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Belong Broadband Unlimited (Standard Plus Speed Plan) $65/Month for 12 Month Contract ($70 Otherwise)


I am not sure if this has been shared before, I have been with Belong for past 3 years.

By signing up you will also get $80 credit towards your mobile and use refferals for $20 off your first bill.

More details on the deal below-

Standard Plus speed plan

40 Mbps download (typical evening speed for downloading into the home during the peak user period between 7pm-11pm each day).
Good for 3-6 people online at the same time doing

Emails and browsing
Social media
Online gaming
HD video streaming
Download and upload of large files

Referral Links

Referral: random (665)

Referrer will receive $20 credit. Referee will receive $20 off 1st payment.

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  • Im with Belong too. Starter plan, 12 month contract. Paying $55/month. No issues with the internet, but just a warning, since covid started, they stopped the 24/7 phone line. If you need to contact them you have to do it through email! I had a small issue that was sorted out just fine via email, but for bigger things (technical issues, moving house) I would not like to go through that via email!

    • or you can contact them via facebook messenger. They reply.

      • Yep. Still doesnt compare to phone assistance though.

        • I had an outage during Covid and couldn't get through to them. I was able to move to another ISP within a couple of hours and the issue was solved.

          Days later they responded to the support request and some weeks after they emailed me about missing payment after I left. I wasn't prepared to waste time trying to contact them to say I already left.

          Was a happy camper with them until there was an issue and even when there were intermittent issues up until it all stopped working.

          • @Dice: I just signed up with Tangerine. I have had only good communications with their support on numerous occasions. Moved over from Telstra … good riddince.Signed up on their XXXL deal at $109

        • While most other providers still seem to be able to provide phone support, Telstra have have completely avoided it. I presume this is why Belong also has dropped it.
          Disgusting behaviour imo

      • Or the app.

    • I was having terrible technical issues with a tech who had knocked a cable out of a nearby pit.

      They are beyond useless.

    • I have had my modem replaced by one small email. and received the call back within 30 min from sending that email.

  • For those who had used Belong broadband…….is the internet speed ok/stable?

    I normally just watch youtube. But since COVID, I need to work from home. So would prefer stable internet service during office hours for remote access.

    • In my experience. Yes, It has been fine.

    • Internet speed is fine. Customer service is painful.

    • It's been pretty good. We're a household of two using streaming services like Netflix, and never had a speed issue.

      We did have some outages in the early months, mostly after midnight and planned, but nothing since. And from reading the outages page, many were because of the NBN, not Belong. So it may not have mattered which ISP we were with.

      We're on the $55, 30 Mbps plan, but surprisingly we were getting 54 Mbps for a few months there. I didn't even think that was possible given the 50Mbps tier cap???

      Upload is consistently ~19 Mbps.

      Any time we do a largish download (say 20+ GB), it dynamically throttles us back to around 34 Mbps for a while, which is still above the advertised 30Mbps. YMMV.

      Other than a couple of simple enquiries, we haven't really had to use the customer service. Each message I sent was replied to within a day.

  • I've been on the $55 stater plan for almost a year and had no issues. I can stream 4k fine. Only the occasional slowness but nothing that has lasted more than a few minutes every couple of weeks. However the yearly plan is about to expire soon and they sent me an email saying they would lift the price up to $60 a month.

    Anyone able to haggle them down?

    • You can recontract for another 12 months through the portal, although you don't get the free modem or mobile credit…

    • Is that just the $5 discount for signing up to a 12 month contract? I got charged $60 last month because I didnt realise my 12 months was up and it went back down to $55 once I signed up for another 12 months. And got $5 credit for the next month since I got charged $60 that one time.

  • Terrible experience with them (after 1 month still didn’t connect me and no reasons). Moved to mate worth every penny

    • Seconded, mate is awesome and great prices…

    • Ditto - forget it if you have any possibility of technical problems. ADSL2+ and working from home was a nightmare with Belong where some tech knocked out a cable in a nearby pit. I swear my lines where I am are cursed because even on NBN we get random dropouts - so thank goodness for call centres.

    • Yep, truly hopeless. Not recommended.

    • You're gonna have issues with Mate once they fully move from Vocus to Wireline as the provider.

  • Belong customer here, and no real issues in the 10 months I've had it. Support's just okay using Facebook Messenger.

    The Starter is (still) the best value sub-$60 plan on the NBN (intro offers aside), giving 32/18 speeds.

    However, the Standard Plus plan isn't particularly good value because unlike, say TPG which also charges $70, it's not overprovisioned and new connections are behind CG-NAT rather than getting a public IP address (with no sign of the promised IPv6 implementation either).

    • Interesting. So I assume you are stuck with CG-NAT with the starter plan too? Some ISP's that use it, still will give you a public IP if you specifically request it (for security camera's etc). Have you tried that?

      • I'm on a public IP as I joined before CG-NAT, but yes, all new connections (Starter included) are on CG-NAT.

        Not sure whether the script monkeys in Belong's customer service area would know what CG-NAT is, let alone how to get you off it…

      • If you need the public IP/dtatic IP, you just log onto the portal and manage your service, it's $5 a month. No need to bother with the script monkeys. They don't offer it for free.

        • Thanks. Bit of a shame. Sure static IP is fair enough to be extra, but they shouldn't charge for a public IP. At least static IP is an option on basic plans though, unlike TPG and others.

