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Dell 27” QHD 165hz IPS Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $594.46 (Was $799) Delivered @ Dell Australia


Bought this monitor for 594.46 on Dell website with SUPER7 promo code. There was a deal for $510.57 last week which I missed unfortunately. This is still pretty good if you want to grab one before they go out of stock again !

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    they're doing another promo end of October AFAIK…. might be worth to wait.

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      Eternity in WFH conditions. Dell speed this up please, I need a new monitor!

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        Bought monitor last week…. nek minit work says come in a few days..

        • Take your monitor with you. Score!

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          What does WFH have to do with a GAMING monitor? I want your job.

    • Sounds good, hopefully my RTX 3080 arrives then…

    • I guess it depends on your urgency, if $100 less give or take in about 3 weeks is your jam, then wait!

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    Cant decide between 1440p @144/165hz, and 4k @ 60hz for the Xbox Series X. Leaning towards 4k as I don't think we will see too many games >60fps.

    • Depends on the screen size and seating distance.
      I sit roughly 40cms from my monitor; so 32" 1440p is ideal.
      But if I were closer, I'd want 4k.

      • +2

        Closer than 40cm? lol … Do you mean if the screen was larger than 32" you'd want 4K? haha

        • Probably; I think I'd start to see the pixels if I went up to say, a 38" and was closer than 1-1.5m

          That said, 1440p isn't bad even up close.
          I never saw the appeal of 4K unless you're doing professional graphics work honestly; or projecting a 140"+ screen (my projector is 160"; I need a new projector ><)

          • @MasterScythe: TBH I think the sweet spot is 27" @ 1440p. 32" I'd start to see the pixels and the image wouldn't be crisp.

            I have a U4919DW for general productivity and a S2721DGF for gaming. I don't need 4K.

      • +1

        Closer than 40cms from a 32" screen?
        That sounds pretty damn ridiculous.

        • Thats a broad statement.
          My focal distance is a maximum 6ft;

          40 or so cms to a 32" screen like in this deal means the entire screen still easily fits in your peripheral vision nicely.

          Its like claiming nobody likes the front row in a cinema.

          Also a lot of people have miopia so will have negative sphere glasses; making things look smaller again; allowing them to sit closer.

          Edit; just stuck a ruler on my nose; more like 50cm; but still.

          I mean, thx's official recommendation for a 32" screen is 3.6ft (100cms).

          People usually sit significantly closer to their monitor than they do their tv.

          Besides; this one is only 27"

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      Looks like the S2721Q monitor (4k 60hz) is $348.05 with this coupon. I think that's about $30 or so more expensive than last month. Might still be a good deal?

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      Buy both, problem solved

    • -1

      which model is the 4k one?

    • I'd go 1440p 165Hz because it can downscale 4K content to 1440p which still looks great. But you're probably right that most games won't support above 60Hz.

  • I purchased one myself earlier this morning as sadly I missed out on the previous deal for $510. I figure ill buy this one now for $594.46, then try to buy a second one at the $510 price when it comes up again(so my dual monitors are symmetric).

    Looks like is having a deal for Up to 30% Off S Series Monitors. S2721DGF model being 20% off.

    • +1

      30% looks to only be for selected models unfortunately. And not many going for the full 30% off.

      • Yeah, usually business that use the words "Up to", only have it on a few items sadly. But 20% isn't to bad for this monitor, at least (best I can see) its not limited to the first 500 units like the LIMA deal earlier this week.

        • +1

          Oh yea absolutely. I was hoping for a good deal on a S3220DGF but no luck this week. Will see what comes up in the next couple of weeks.

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      I think $80 difference is close enough. I think this is a good deal.

  • Kinda wish I did not buy a LG 27GL850-B a month ago.

    • +8

      LG 27GL850-B is still a great monitor.

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    This or the Xiaomi Surface display?

  • +1

    I have a 60 buck voucher if anyone wants to use it. Not sure if it is transferrable but worth a shot

    • Woo I'd take that and give you $30 if it works?

