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NBN Starter Package: $55/Month for 12mths, 50/20 Unlimited Data, $0 Modem, $0 Setup, Free Mobile SIM with $80 Credit @ Belong


50/20 connection (advertised as 30/20 during peak hours but actually no shaping of speed so its actually just standard 50/20 speeds anytime)
unlimited data,
12mth contract,
$0 Wi-Fi modem,
$0 standard activation,
$80 mobile credit
TOTAL = $55/mth

T&Cs = https://www.belong.com.au/content/dam/belong/downloads/CIS-B...

**To see the $55 per month price, select Starter in the speed selection box, its also only available if signing up online yourself, if you call sales they will only offer you the Standard Plus plan or higher

if you dont want to lock into a 12 month contract then its still only $60/mth but then you also have to pay $60 for the wifi modem even if you dont need it and want to BYO modem.

another thing to note with the Belong billing system is that they only start billing from the 1st of the Month after you come online with them, i put order in at the end of August, with my connection starting on the 2nd of September so effectively you get whole month or there part of free too

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  • i just signed up to belong one month ago for their starter package with one year contract. should i ask for now for the increase in speed and extra free mobile sim?

    • the mobile sim with $80 credit on it is just inside with box when they deliver the wifi modem did you look for it in the box, surprised if you only signed up a month ago you didn't already know about it as its a big yellow circle on the signup page

      in regards to speed increase its setup as 50/20 profile you should be syncing at that speed or max your line can handle depending on internal wiring/distance to node.

  • (advertised as 30/20 during peak hours) LOL


    • lol at your hardpass myself and mutiple others have pointed out that even though Belong advertise it as 30 Mbps its not i actually get full 55/22 sync and regularly download from google drive at 5.5MB/sec even during peak hours.

      • A nice bonus for sure, but what about those who can only get 30/20 and are unable to do anything about it?

        • that is just an issue with the NBN in general you think government would of learnt that using any part of the old copper network already in place would cause speed issues with regards to line sync rates if your on FTTN and max your line can sync at is 30/20 there is not much you can do beyond having an electrician maybe replacing your internal wiring and making sure there is only the 1 entry point for the FTTN point to see if gets any better sync but its same as if someone signed up on NBN100 profile and only syncs at 75/40 your only going to get max your line can sync at.

          • @FreoIsaac: "peak period" speed isn't a sync/line speed issue, it's a bottleneck issue. Take for example the Hobart POI for ABB. They've allocated 2800mbps. Assuming each user is on the 50/20 tier, that's a whopping 56 users or so that can hit peak speed simultaneously (say for example, everyone getting home from work and watching Netflix).

            For these slow speeds, the choice of nbn tech will be impacting a small percentage of people, granted when it happens it's a pain.

        • -2 votes

          Nothing wagered, nothing gained!
          Go read a book.

        • This sort of budget plan is perfect for FttN users who lost node lotto.
          Even the Peak hour average is faster than your attainable line rate, so at least you're not paying through the nose for the sub-par performance capabilities of your line.
          Gotta love NBN squeezing everyone off 25/5 connections despite the fact they're perfectly happy to roll out lines capable of no more than this. In any other industry such behaviour would be considered Bait and Switch.

          I didn't even exactly lose node-lotto (didn't win it either), instead I lost shitty copper lotto and shitty ISP lotto (Telecube)
          My line started at 49/20, plummeted to 38/16 and from then on declined monthly to the point that I disconnected it at 30/8.
          NBN line tech comment "everything's fine, let us know if you experience any issues in the future"
          I let them know via the only remaining avenue….

  • I have experienced transferring NBN from Telstra to Belong, the online form was easy enough, the initial expectation activation date was 13/09;and it was finalised on the 20th September instead. They have direct contact number so it was easy enough to call and escalate/follow up the delay. The online portal has a few more options in comparison to the mobile service, one noticeable difference is the NBN portion has a 'communication' section that shows all the emails and SMS messages sent to the customer. Pretty nifty. I can confirm that when testing the speed, I've experienced 50/20 despite the 'standard' speed. I can live with 30/20 which is why I went with the cheaper option. Lastly, once I got the activation text, swapped modem over and it was done.

    • how's your speed usually? 50 or 30?