      • Yeah I had CGNAT on Belong when I signed up but emailed them to opt-out as I give them the reason why and they put me on public IP. Better than being on CGNAT

    • I have been with belong for 3 years, never had issues with CG-NAT and I game a lot. Have had drop outs and their customer service has been slow AF, however, no issues with gaming.

      • It's not gaming that's the problem. It's hosting services on your NBN connection that you want to connect to from outside like security cameras, FTP server, smart home features etc.

    • I'm very annoyed that NBN was supposed to be faster and more affordable, yet prices has only been going up since its introduction. I was with Exetel but had to switch to Belong because NBN raised their prices so Exetel could no longer offer the old price.

  • Does CG-NAT break multiplayer gaming platform connections like Xbox Live?

    • Yes it does, however, not an issue for Belong as they don't used shared IP. AFAIK this is only an issue with ABB, however, you can get them to opt out of it and you will not have a problem.

  • Signed up to the starter plan. The max sync speed I can get on my line is 30mbps, so the starter plan sounds great for people like me on paper. $20 referral + $80 sim is a bonus. Moving from ABB. Wish me luck!

    Hoping this is it till 5G home broadband is available in my area.

    • Are you far from your node with FTTN?

      • According to this map: http://nbnmtm.australiaeast.cloudapp.azure.com/, I am 800m from the node. The estimated range for my connection is 27mbps to 47mbps. I had a very helpful nbn technician visit my home because previously my connection was under 25mbps, and he told me that if I connect my modem to where the line comes into the house, my connection would be around 35mbps.

        • Do you have more than one phone socket in the home?

          • @Turd: Yes, but I think the other socket has been disconnected. I have been through this line of questioning already when the nbn tech came by. He had a look and said there were quite a lot of corrosion in the connection where the wires came into the house, he cleaned it up and it did help get me over the 25mbps line and the connection gradually improved to around 30mbps now. I can't see the fixed line connection of my house improving much more than that, so I guess 5G will be my only hope of getting a faster connection.

            • @geek001: That's nice of the NBN Tech guy, most dont even bother since they arent supposed to touch customer's network.

              I guess not much you can do.

              You might be lucky and be able to get a free FTTP TCP when they do it. So keep a look out.

              • @Turd: Yea, the nbn tech guy lives locally and services the suburbs around my area. If you come to my house, you will be offered bottled water and something to eat as SOP, maybe that's why he stayed longer than he had to. ;)

                I am not holding my breath on the tech upgrade. If I was a betting man, I think 5G is more likely to reach my area first.

                • @geek001: Push a TCP now and maybe as more people request it they may do something.

                  People having been getting a 'wait till we get more info" standard message right now.

                  • @Turd: You are referring to the Technology Choice Program right? It costs $330 to get a quote and NBN is not accepting anymore applications for it till Dec 2020.

                    • @geek001: Yeah that. I think if you make a request you dont pay the money yet? Not sure but yeah.

                      Yeah NBNCo needs to figure out what the head is doing first hahaha

                      • @Turd: I looked at TCP a while back, you need to pay $330 upfront just to get them to give you a quote on how much it would cost to get FTTP to your house. Some people have gone through the process, quotes have been around $6k to $20k. Most people don't through with the quotes. The stupid thing is that after you have done it, if your neighbours want FTTP to their house, it will only cost them half as much as it costed you.

                        Area switch is a good cost-effective way to get like-minded neighbours to switch together, bringing down the costs per person, but NBN does not have any support for this, you can't be sure which of your neighbours you have to team up with to get the full benefits of sharing the costs.

  • Terrible experience with support team.
    Sent expired $80 sim and I am chasing them from last one month to replace. No luck yet.
    Better stay away from them. I will soon move from them to other providers.
    Support request through email takes 3-4days to get reply.
    Messenger: Never online, they reply after some hours or sometimes never.

  • Ok service been with them for 2 years now.

  • What is the starter plan upload speed advertised at? I can not see it on the CIS

    • I signed up to the starter plan from this deal, first ten months the speed was over 40/15 most of the time, now it is about 35/10, it may be because the lockdown.

    • On Belong's website, it says that it should be around 30mbps during peak times. I read on the internet that some users have said that it is a nbn50 connection, same as the Standard Plus plan, just that Belong was supposed to limit the actual download speed at their end, but from other user reports, they don't do it.

      • It is a 50/20 service that is limited, the thing was for a while they didn't seem to have their backend systems in place, so you effectively had the full 50/20, but since they managed to get CG-NAT going, pretty much everyone has been throttled. In saying that though, it's still a bit faster than the 30Mbps Up that they advertise, most people report ~35 mbps normally. So still good.

    • Starter plan is a resold of 50/20 product but there is speed limiter in place to drop to 35 Mbps down, 18 Mbps up. You are getting 20 Mbps upload but in the speed test around 16 to 18 Mbps upload. Better than all the 25/5 plans for the same price when Belong offers more speed :)

  • Great value for money. Using belong for past year on 12 month contract 55$ month.never had any issue. Just renewed contract for another year. E-mail response is super quick

  • Having used belong before I found that although the actual connection in terms of basic things like loading content was great it really suffered at peak time, so I can't recommend them myself.

  • Pro-tip: sign up so that your connection starts at the earliest on the 2nd of the month. You will get that first month entirely free as they only bill on the 1st of each month. Use $20 referral too.

    35/16 (capped 24/7 now) here on the Starter plan. Was 54/18 in the first week.