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[Refurbished] Google Chromecast Audio $44 @ Kogan


Back in stock now at Kogan and for a couple of bucks cheaper. These usually go pretty quick. You can sign up to a free 14-day Kogan Plus trial for free shipping, or pay around $10 delivered, depending on your location.

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  • Thanks!!! Been waiting for ages. Got 5 for multiroom audio

    • Exactly what I did previously. Coupled with a mini amp for traditional speakers in the ceiling, I can now cast to all rooms!

    • If google would just put audio out in their google home/nest mini
      then you wouldn't need this..

    • Perfect timing, I have 7 setup for multiroom audio and was just thinking today I should have bought a few spare.

  • How do you set this up now (after google discontinued) ?

  • Keep in mind there are other ways. A normal Chromecast in the back of an AV receiver (no TV needed) or a Google home connected to a sound system with Bluetooth (or to Edifier speakers).

    • Do note that connecting via Bluetooth from a google home or mini doesn't work when in a speaker group. I.e. doesn't play any sounds and only plays when the single device is being used as a standalone. Google didn't fix this for years and ppl simply got the deal above or chrome cast to solve the issue…

    • Chromecast on the AVR doesnt work that well, degree of flexibility is really poor, and you cant "tell" chromecast not to turn the TV on when you dont need it.

      • What flexibility do you need? You can control everything from your phone.
        If your tv responds to commands from your receiver (CEC?) then yeah, that would be annoying. My old tv didn't. I think you can switch that off, but that could be annoying too. I'm just not convinced it's worthwhile having a whole separate device with inferior sound quality (because it probably doesn't do DA conversion as well as a receiver).

      • I find that annoying as well, TV switching on automatically when only using the AVR + Chromecast for audio.

  • Cheers OP! Been looking for one of these for a long while!

  • Why did they stop making these

  • I've been dissapointed with my refurb chromecast from kogan. Keeps disconnecting. Sometimes stutters.

    • I have found the units to be a bit touchy in relation to differing Wi-Fi hardware, might need to check signal strength in the area you are using it.
      Also make sure you have set the device to AU region as the ones from Kogan are not local stock.

    • My refurbish one from Kogan is a grey import

    • I've had the same experience. I think its partly due to it being a US unit which doesn't support certain wifi channels allowed here in Aust.

      I moved my wifi off channel 13 which helped a bit, but in the end I still had streaming problems and got a refund since the listing said it was AU stock.

    • +2 votes

      Get in contact with them. Mine shipped "open box" with a faulty cable and they sent me a completely new unit, keeping the original. 2-for-1 in my situation but they didn't even bat an eyelid surprisingly helpful.

    • $4.03 will fix that for you.

      • First hand experience, with that exact one? I looked at similar for our MiBoxes, but couldn't find any model with confirmed success.

        • I purchased from ebay but the listing is no longer up. So can't confirm this exact sellers model, but can confirm the ones I bought which looks identical works for my chromecasts.

  • Got one last deal from kogan. Now that the country code on them may not be Australia. I don't think it matters though, I tested it and then put it away as a spare.
    In regards to sounds quality, I have my primary cc audio hooked up to a high quality yamaha bookshelf system, sounds fantastic, so not sure if your concern is valid.

    In regards to connecting a standard cc, most proper stereo sounds systems don't have hdmi, nearly all only have rca/3.5mm jacks.

    If you are listening to music on a home theater system, then I don't think you have the same music taste as me… You are probably just getting a mass of bass and vocal, which is what they are generally designed for, ergo, why are you worried so much about quality. People get carried away about specs, rather than actual differences.

    If you haven't guessed, I absolutely love the cc audio!

    • +4 votes

      If you are listening to music on a home theater system, then I don't think you have the same music taste as me

      Galaxy brain take.

    • Pretty sure my "Home Theater" system will be perfectly fine with music and outdo a lot of "proper" stereo systems out there.

  • Very keen (I already have 3), but I wonder if the time for it has passed?
    I think for $25 for a HDMI audio splitter with SPDIF and 3.5mm out and an old or second hand Chromecast you might be better off?

    I know the splitters don't have the best analog audio circuits tho…

    • These are good into amps if you have great traditional speakers and likime FLAC files for example

    • but I wonder if the time for it has passed?

      Maybe spend that money on a Raspberry Pi and put Home Assistant on it. No need to rely on Google (or anyone) bricking it down the track - because some point in the future, someone will brick your device / the critical cloud service.

      Recent personal case in point: software vendor axed the activation servers for a $10k piece of software. Even though we paid for a perpetual license, if we need to reinstall it, can't activate it (legitimately). Can't even buy a new license - it's Software as a Service now (subscription).

    • I think for $25 for a HDMI audio splitter with SPDIF and 3.5mm out and an old or second hand Chromecast you might be better off?

      That set up will be fine as long as you don't need HDR audio (or hi-res), as the fidelity will be limited.

  • Is there an alternative to this gadget? It has been discontinued for a while now. Surely, there would be an equivalent Chinese gadget?

    • +2 votes

      The best alternative is a Sonos Connect/Port. It's not cheap.