    • yeah i know some others that have experienced delays transferring from other providers to Belong some getting delayed over a month for no reason but incompetence on Belongs part others getting transfered in less then 24hrs just a roll of the dice on how easy/hard its going to be to transfer. they also have a facebook chat option if you dont mind using that and rather use that then have to call and speak to someone over the phone to follow up on delays/escalate something quicker then email.

      in regards to there speeds both the "starter advertised 30 Mbps" and "Standard Plus advertised 40 Mbps" are both setup as NBN50 speed profiles on NBNco side nothing different about them except the standard plus is $10/mth expensive only other thing that effects speed is how high your line can sync at.

      also your not forced to use the Belong modem any NBN modem that is not locked to a provider eg Optus NBN modems , would work fine you wouldn't have had to swap the modems over in fact i would prob switch back as the only downside i see is the provided Belong modem does not let you change DNS settings so if you want to use google or cloudfare dns you have to change it on each device instead of at the modem settings level

      • The 30 & 40 must be different somehow. Perhaps the 30 get more users per amount of bandwidth?

        Being Unlimited plans anyone got a report on if it slows dramatically during peak hours? (Ah, more reports on the page for previous deal linked to below).)

        • Network prioritization probably on the plus plan during congestion they'd likely give plus customers higher priority

  • This is a duplicate. It has already been posted here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/473486

    • yeah but it got marked as expired and i also added some more notes to confirm its not a 30 Mbps profile and the billing system trick to effectively get free month too out of it if you signup at the right time.

      • Sounds like a good little loophole! Enjoy the votes I suppose….

        • yeah i think fact that i stayed around and answered questions and pointed out the finer details of the promo also netted me my first Popular post for Posting deal that received 150 or more votes

          just thought it was worth posting again as getting closer to end of the month good time to look at switching providers if you wanted to.

          • @FreoIsaac: How's your referral credits looking OP? ;-)

            • @muncan: won't know until new customers services start to go active who used my code don't even get notified but its capped at 10 anyway so max i could get would be $200 but hey im just stoked it got more popular then last time deal was posted by someone else.

      • Hi Op,
        Can i use this loophole regarding bill if i havent had NBN connected before ??.i am currently using optus cable and i already recieved multiple mails confirming that my address is NBN Ready.
        I assume the initial connection takes longer time??
        Plz advise

        • Similar situation. I put in the order today, said that my service connection would be around 3 Oct. But no appointment scheduled yet to do the NBN switch

  • I'm with Leaptel and paying $49 and no contract, though speed test can show around 30Mbps but watching a video requires buffering and it is slow.

    I doubt belong would be any better I wouldn't be signing up to a contract.

    • yeah Leaptel i think buys there CVC backhaul from Optus or Vocus i can't remember and prob not enough for your POI, Belong uses telstra wholesale and actually upgrade it at the POI if it reaches capacity least that is what i've been told

      here is a speedtest i just did https://www.speedtest.net/result/8615622332 and i get exactly same results during peak hours no difference, no buffering i will admit i prob did win the FTTN lottery as i sync at 55/22 and have no line issues what so ever modem uptime is 23 days and counting.

    • Buffering at 30 Mbps? Curious. We're on ADSL with only 3Mbps (on a good day with a tailwind) and we stream from NetFlix, Amazon, and Youtube without any buffering. That's some serious bandwidth decline you're experiencing there.

      What's the remedy here if we move to NBN and experience this sort of poor bandwidth? Is there a minimum service standard? Do we complain to the ombudsman? Discounts? Refunds? Break contracts? What are people doing in these situations? Thanks.

      • I think it is to do with the capacity of the provider, and also some weird issues going on that is causing the buffering. Sometimes it is perfectly fine but most of the time it is not.
        They have been asking me to run a speed test to a telstra server here in Melbourne which proves not much as it is their upstream and how over subscribed it is.

        They are saying they will lodge a case with NBN but it is not an NBN issue, I was with Superloop on 100Mbps and was getting close to 90Mbps on speedtest and didn't experience any buffering issues.

        The above is the reason not to lock yourself in a contract.

  • I’m with tangerine but looking to move do I need to give notice or does belong handle the transfer?

