up by larger battery) so you only have 2 NVMe slots for drives

            - smaller battery
            + however components are less power hungry, and heat dissipation through the body is better, so power will be spent slower
            - still most likely battery life inferior to Inspiron
            - 256 GB SSD
            + SATA 2.5" slot available so you can have 3 drives in this (2x NVMe + 1x 2.5" SATA)

            so all in all if you go with Inspiron you get more powerful everything for more money, it will weight less, only losing out on 2.5" SATA slot and lower heat dissipation which will limit the benefit from more powerful components on board (you will still notice better performance of course)

            if you have a budget for Inspiron, go for it, I would say.

  • I expect 16gb ram for this price

  • Those looking for a Dell Inspiron at a good price may want to hold out until tomorrow as I have something cooking. :3

  • I have this one for work (bought in March). Can confirm that it is a solid laptop. I installed an additional 8gb ram into it.
    Honestly, I was quite surpised that I could play some games on it too (but not on AAA games on ultra settings). Still a better GPU than I expected.
    The price has gone down since it last purchased too.
    The battery is 97W so it has one of the best battery life for windows laptop.
    There is also a space for a 2nd NVME drive to expand storage.
    It's also surprisingly light.

    A solid performer for sure - just unfortunate that its that there are better CPUs out there at this stage so better do a research to ensure that there isnt a better deal out there.

  • Is this processor better than Ryzen 5 4XXX series?

  • I have the i5 version of this laptop, battery life is the best selling point with the 97wh battery which lasts forever. its not a looker like the zenbook etc but is definitely a solid performer.

  • I have this one, great price, a paid quite a bit more last December but got 4-year warranty. Upgraded to 32 GB RAM and 1 TB Samsung Evo Plus SSD.

    • how do you upgrade the ram? I can't seem to find that option on dell website.

      • Sorry, I meant that I purchased RAM separately and upgraded it myself. Usually this is much cheaper than getting the manufacturer to do it.

  • Ever since I bought my Vostro 2 weeks ago every dell laptop prices have been dropping, wtf?

    • How's your Vostro going now that you've upgraded the ram. Are the thermals still an issue, fans kick-in often?

      • I'm learning to live with the issues lol. I've changed the power settings to "balanced" from peak performance and now it idles around 55 degrees. I don't hear the fans kick in at all but I have stopped caring when my CPU reaches 100 degrees anyway. It is what it is haha. It's got 1 year warranty so if it blows up I'll just get it replaced.

        I think I would've gotten a similar performance to my Vostro on my old HP Elitebook G3 if I upgraded my ram to 16gb but oh well.

        I'm going to get a cooler pad to reduce the temps because I rarely move my laptop around anyway.

        Another issue I have noticed is that my battery only last for 2hours max on general task. Reviews says it should last up to 11 hours?

        • what's your setting in Dell power manager? it should be your main controller over laptop power
          also in the bottom right corner when you click on the battery icon what's your setting?
          I always have mine on "Better battery" in windows settings and I change setting in Dell Power Manager depending on what I am doing

          when I do things that require light CPU usage (well that is everything apart from photo editing and gaming) I set it to Cool - laptop runs cool and lasts forever, I don't notice a big dip in performance

          when I do photo editing or gaming I switch to "Ultra performance" in Dell Power Manager

          in some demanding games I might also bump up windows power control to "Best performance" in addition to "Ultra performance" in Dell Power Manager

          this way I have power spent where it really counts, and longevity in all other use cases.

          • @shabaka: Dell power manager setting: Ultra performance
            Bottom right battery: Better performance

            Is running spreadsheets modelling for work considered light usage?

  • Placed an order.

    Anyone know what the speakers are like on this laptop? is 2 speakers or 2.1 with a mini subwoofer?

  • Should add can use cashreward. I got $39 back with it

  • Do the codes listed also work for desktop pcs? Need a desktop not a laptop…

    • yes, try the codes, they work on some.
      these are currently active codes:
      - SUPER7
      - QUT5

      some products have individual codes and it's mentioned in the product listing on Dell website (they look like SAVEXX where XX is percentage. there are products with SAVE25, SAVE30, SAVE40 etc you have to look for them)

      like this one for example

      with SAVE30 and SUPER7 comes down to $455.04 with 2 days quick delivery

  • Just ordered one. Thanks OP.

  • Hi guys, does anyone know if this laptop has one SODIMM socket empty? I just ordered this and am about to buy 8gb RAM SODIMM 2666MHz to install. Just wanted to confirm.

  • Thanks OP, ordered one for myself and a friend.

  • Just did some more research on this laptop. This is actually cracking deal. The i7 9750H has 6 cores compared to the other newer i7 10th gen like 10510u which has only 4 cores.

    The 1650 is more than capable of running the newest games at 60fps and most surprisingly this laptop only weighs 1.59kg, only 100g more than my dell vostro 5490 14 inch.

  • Laptop arrived today.