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Mitsubishi SRK35ZSA 3.5kw Split $880 @ Lawson Air & Electrical (Price Beat at Bunnings $792) + $100 Cashback Mitsubishi Heavy


Just got bunnings to price beat lawson airs price by 10%, comes down to $792 & with mitsubishi promotion you get $100 cash back.

I also did the same with bunnings on a 7.1kw System which worked out to be $1386.90 and you get $200 cashback from mitsubishi.

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  • Do you know model number for 7.1kw

  • They have the 2.5 for $748 so it would be $673 with $100 cashback on top also..
    EDIT - its out of stock and also, they charge a fair bit for delivery…

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      i just told them im picking up from brisbane warehouse and they didnt add freight on. I do believe the product does have to be in stock for bunnings to price beat.

    • I need two for bedrooms so I'm looking at this size as well.
      The SRK20ZSA is also eligible for $100 rebate and is in stock at Lawson Air for $660.

      Bunnings have it for $798:

      Works out to be $500 after price match and rebate. (I think?)

      • PSA I just tried to get this at Bunnings Acacia Ridge however as a below poster has predicted, Bunnings has lowered their price to $650 to avoid a price beat situation. I tried to argue this as I was standing at the special order desk and the website was not updated however the staff member advised the price was decreased 3 days ago and they could not honour the price beat.

        My silver lining however was I got the Avanti 2.5kw price beat from the Lawson's price of $748 so the unit came down to $673.20 and with cash back, final price of $573.20. Staff member did say all Qld stores were out of stock for immediate take home also but I'm not in a rush so two weeks is fine to get this good price.

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          I've just managed to get a price match from Indooroopilly over the phone for $594

          • @Ntense: Price match for $594 excluding the cash back ?

            • @sub7er: Thats correct.

              • @Ntense: They refused to give me the price at Indooroopilly saying they need to add shipping on top even though I told them they offer pick up

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                  @sub7er: Do what I did, email [email protected] for a price beat and nominate a store with stock that you will pick it up from, and they will arrange a click and collect order for you with a price beat. Say that you could pick up from the competitor's physical location, so shipping doesn't need to be in the price

                  • @GenghisGun: Do u have the invoice for $594 so I can email them to give me that price as Lawson air is out of stock ?

  • Are you in Victoria? Are you price matching by phone and then getting a quote for installation?

    • brisbane over the phone, i dont see them having a vic store so might be a little harder.

      • Who are you getting to do the install, I'm in Brisbane too

        • I'll wait until I actually get the unit before getting quotes.
          I was told there is about a month waiting period for the 2.0kw units.
          I'll try the link someone else posted from Gumtree.

          • @Ntense: Hi mate did u get the MHI 2kw unit from Bunnings? It’s been over a month and I still have not received the unit , Bunnings told me the supplier keeps pushing back the new stock delivery

            • @sub7er: @sub7er: I picked mine up on Wednesday! About a week ago I was also told the supplier keeps pushing back stock and that I may have to wait until end of Nov! I ordered mine on 3/10. I hope you get yours soon!

              • @Ntense: can i ask if you found any good installer for the aircon who has reasonable pricing?

  • Great deal I did the same last year at Bunnings :) Happy with MHI

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    can anyone post bunnings receipt ?

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    What’s the rough estimate of install costs?

    • I paid someone $300 cash to do mine.

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        Is he/she licensed?
        Is he/she located in Sydney?
        Sydney installers are charging $450+ for AC installation.
        If anyone got cheaper installers, please share.

        • Yeah I'm sure mine was a little over 500 for back to back installation

          • @wozz: Is that what people have commonly had for back-to-back install costs?

            I’ve been quoted (sight-unseen) $900-1000 for a unit install - though will be 5.0kw or more unit (may need its own circuit).

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          500 including cert in Melbourne

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            @lewas123: Thanks - feel free to drop me a PM of the installer/company as may follow it up.

            • @fookos: Be great if you can PM the same too please :-)

              • @FBI: @FBI Glad if you can send me the details too, thanks.

          • @lewas123: How big of a system?

          • @lewas123: can you pm details of installer?

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            @lewas123: So cheap! It's almost double that now in Brisbane

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              @eek: I found this listing on gumtree for someine in brisbane. booked him in.

              If you already bought the split system

              Up to 4kw $450

              Up to 6kw $550

              Up to 9kw $650

              Upstairs add $100

              Price includes labour, materials, electrical, wall bracket, GST, everything. No more to pay. Call O411 739 333 See website for details


              • @david6509: Please share your experience :) I'm looking to book him if you have a positive experience.

