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10% off Mechanical Keyboards @ Keychron


Was sold on the Keychron K2 after seeing this review on 9to5Mac

Got this code in a cart abandonment email which gave me 10% off the keyboard. Ended up being approx. $125 AUD vs. $170 AUD on Amazon AU right now (inc. delivery).

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  • No backlight?

    • I’ve got k4 and it does have a backlight.

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    Great keyboard, but is this referral spam?

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      No, I got a referral link but this is a no strings attached code. Someone did post a 15% code too though - SEPT15OFF

  • I got a 10% off then a 15% off a couple of days later but it was only valid for 12 hours. I just couldn't get past how thick they were.

    • Thicc? 😂

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      K1 is low profile. And so is their new K3 on Kickstarter at the moment.

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        I just backed the K3.
        Will be interesting to see how it goes.

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        The k3 looks perfect. I'll wait for that

  • got k2, very happy except a bit too high, shipping is killing me.

    • The price or key height?

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        The keyboard pretty much requires a wrist rest because it's so thick. Regardless, I love this keyboard

        • Thanks. I’ll pass.

        • a bit more getting used to an im good now.

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        got k2, very happy except a bit too high, shipping is killing me.


        The price or key height?

        The user - they are having delusions that a ship is out to kill them.

  • Just brought K4 from mwave yesterday.

  • I’m old fashioned. I’ll wait for the K9.

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    Use code SEPT15OFF for 15% off. Still works.

    • Thanks, worked for me. Didn't stack with the code from this deal though.

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      This should replace the code in the OP.

    • It brings the cost of the aluminium version down to around AUD110 - not a bad price at all.

  • This is a common abandoned cart coupon. They will send to you after a day if you add it to your cart and don't check out

  • create an account, and add one keyboard to the shopping cart but not check out, they will keep sending the 10% dicount code

  • Good price. Does anyone use it for Mac?

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      yes, everything works. even comes with mac key replacements

      • I just got one, primarily mac, but you can switch to pc if you wish.

        • I have a gen1.. its really good.. only slight niggle is sometimes it takes a little bit to wake up and connect. I think these newer ones have BT 5.1 which should improve that

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    I find that if you just keep a keyboard in your cart but don't check out, after a few days, they will usually email you with a 10% to 15% off offer.

  • Does Keychron have a way to disable windows Key while Gaming ?

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      Sort of … Keychron promotes the use of Sharpkeys for Windows, which is a Windows utility/tool that someone else developed.

      Within Sharpkeys there's a way to disable the Windows key. It will work but its not going to be as smooth as other implementations (e.g. some keyboards like Corsair have a dedicated lock button to enable/disable the Windows key).

  • Keycron or Keychron?

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    Beautiful keyboard. Great for tax deductions too.

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      Only if you get one with numpad

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    Shipping kills the deal. Hesitate to pay nearly 30% of the total price for shipping. If I could get it shipped to Aus for about $10 (rather than ~ $40), I'd have already ordered my K8 on their website.

    In the end ordered my K8 from Taobao (eBay in China) and will get it forwarded to here by sea shipping. Expecting to pay about $120 in total for the RGB+Hotswap+alloy version, but have to wait for 4-6 wks.

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      USD$28 to ship a K1 to WA…

      • Yes, for a USD$69 keyboard you need to pay ~40% the price of the keyboard to get it shipped to you. USD$28 is roughly AUD$40. Is my calculation wrong?

        • I wasn't disagreeing, just expressing despair at the shipping cost.

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    Got my first Keychron keyboard off Amazon AU (the Keychron K6 Hot-Swap). I'm a fan of the brand now.

    Some things you ought to know though:
    - a number of these boards are THICC. They had to make room for that 4000 maH battery and also it has a lot of bracing internally for rigidity. Using a 45mm high wrist rest to be comfortable with my K6 (in flat mode)
    - no software to reprogram keys. They say they're working on one, but who knows when that will arrive. It's intuitively laid out so it works great for me as is.
    - bluetooth is solid as. I have never had a drop-out issue with the Bluetooth connection
    - Plastic vs Aluminium case - the base plastic case is present in all variants. If you order the aluminium ones, you get some aluminium top rails to slide over the top plastic frame and screw it in. so it is not a true/solid aluminium case.
    - White LED vs RGB - I'm not a massive RGB fan but I was still surprised they added this option for each model. Usually only about a $5 difference.
    - Hotswap - If you are after this feature, look carefully as not all their boards are hotswappable.