    • others have said they didn't bother to contact previous provider and were transfered smoothly just depends what sort of NBN connection you have FTTN expect some downtime i only was down from friday night around 10PM my Aussie broadband went offline , Saturday about 10am the next day i had sync again with Belong.

      i would check with tangerine on if you need to give notice and how long some providers are assholes and require 30 days notice, aussie broadband even though they state 30 days notice in there T&C they said as long as i canceled before the next invoice was issued and service was not active during the next billing period i would not be billed for it.

    • Did u find out how it works with tangerine?
      Currently with tangerine and want to move into this deal.
      Tangerine has paid until end of september already

  • I read that NBN Co was dropping the prices of their wholesale packages. Does anyone know about this and whether we should expect better value for money plans from the resellers and how soon?

    • I heard this also, they are dropping prices again and also releasing 250 and 1000 speed plans (edit only for HFC and Fiber to Premise Connections)

      • This is correct. 250 Mbps and 1000 Mbps are finally going to be available to many at affordable pricing for those on FttP and HFC. There is a chance this could apply to FttC in the future.
        Google/Bing this for all the latest articles on this.

    • yeah i cant see retailers (ISP) wanting to pass on much of the wholesale discount prices they are getting onto customers very soon they all complain that its not profitable at current rates they pay. if your on HFC or FTTP maybe hold out for better speeds if your wanting higher speeds but don't expect better prices for awhile

      • Spot on… retailer never said NBN costing more to consumer. They always complain that they can't make profit….so all NBN price reduction will go-to RSP profit.

        However there is possibility that more RSP starts selling 12MBps plan.

    • No change to 50mb plans I think, only 25mb getting a price drop from November and 100 getting increased bandwidth over a couple of stages, if I remember correctly.

      EDIT: Nope, I didn't remember correctly. Found the article though.. https://www2.nbnco.com.au/corporate-information/media-centre...

      100mb getting price drop also (actually looks like a new bundle, 100/20.. why do they cap our uploads so much, what with everything going to the cloud these days)
      The 50 plans are the ones to get increased CVC in 2 stages.

  • what model is the Wi-Fi modem? How much should it sell for on ebay?

    • its a Sagemcom [email protected] 4353 flashed with Belong firmware but its not locked to any provider so will work on any other NBN connection except fixed wireless, its $60 new so whatever you think you could get for it maybe $20 ~ $30 if your lucky its not pretty i would prob rather pick up 2nd gen telstra gateway second hand then this brick

      • Can you add dns

        • nope its the one thing i dont like about the Sagemcom [email protected] 4353 is you can't edit the DNS settings its locked to whatever NBN its using, it not locked to Belongs DNS just whoever you are using on the NBN connection so if you got it delivered early and set it up on the current NBN provider for eg ABB it would use ABB DNS settings,

          so to get around not wanting to use Belong DNS you just have to manually set whatever DNS you want to use in your network settings on each device.

  • They have been bombarding me with marketing calls lately to sell me NBN deals. The offer was no where near this good though :/

    • yep its reason i point it if you signup online yourself they have a much better deal of course they would rather you chose the standard plus plan with them over the phone and also not have you get extra $20 credit from a referral code and the sales person prob getting a bonus instead.

  • Anyway to check their CVC like you can with ABB?

    • nah they dont have any tool or website to check it which made me bit wary before moving from ABB myself as my 6 month promo price was ending at end of august

      in reality i have not noticed any difference on any streaming service , download platform i get exactly same speeds/pings i had with ABB

      the only reason to stay with ABB is superior tools in there APP to kick connection or reset port and better phone support.

    • How do you check this on ABB?

    • you might find this useful - i found the Measuring Broadband Australia program recently, it indicates strongly that the difference between all the providers is actually very small when you look at it overall, so whichever provider you go with and however much CVC they are buying, the end result is barely worth factoring into your decision, with the exception being that Dodo/iPrimus, Exetel are notably a bit lower than the rest, although it's not by heaps. Although Belong isn't on the report i'd suggest it would be very similar to Telstra's results.

      Also the effect of busy hrs vs non-busy hrs on performance is very small too.

  • No offers on 100/40 NBN?

    • nah if your looking for NBN100 plans there are better providers offers going around Belong will not even sell NBN100 to FTTN or FTTB customers which i find a little strange but i guess it cuts down on people calling up and complaining on FTTN not actually getting close to 100/40 sync

    • Vodafone 1st 6 months at $69?