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                  @urluv4u: Ended up doing the pricing as above before he raised them $100. I had power already connected to the wall there so i was expecting him to do it cheaper which wasnt the case, saved himself a few hours in labour, cable, circuit breaker and isolator switch. Looks like he just sub contracts out the work. On this basis i wouldnt recommend.

              • @david6509: Any feedback? Thinking of booking their service too.

                • @Michael1983: Ended up doing the pricing as above before he raised them $100. I had power already connected to the wall there so i was expecting him to do it cheaper which wasnt the case, saved himself a few hours in labour, cable, circuit breaker and isolator switch. Looks like he just sub contracts out the work. On this basis i wouldnt recommend.

              • @david6509: This guy has increased his prices by $100 in a week , wouldn’t ever go to a cheat like him who advertises something and then when you msg for the installation says prices have gone up

                • @sub7er: Ended up doing the pricing as above before he raised them $100. I had power already connected to the wall there so i was expecting him to do it cheaper which wasnt the case, saved himself a few hours in labour, cable, circuit breaker and isolator switch. Looks like he just sub contracts out the work. On this basis i wouldnt recommend.

          • @lewas123: can I also get the details of the installer? Thanks.

          • @lewas123: Can you please PM me the details of this installer?
            Thanks in advance

          • @lewas123: @lewas123: Could you please PM me the detail of the installer? Thanks

          • @lewas123: Would love a PM regarding your installer too! Thanks

          • @lewas123: Could you please PM me the contacts?

          • @lewas123: Can you please PM me the Melbourne installer contact?

            • @Bloozzz: Did anyone receive details for the Melb installer from @lewas123?

          • @lewas123: hi lewas123 can you also pm me installer details please thanks

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        $300 is most likely a dodgy installer, they all need own circuit/safety switch which is a lot of wiring. 600-800$ is a proper installer.

        Also with dodgy installers, you won’t get the 5 yr warranty on the units. You are pretty much saving a few hundred in return for no warranty

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    The prices on Lawsons seem ridiculously cheap??

    For $300??

    Perfect for a bedroom, with say $600 install, $900 all up is pretty all right!

    Edit: This is indoor unit only. Not sure why you'd only buy indoor unit, perhaps for a multi split setup.

    • Listing says its an Indoor unit only for $300.

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      This is not the whole ac though.. just the head that goes into the room

  • some says mitsubishi electric is better?

    • Better looking internal unit maybe, not much else

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      Been told by multiple installers that ME is better, stay away from MHI.

      • I have been told the same by a few installers. And the salesperson at HN and JB Not sure if it’s due to profit advantage or technological advantage hence the ask.

      • +3

        Installers all have their preferences for differing reasons (some get better rates, closest supplier only stocks certain ones so they push it, wanting to clear stock or hit targets, bad run with a certain model or a rep for them, amount of "smart features" easier to sell etc). My brother has been doing this work for years and rates ME and MHI pretty similar, along with Fujitsu. That's just from a quality perspective. The rest he won't touch unless a customer supplies it and just doing the install. But like anything not all models/series are as good as others within the same brand and sometimes there are just bad eggs.

        All the research i did last year indicates the same (as i didnt find my brothers feedback terribly useful at the time, was trying to narrow down to 1). I went with a 2.5KW reverse cycle MHI SRK25ZA for our bedroom last summer and so far been happy with it. Also went with 2 x Fujitsu at another family members place and they've been happy so far as well. I would say the MHI remote kinda sucks, buttons don't sit quite right and sometimes need to re-press, could just be mine. But otherwise its good and quiet. The remote for the Fujitsu is much better. From memory the MHI was able to move air 360degrees motion or something where as the equivalement Fujitsu was more limited, which was one of the reasons i went with it. But i'd say just check the features you want go with that.

  • Just be aware this doesn’t seem to be an inverter.

    • I'm pretty sure it says 'inverter' on the head unit??

      • It does too! Other than the picture it doesn’t really say

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    Can anyone recommend a reasonable priced & reliable air-con installer in Brisbane area? Thank you~~~

    • +5

      There are none that meet your criteria unfortunately. It's one or the other.

      • Aint that the damn truth

  • Anyone know why the input wattage seems to have been dropped from all these air conditioner specs? I’m trying to put together a proposal to my landlord to have my unit air conditioned this summer but it’s nearly impossible to find the input watts even on the official spec sheets so I can work out the running costs.

    Last time I went through this process the input watts was always shown when looking for air con units but I’m wondering if in the last few years there has been some sort of regulatory change where they don’t show it now for some particular reason.