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    Got the K8 Brown aluminum, hopefully I don't regret not getting the hot-swappable model.

  • Does K2 have an Insert key? Any way to customize it or reprogram?

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      It should be fn+del or fn+shift+del

      As for customisation, Keychron is yet to release any software to allow for that, and so you'll need to do it at the OS level per their product support page

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      fn + I + D — By default, short press del to get del, press fn + del to get insert;

      Hold these three keys together for 6 seconds, the function of the del key will be reversed to insert. Then the short press the key to get insert, press fn key combination will get the del function. Hold these three keys together for 6 seconds again to change back to the default.

      You need to do this every time after restarting the keyboard.

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    Just grabbed the upcoming K3 from Kickstarter for not much more.


    New optical switches and much thinner so easier on those wrists.

    • Thanks for posting that. I prefer slimline.

      Kickstarter doesn't give an indication about shipping cost to Australia though…

      • It was $22 (to QLD).

  • Does anyone know if this is K1 v4 or the older version


  • Ordered K2 RGB Aluminium using 15% off thanks. I prefer the chunky key cap look than the slimline K1 / K3, hope it is not too high for fingers.
    On the side note, anyone who can recommend key cap purchase if I want to upgrade some colour option? Thanks in advance.

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      The K2 uses non-standard keycap sizes on some of the keys. This makes it a bit more difficult to find replacement keycaps. To see keycap sizes look at keychron's page here (https://www.keychron.com/products/keychron-k2-keycap-set-1).

      There are still plenty of options out there, but you'll need to make sure the sets include the special key sizes you need.

      Example of what will NOT fit (104 keys only for standard full-size layout):

      Example of what will fit:

      If the RGB effect is important to you, you might also want to have a look at keycaps that are shine-through / 'backlit compatible'

      • Thanks for the reply, still quite confusing to see which fits and which not fit.

        E.g. Cherry MX switch means it will NOT fit right? Since K2 is Gateron switch.

        Are there any forum and group / resource I can join to see a list of key cap which will fit K2?

        E.g. I quite like this one but unsure if it will fit:

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          Yes, these keycaps will fit on your Gaterons. This listing is a little harder to buy because they are split up, you'll have to piece them together to get all the keys you need.

          • alphas (they only have the orange ones left)
          • flex kit for your function row (F1 - F12)
          • plack atomic kit for some special 1U (i.e. right alt) and 2U (i.e. backspace) keys - note that the arrow keys are gone but these have up/left/right/down in text.
          • novelty kit but this is out of stock? this has the 2.25 U enter key (your plack atomic kit only has a 2U enter key. might fit but you may have a small gap)
          • looks like all your larger left side keys are missing (tab, capslock, shift, ctrl, etc)

          Looks nice but I would avoid this specific listing because you'd have to make too many compromises. You'd be better off checking other aliexpress listings with more stock or drop(https://drop.com/buy/carbon).

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          Caps compatible with Cherry MX switches should also be fine with Gateron (from memory, Gateron is a Cherry clone!). The thing you want to look at for compatibility is the stem. There's a plethora of resources out there and it can definitely get confusing. I started here - https://keyboard.university/100-courses/keycaps-101

    • Received my first K2, it is quite solid and types quite well. I do feel the height is too high, sort of regret not getting the palm rest together for free shipping. If i order now it will be too expensive with shipping :(

  • Really want the K1 v4 one but unfortunately there's no listing for it on amazon so I can't use these codes. sucks.

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    What is the best for typing/coding?

    • following

  • The 15% off code Expired. The 10% code still working.

    Keen to get a Keychron wooden palm rest for my K2 if anyone is selling or placing new order (piggy back the order), please PM. Thanks :)

  • I current switch between the K1v4 with blue switches and the Ann Pro 2 with brown switches. I'm interested in the K8 but how does the height compare to the Anne Pro 2? I'm happy to use the Ann Pro without a wrist rest but worried the K8 might be too high.

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