  • Hi all, a word of warning: I tried to transfer from Telstra to this deal in mid august. After 35 days they still hadn’t transferred me 😡. No explanation as why. I then applied for Kogan and was transferred over in 3 business days! I’m paying more but for me worth it, as 35 days it’s ridiculous.
    Funny thing is that the modem automatically works on Kogan too! So I think that if you have nbn there is no need to swap modems (even if they are Telstra, Optus etc)

    • I had the same thing, took over a month for them to realize the connection was working, I plugged the modem in and it was on though so got that month free

    • yeah @fozzie you got screwed over its too bad they didn't explain why

  • Looks like a pretty good deal. Optus is canning my cable connection and have offered me $81 for 50/20 and FetchTV with all the channels, but with 24 month contract (currently paying $91 for full speed pack and all channels and am out of contract). I might forgo the FetchTV (wife loves HGTV though) and get this.

    • Wow, Optus offered me 50/20 for $60 once I was forced off cable.

    • Was offered 50/20 and FetchTV for $60 for 12 months after some negotiations with the retentions team.

      • that's a great price. I'll just tell them I'm going to Belong (which I will) if they can't come up with a better offer.

        • That's a great price. I've been with Optus for 10+ years and all they could do for me was $95 for 50/20 and FetchTV with all channels.

    • Optus is telling me they will cut me off in about a month if I don't switch to an nbn plan, but another letter from nbnco says I have until Jan 2021…?

  • What do people do with the SIM card? I can't think of anything other than ordering ubereats once with referral code.

    • If you know someone using belong mobile you can sign up and transfer the GB to them. Ends up being 90GB if I remember correctly. Stacks for recipient and doesn’t expire.

  • Thanks OP, signed up to Belong. Currently with Telstra do I need to do anything on my end other than cancelling my service with Telstra?

  • Would the starter package (assuming its 50/20 connection) be enough for 4K netflix and youtube videos? (only 1-2 users) How do you find streaming content at 50/20 speeds?

    My optus cable is being canned and its 100mbps connection right now which is perfectly fine, wondering if 50/20 would suit my needs.

    • 50/20 is perfectly acceptable for 4k streaming. 4k streaming only requires 25Mbps I believe.

    • yep i have no issues running 4k HDR netflix on my FTTN line that syncs at 55/22, i assume if your optus cable is being canned then NBN is putting you on a NBN HFC but if its FTTN you might want to see what your max line rate will be i know futurebroadband have a very good SQ tool that will show what to expect of your line https://futurebroadband.com.au/sq/

      • Thanks for sharing that website.
        It says I have Fibre to the curb (FTTC), no idea if thats good or not.

        • It's the best out of the 3 (FTTN, HFC, FTTC)

        • Yeah, FTTC is one of the better ones. You'll be fine

        • yep you won the NBN lottery you will be fine with FTTC easily get max sync rate

          • @FreoIsaac: Guys, how about FTTP? Recently moved in a new place and did the search thing with that link. Hope it’s a good one.

            • @ozricoy: man FTTP your like the gold standard of NBN connections what we were all promised from the start before both goverments made the NBN a political project to fight over screwing the project over and having it where its such a mixed bag.

              would say it goes in this order of what you most want vs not wanting FTTP,FTTC,HFC,FTTB,FTTN,fixed wireless.

              i will say though that tool just pulls data from NBNco so if NBNco have not updated the details for a new development area what was once promissed to be FTTP might be FTTC or worse.

          • @FreoIsaac: What about HFC ?? NO LOTTERY I GUESS

      • Keeping my fingers crossed very hard that we'll get speeds like that with FTTN when it goes live in November…

    • I recently signed up to the starter plan where speed tests hit 50mpbs during peak times. I find the 4K amazon streaming drops in and out a few times an episode every now and then. Yet to experience buffering after a couple of weeks of usage though. This is for a two person Apartment household in inner city Brisbane.

  • I'm going to register with them 1st of October. Moving out from tpg. Fttn

    • *2nd October

        • So that you won't get billed for October. You'll be invoiced for November onwards. Free 1st month!

          You're welcome.