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      Maximum running current is 9A which is equal to 2.16KW at 240V.

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    Cheers OP, looking at the 2kw MHI unit, with cash back and Bunnings price match it comes to $494 for the unit!

    • On the phone price matching 2x right now (BNE), I would call ASAP if you haven't already as Bunnings may drop their price to avoid having to price match.

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    Anyone in VIC manage to get Bunnings to match?

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    Could anyone recommend a good aircon installer in Brisbane?

    • Fallon

      • +4

        Fallon are a rip-off in brisbane. Then wanted more then double for installing my air-con, compared to 2 other quotes I got

        • -1

          The question was "a good aircon installer"… not a cheap one.

          • @Logical: So what makes Fallon good installers?

            • @BlitzR: They will come on time.
              Guaranteed installation by a licensed professional as opposed to a backyard dodgy guy
              You get a warranty on the installation
              One phone call away if any trouble

              • @Logical: The 2 installers that I've used in the past have been licensed professionals, on time and have both had guarantees on the workmanship (even though I've never had to use it because I've never needed too) with proper invoices. Just because the installers are half the inflated price that Fallon charge, doesn't been they are backyard dodgy guys. But hey, if you want to be ripped off, keep using Fallon.

  • Good find, I was about to jump on the 5kw unit as I need a new one for my lounge but it’s only 2.5 stars!

    • You need to size it right though, maybe a 3.5kw unit is too small for your lounge.

      • Yeah it is, that’s why I wanted the 5kw unit. But the money I save now will be spent on electricity over the next few summers for sure.

        • Not so much electricity use, it's the fact a smaller unit may not be physically able to cool the room sufficiently.

          Am I understanding you correctly that you were initially going for a 5kw unit but now chose the 3.5kw as it is cheaper?

          • +1

            @placard: No, I saw this deal for 3.5kw, and checked if there was a good price for the 5kw which I need. There is a great price which could be beaten at bunnings, but the star rating is so low for the 5kw model that it’s not worthwhile for me. If I needed a 3.5kw model this would be perfect but my lounge is too big for the 3.5kw.
            So no, didn’t buy, 3.5kw is too small.

  • What would be an optipn that is one bigger than this one

    • 2 of these?

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    if anyone needs to pick up from Melbourne, I find this ebay seller is good:

    Slightly more expensive but you can make offer on ebay. Last time i got the 1.7Kw system for $550 down from their $579 price. They have a massive warehouse in Scoresby and they are approved reseller for MHI so you can claim the $100 cashback. Their trading name is AirVic i believe, this is their website

    If anyone only needs a smaller unit, this one looks very nice

    More efficient than the Avanti, however it doesn't have cash back offer. I'm tossing between the 2 units.

    • We got the little 1.7kw unit from AirVic for a 15m2 bedroom - brilliant unit and easily heats/cools without a struggle. AirVic was easy to deal with and arranged for pickup (pre-covid).
      Have to buy another couple of units, so may make some offers on Ebay today.

      • The 1.7kw unit doesn't get $100 cashback, i think it's better off to get the 2.0kw, it's slightly more efficient and you can get for similar price after cashback.

        • Yeah, probably will go with the 2kw taking into account Cashback etc…

    • +1

      Last time i got the 1.7Kw system for $550 down from their $579 price.

      No you haven't. "I managed to have offer of $565 accepted, then with $50 ebay coupon, it came to $515."

      • Ok, my bad, for misquoting the price.

  • Can price match with bunning perth?

    • Most likely they will add shipping price make the whole thing useless.

      • Yeah probably. Missed the deal coogle perth offer last time.

  • Can someone tell me how installers wire new circuits? I assume there would be a lot of drilling the walls?

    My circuit breaker is in the garage and about 10-12m to where i want the aircon installed…

    • Use roof space if possible.

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    Got 6 quotes a few months ago for back to back install of 1.5kw system, weatherboard, timber frame, no asbestos (newer build) in Brisbane, and all of them were from $700-$1200 range. It seems very expensive to install AC now compared to 2 years ago which was the last one I had installed for half that price. Odd.

    • +1

      Yep, I helped my Dad sell his house earlier this year he and wanted to get a 20year old 2.5kw Daikin Reverse split replaced for the sale. It was a simple job as everything was already in place… all holes drilled, pad in position, pipework all sorted, dedicated circuits run, isolation switch in-line… the works but it still ended up costing $2000. Absolute rip-off! I was floored. It's no wonder more & more people are educating themselves and DIYing these types of jobs.

  • just rang bunnings acacia ridge and was told they had them on promotion for $875

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