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amaysim 10th Birthday Upgrade, 15GB Extra + 70GB for This Month, First Month $18, Renewals at $40 for 70GB/28 Days


I was on a 55Gb/28 day amaysim plan, which I purchased for $15 ($7 Cashrewards).

First I got bonus 15Gb yesterday, making total allowance to 70Gb.

Today I got email for extra 70Gb, now total is 140Gb.

As long as I stay on this plan, it will be $40 renewals for 70Gb/28 days.

Now the new deal is $18 for 45Gb/28 days first month + $3.5 Cashrewards, then $40 each renewal.

45GB data
Unlimited standard talk & text
Unlimited standard international talk to 28 countries
Unlimited standard international text to 42 countries
300 mins standard international calls to selected countries
Additional data: 7.2c/MB or $10 for 1GB
All for use in Australia

Cashrewards: https://www.cashrewards.com.au/amaysim-mobile

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$10 credit to both the referrer and referee. Referee needs to provide referrer their email address.

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  • You wont get 70gb per month. Its just a one off thing every month or so. Been getting various bonus data amounts every month since January

    • It may be different for each plan.

      This is what I got in email: "We've just given your mobile no. **** some BIG LOVE with an extra 15GB mobile data every 28 days and kept the price exactly the same!"

  • +1

    Had unlimited data for june and july then they stopped offering and gave me 100gb instead until the end of Aug. I am lost in the world ever since…

  • -1

    If you after data for a month, better off getting the optus deal of "Optus Prepaid $30 Sim Starter Kit for $5 Delivered @ Optus"
    Activate on Epic Data Plan and get 35GB data

    • …if one is after data for a month…better off…optus deal…35gb data…?!?! uhh…no!

      • Am i reading this wrong? do you get 45GB data for the first month here for $18? or more data in the first month? love to get +70gb for $18!

  • Amaysim had Unlimited for Covid lockdown, so they can do better heh

  • I'm on the $10 per year plan. What upgrade does that get?

    • Are you they pay you $10/year to be on the plan?

  • So you don't automatically get an extra 70gb.. it's targetted?

    • Seems to be….no mention anywhere if 70gb

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