      The popular audiophile level hack is a Raspberry Pi (generally, but not necessarily, with an addon DAC board) with Volumio or RoPieeeeeeeeeeeee

      • The Pi/Volumio solution would be dlna afaik, so similar & possibly better in some ways, but not equivalent eg couldn't participate in Chromecast multi-room audio.

      • is Amazon Echo Dot an alternative since it has audio out?
        So you can cast music to it.. and take voice commands

        or is the echo dot missing something that this device can do?

      • These are BT only right? Sound quality won't be the same and range won't be the same. Can only connect to 1 device at a time. Also, you will be relying on the DAC in the unit.

        CC Audio uses optical and Wifi so multi device and uncompressed audio possible so you can use a better external DAC.

        The above Pi solution could be a better choice than this and CC Audio (depends on what DAC add-on you get). But Google has built an interface around the CC Audio already so no need to mess around.

      • Have the identical looking Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adaptor from a few years ago ($20) - it connects to 2 devices.

        As it's Bluetooth, not the sound quality of casting. Wouldn't recommend buying now.
        $69 @JB

    • do you need to cast your music over 2.4g WiFi? Logitech make a BT adaptor for home stereos.

    • To support Chromecast, it has to be blessed by Google; The Xiaomi Android tv device does support Chromecast, and has audio out, but needs a dongle in the HDMI port to convince it that a tv is plugged in. Other options include any Chromecast capable device with an HDMI splitter/audio extractor. Added bonus of either of these is you should be able to cast YouTube music without a subscription.

  • Even used these are selling on eBay for $100+

  • thanks for reminding me, might be a cheaper way of getting audio to the living room.

  • I got one of these from Goodguys a while back when there was that pic of officeworks $15 price tag, negotiated to$30. Pretty hard to come by but sound great with optical out into my DAC, better than Bluetooth in every way

  • I got a few, thanks for posting.

    Now I just need to figure out how to get them talking to HomeAssistant… after I figure out … HomeAssistant.

    Actually, I think I may need a HomeAssistant assistant. Hmmm. Inceptionistic.

    • these work fine as cast devices in home assistant.

      for automation, i use spotcast with nodered paired with a xiaomi button to trigger a randomised playlist and led lights.

      • That's brilliant info, thanks for sharing.

        Is spotcast a spotify-only thing, or can it work with a locally-hosted collection of music?

        So much to learn!

        • spotify only, i think with the new media player update in 0.115 you can do locally hosted stuff no problems though. have a look at the 0.115 media player change log

          edit - https://www.home-assistant.io/blog/2020/09/17/release-115/#m...

          you can probably do a symbolic link to a samba shared drive with locally stored music here. not sure though, i'm sure the forum will have all the info you need

  • It was a really great product, don't understand why google discontinued these. Is there any alternative of this?

  • I think Amazon Echo had a 3.5 aux output and can be used similarly.
    They have Echo Link and Echo Link now, pricier but may be an option.

    • You are right, I have been using them as a device to play music to my non-wireless music setup and works great.
      With me purchasing the screen enabled echo devices, I found good use of the old echo dots :-)
      The best part is, you don't have to cast it, just say it.

  • For people looking for an alternative this is what I'm using: https://www.balena.io/blog/turn-your-old-speakers-or-hi-fi-i...

    Its ok, but missing cast support.

  • +2 votes

    Got one, thanks OP! on ebay they are double the price.
    Who missed the deal I would suggest to look into: https://youtu.be/NvF1lTsgv6o

  • dead product. not worth it anymore.

    • I don't know why he got a neg. It's kinda true. Google removed support for it.

      I used to be able to stream music to it from YouTube and Google Play Music (I have an iPhone, so that was the only way to get it to my primitive, but still awesome sounding amp). The only way to get any use out of it now would be to pay for YouTube Music (which ain't cheap).

      It was a fantastic lil device. I don't know why they would kill it off like this. I guess, to sell more of their smart speakers?

      • killing off google music is the more big deal
        cos we will not be able to play our own songs on the google home devices anymore

        unless we pay for the inferior shittier youtube music..

  • Thanks OP :)

  • Reminder the standard 3.5mm socket is also an optical out. So optical out to a DAC will give you decent sound quality.

  • Great little device, awesome sound with the optical out and controllable with my home hub.

  • Damn I really wish I'd bought one of these when they were selling cheap everywhere new.

    Now I feel dirty for having to buy refurbished from Kogan.

  • I should buy a spare, not sure what I'd do if this One stuffed up

  • Can someone please recommend a power supply for these? Thanks,

    Just went and purchased 4 - bought 2 from different accounts on Kogan and Dick Smith sites.

    I previously purchased 5 from mymemory.co.uk - they never arrived and I was given a refund.

  • These are still available but price is now $48 + shipping.

  • Arrived today. Setup was smooth and no issues with being an overseas model (so far.)

  • Received mine yesterday. Set up was easy and I know have the convenience of casting Youtube Music to my Samsung Soundbar instead of relying on just the three Google Home Minis around my house. A small price to pay for convenience. Cheers OP.