    • Thanks for the offer, I'd be keen to try it. Sent you a PM

    • Yes please!

    • Given away already but if it's still working in a few hours I'll post it here

      • Ahh thanks for the update

    • DT1W5B9T4LCNP8
      Used but feel free to try again

      • Tried, but it didn't work. Says it's already been used

  • does this have height adjustable stand? the tech specs says no even tho the us page says yes.

    • Yep! It's height adjustable as well as tilt and swivel (side to side).

  • Will Nvidia Gsync work with these?

    • It's gsync compatible which means yes it will dynamically change refresh rate over displayport even though it doesn't have a gsync module.

    • +1

      Nvidia cards from the 10 series and later are FreeSync compatible.

      • I have the gtx 770 ( i know its old) and it has g-sync so will I be able to utilise the refresh rates? The max it will do is probably 120hz but not sure if it can because its older than the 10 series. No gaming, just media, browsing and office work. I just want to have 1440p and future proof in case I come back into gaming later on.

  • I wish they'd called this DGAF

    • A missed opportunity

  • +2

    Keep in mind that this monitor has issues when used in a tri-monitor setup. If you have a fullscreen game on the primary, it will flicker black for a couple seconds at random intervals with no fix presently.

    Works fine for dual-monitor setups however so if that is the max number of monitors you want, go for it.

    • Did you have any more detail on this? Did some searching and couldn't find anything specifically about tri-monitor setup flickering. I plan on using 2 of these with my laptop screen, so a tri-monitor but not 3x Dell.

      Do you know what the cause/problem is with tri-monitor and this screen specifically?

      • This describes the issue precisely:

        Demonstrated in this gif:

        Not sure how it will work with a laptop. I have a suspicion it may be G-Sync related specifically for this monitor but I am no expert and was unable to fix the issue on my end. Ended up using my 3rd monitor with my work laptop and going back to dual-monitors to avoid the issue when I game.

        • Did you find a fix for this? I watched a hardware unboxed video about Freesync/ Adaptive sync monitors on Nvidia cards. Apparently Nvidia GPU will enable g-gync with one adaptive sync monitor at a time so if you have multiple monitors connected and all have g-sync on in the settings then its going to cause issues.

          video link here -

          • @o2saint: Sadly no fix. I have to turn off my 3rd monitor to avoid the blinking black screen

  • Quick question regarding multi monitor setup. Is it a good to run this monitor alongside a 4K 60hz monitor or is it better to run dual 1440p 144Hz?

    • I'd say keep it same. Scaling a 4k monitor might bring inconsistencies in icon/text sizes. Plus color calibration if they're vastly different

      • From my experience, if you run a game on one panel that's 144hz and have anything open on the second 60hz panel, the game will be brought down to match the 60hz panel. Apparently it's a windows bug.

    • No reason to get two 144hz monitors as you would only be gaming on one. You would either get 3x 144hz 1440p for a multi monitor setup or just save your money and buy the 4k as your second monitor for multitasking. There are programs that can help with the scaling for the two monitors so there aren't many issues there.

  • whats the difference between this 2 ? massive price difference and one is curve the other is not

    • IPS vs VA
      USB-C vs other

  • Can this do 120fps on the Xbox series X?

    • +1

      The monitor is 165Hz, so yes. As long as the Xbox itself can reach 120fps.

      • So this monitor can output those frame rates over HDMI and not just the other ports just fine?

        • 144hz on hdmi 2.0, 165hz on displayport.

    • I tried it on Xbox One X and it does 1440p, 120Hz, FreeSync all at once over HDMI. Safe to assume Series X would be the same.

  • This monitor is sick, been using mine for almost a week now. As mentioned it will be on sale later this month again for ~ $510 so would hold out for that if you can

    • How long did I take them to ship?