          • @fyeahm: oh, i thought it will start from installation date not registration date.
            make sense. 2nd then. thanks.

            • @ChiMot: Not sure how long it takes to activate on FTTN. I'm on FTTP and it takes several hours.

              Signed up in the morning of the 2nd. Service activated in the evening of the 2nd. Used my existing modem and started using their NBN right away. 1-2 days later, got a text asking me to wait for their modem before plugging in LOL.

              • @fyeahm: woah thats super. mine is fttn but already has tpg up running so hopefully will be fast too. oh i need to wait for their modem to arrive first. my tpg nbn modem is locked (i heard) so cant use it

                • @ChiMot: that is a bummer that the tpg modem is locked to there service, yeah FTTN is not as quick a turn around as FTTP, will give you run down of how i went about it for my FTTN connection

                  first just actually check now your address on the Belong website as i had initial problem of website saying NBN was not available even though i already had a NBN connection with ABB, easily fixed by chatting to someone via facebook chat to submit a form to NBNco to rematch my address correctly took 48hrs to rectify issue

                  Monday 26th of August i put my order in on the website with a whirlpool persons referral code,

                  tuesday 27th of August modem and mobile sim arrived, super quick but was little annoyed as i was trying to time it to come online after 1st of September so would get whole month free

                  wednesday 28th got very generic email stating i needed to prove my occupancy and to provide the phone number of the line the current service was on. replied back to the email address in the generic email telling them i had lived here for 8+ years and who my current FTTN NBN provider was and that i never had a phone line but could easily provider location details they required like my POI and NBN LOC ID from that futurebroadband SQ tool got little worried as i got an auto reply back stating that email address was only monitored for proof of occupency documents, so then i jumped on facebook chat again and basically gave them exactly the answers they asked for in the generic email without having to provide any documents person was helpful enough and said they would pass the info they needed onto relative departments. also rang ABB just to make sure they knew i was transferring and to make sure they would not bill me as next billing period with them started on 1st they confirmed they would cancel it day on last day of my current biling period

                  thursday 29th : got sms and email and also showed in the belong app to tell me service would most likely go active on the 2nd of September being a Monday and i thought that is fine ABB will prob cancel me on saturday i can go 1 sunday without NBN and just use my 4g mobile data for 24 hrs

                  Friday 30th about 10pm ABB cancel my service early not happy but nothing i can do about it now, started transfer of my mobile service to Belong with the free $80 sim after using what few GB i had left with old mobile provider put myself on the $10 plan with 1gb data and then came on here and purchased some more data for 40c/GB to cover me for the weekend

                  Saturday 31st about 10am i see modem has sync and has connection but app still showing will not go active till monday, i check and nope service is ready and working a treat i think oh bugger i missed out getting September free but hey was only 12hrs downtime thats a +,

                  sunday 1st after factory resetting modem a few times to kick the bugs out of it that was stopping a few devices not getting an IP all 8 of my devices all connected and up and running as normal again

                  monday 2nd i excpected an invoice but no invoice generated i assume as the app never changed to show my service went active early the system never created an invoice for September

                  few days later i came back here and sold my extra 4g data in the classifieds as never ended up needing it and not a big 4g data user so had no use for it.

                  thats my Belong transfer novel for the FTTN NBN

              • @fyeahm: Thinking again probably safe to sign up end of September, they will need to send modem first anyway and fttn need time not like fttp

  • What happens after 12 months is up? any idea what the price will be?

    • hang on let me just look at my Crystal ball it says nothing its just a Crystal ball… joking aside from other people i know who have already been with Belong for 12 months once contract is up it reverts to the month by month price which is +$5/month right now but no way of telling if that is what it will be in 12 months, or you can re-contract again to whatever is being offered in 12 months.

      • Yeah I called them weeks ago the lady said you keep the same price after 12 months. Maybe others can verify

    • From experience with Belong (when on ADSL2+), they just keep the monthly price.

      By 12 months, if you click on "Manage" account, you might find there's a cheaper plan being offered by them too. For example, I was on ADSL2+ unlimited for $60/month, and found out they're offering the same plan for $45/month if I agree to another 12 months contract.

  • Does anybody know when this offer is ending?

  • I signed up for this in March knowing about this. I thought it would've been already posted. Got the tip from Whirlpool folks.

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