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Dell 27” QHD 165hz IPS Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $594.46 (Was $799) Delivered @ Dell Australia


Bought this monitor for 594.46 on Dell website with SUPER7 promo code. There was a deal for $510.57 last week which I missed unfortunately. This is still pretty good if you want to grab one before they go out of stock again !

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  • Just realised this doesn't include tax. We have to pay 10% on top for this.

    • $594.46 includes both Tax and Delivery.

      • Oh your right had the wrong coupon on it

  • I have the LG 27GL850 which I purchased from three months ago. Should I sell it and buy this one in stead?

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      No, this one is compared to the LG by people/reviewers but the LG is the gold standard.

      • I have both, they are basically identical except maybe the LGs colors are a little 'warmer'.
        The dell has a higher refresh rate and higher peak brightness as well, overall a little better than the LG.

        • +1

          Fair enough. Dont think its worth it as a upgrade path tho.

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      This uses the same panel as the 27gl850.

  • guys - do i need to plug the display port, HDMI and the USB for it to work?

    I initially plugged in the display port cord but its not turning on…

    edit, have just connected the monitor via display port and the ac adapter and the monitor isnt turning on…

    • When you plug the power in, is there any power indicator? If yes, do you mean there's no signal coming in and then it goes to sleep? Perhaps you should go into the control interface and select the appropriate input.

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        im an idiot, i didnt press the power button. i thought the big circle button on the back was the power button..

        • It happens to the best of us! I thought that too, didn't realise the power button was on the bottom bezel so I had a quick glance at the quick start guide and realised it was on the bottom bezel.

          • @ef7411: Mine just got shipped! Hopefully the IPS glow and light leakage aren't too bad. I am currently using Aorus AD27QD and had to swap that monitor twice to get a half decent one.

  • anyone interested in purchasing this monitor, ive currently got a 32" samsung, and bought this one, and to have this as my main monitor, im just really not use to it. i think i need minimum 32" monitors now..

    I have literally opened and tried, but can work something out if anyone is interested. I am in SA.

  • -2

    terrible customer support don't bother

    • I agree with this. My monitor lasted about a week before the power blew. Dell have been horrible to deal with.

      After waiting 2 months for it to be delivered, I now have to wait another 3 weeks for a replacement. Going for a refund and will buy the LG equivalent.

  • guys if this monitor is not what i expected can i do a refund without any issues. Only thing stopping me is the potential restocking fees

    • They offer an exchange or refund if you return the product within 15 days of invoice date. Restocking fees (up to 15%) may apply. You can check more details here:


    • Just out of curiosity, as I'm also looking at this monitor, what didn't you like about it?

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