      • took over 6 weeks for mine but I ordered 02/08 when the first deal was published

      • I bought one in the first deal in August. Took about 2 months to arrive. I ordered another one for my friend in the deal published around 2 weeks ago and it arrived within a week.

    • Just a quick question.

      Do you need to connect the usb cable from the monitor to the computer?

      I thought the power cable and the HDMI would be enough..

      • The USB cable is there to provide a data link to the USB ports in the monitor - if you don't plan to use those ports then no need to connect it (I don't have it connected). The power supply is built into the monitor unlike the LG 27GN850 which is nice.

        I'm using DP cable so I can hit 165 Hz :D

        • Ohhh I see.

          Another noob question.

          So you need a different HDMI cable if you want to get 165Hz?

          You can't get 165Hz straight out of the box?

          • @dabs: It comes with Display Port and HDMI cables, and you'll need to use the Display Cable to get 165Hz

            • @balders: Okay so I just connect the display cable?

              And no need to connect the HDMI?

              • @dabs: that's correct

                • @balders: Hey just a quick one.

                  Are you able to tell me which power cable is for the monitor?

                  I mixed it up with the power supply cable…


                  • @dabs: Don't matter. They are the same cable.

                    • @xoom: I heard that the power supply cables must be from the same power supply… So I am a bit worried to accidentally use the monitor’s cable for the computer.

                      • @dabs: In the many years I have used power cables of a particular power supply on another power supply or even power cables that was from another device like a monitor or printer. Never had an issue. And we are going back quite a number of years.

  • Thanks. Got one and stacked with $60 coupon.

  • Is this monitor VESA compatible?

  • Why are there a lot of bad reviews on the website for this monitor?

    • This monitor had a steep sale in the US as well as here when it released, with similar stock issues.

      The negative reviews are all related to the delays and cancellations if you read them, not the actual monitor quality itself.

    • You can find a review of the monitor here:

    • Yes agreed with the previous guy. I was looking through the comments too and they were complaining about the delivery wait times.

    • I heard it was on back order so at one time it took forever for monitor to be delivered so they get bombarded with bad reviews. Monitor itself should be fine as long as you don't go triple monitor in Nvidia gpu

    • Because we ozbargained it on first weekend of September and Dell didn't limit the orders to the stock available, and were overwhelmed with orders - they even took down the listing on the Monday. It took 6-8 weeks to fill the backorders and I guess people were salty about the long wait.

      I didn't mind waiting 6 weeks the monitor is totally worth it!

  • Anyone please knows if this comes with 30-day hardware support or do I have to purchase a warranty upgrade? I can purchase a 3-year one for $40. What do you recommend?

    • This comes with 3 years warranty with advanced hardware exchange

  • this is sweeter than xiaomi's curved monitor

    • two very different purposes.

      I have this one, but will be purchases the xiaomi one soon onces they go on heavy sale.

  • Why it has lot of negative reviews in Dell website? Currently it's 2.4 out of 5

    • Someone has already asked that question above. Please ignore my question. Thanks

  • I just got this. My very first monitor. I hope it's worth it. Thank you for the offer! Just wondering, why would anyone wait for the late October release when they can get this one? It seems to be the difference is only $80 or is there something else?

    • only $80

      That's not an insignificant difference for some many. If you aren't one of them then this is the same monitor and is still a great deal even at this price. The late October deal that others are referring to is for the lower price, if you're willing to wait for it and gamble that there is enough stock.

      • +1

        I personally didn't want to gamble, as I missed the LIMA promo for 510$ earlier in the week by 30 mins or so(first 500 units). So I went ahead and purchased at this current price, I'm happy. If I'm quick enough I might try and snag a second one later this month at the cheaper price for a second monitor. If if not, I'm still happy I got this one at a very decent price.

  • +1

    The lowest I’ve seen for this monitor is around $510… I’m not sure if it will go lower than that. It’s a good buy. I think it’s one of the best gaming monitors out there !

  • Thank you OP, just purchased after missing out the other 2 sales

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