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$1 Final Value Fee for The Next 5 Items You Sell @ eBay Australia (Recurring)


Back Again with a new promo link I received this morning.
As usual, if you haven't manually been sent an email/message check the rsvp link to see if you're eligible.
To check your promo status visit My Overview and scroll all the way down

  • Valid for 2 weeks from when you click accept. Promo expires when a listing automatically relists after 30 days without sale.

  • $1 final value fee offers only apply to the 5 listings you list/relist, not when they actually sell. So once you click accept offer, you have to pick what 5 listings you want to list/relist to take advantage of this offer, as these promos will only apply to those.

(Note: this is a recurring deal and repeats every fortnight for targeted users).

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  • Do ebay selling promos stack? I got this offer and also "Sell now and get 10% back to spend" (ends 5 Nov)

    • I believe so, I've used up 7 so far. But…

      This promotion only applies to single quantity listings.

    • Yes very surprised it did stack. Paid $5 in fees for the 5 items but got back $670 eBay vouchers valid for 30 days!

      • Omg nice! Thanks for the info. I just sold 2 items over the weekend and noticed I also got ebay vouchers.
        One listed via gumtree sold for $1900 and I got a $50 voucher. Another listed with the $1 selling fee and sold for $165+postage, which deducted one item from the offer counter. I got a $16.50 voucher from that.
        They’re valid for 30 days and I noticed they can’t be used together In the same transaction :(
        Btw how did you get $670 in vouchers from 5 items? My 10% voucher offer was limited to $50 per item. My eBay account is from 2016 and it’s not ebay plus.

  • eBay promos don’t stack. I had the sell 5 items free active. Then accepted the 10% back as coupon. My listing used the 10% coupon offer only.

    • Thanks for the info!

    • I was told by the ebay rep over chat that it uses the latest one accepted, so lost the last lot of $1 fees. So this info is correct. This is a better option than the 10% voucher as final value fees are 13ish%

      • This is a change then - used to accept the one that provides the most $$ benefit to seller

      • And you can ignore what customer service says because they have no idea what their marketing department that sends out these promos is intending with these promotions.

    • Ignore the counter on your dashboard. Report back what fees and vouchers get applied after you've sold your item.

      • Yeah that's not a good way to operate when you're selling items that are above the cap for the 10% threshold…

    • Mine did. Sold 4 lenses and DSLR and got 5 vouchers totalling $670~

      Too bad about the limited expiry date tho.

      Redeem Coupon Redeem your unique coupon See conditions Redemption code: —-x-x-x-x-x-x-x Expires 11/11/20

      • Max $50 per voucher. How you get 5 vouchers totalling $670?

        • Didnt even know there were limits. I just used what I got from the My eBay section after selling them.
          Most of them were around $60-75. e.g see below order.


          Guess eBay glitch? Last month was a mess as I had 2 free items from Gumtree that I had to contact eBay to credit the fees.
          Possible that collided with the $1 deal and somehow I got the fees rebate deal as well.

  • I got the '10% back as a voucher' deal, accepted it and it overwrote the $1 fees deal I had before. Now I've just got this new $1 fee offer, accepted that, but the 10% voucher offer STILL overwrites it. I'm hoping I can get the voucher one disabled because it's obviously the worse deal and it lasts until November.

    • Why not just post 100 items and cancel them all to clear out the 10% deal

      List , cancel , then relist same item again and again

    • I had the same issue, but I think the offers work concurrently - I have both offers active and every time I listed it would reduce the a) 10% offer, but not the b) $1 offer.

      After selling an item listed under perk a), perk b) was then reduced by 1 afterwards. It actually worked out pretty great - a $1 FVF and a $14 ebay voucher.

      Don't waste your 10% refund listings like I was by cancelling and relisting. I was lucky someone bought something before I found the time to clear out the 100.

      • Thanks for letting me know, I'll try this out and see how it goes. I suppose I can always complain to customer service if they try and charge me the full fees.

      • I don't think that is the case sadly.

        So, they don't take your final value fee % straight away, they take it away at the end of the month. You usually get an invoice for X amount and it will break up what you had to pay to Ebay for that month (e.g $50 in shipping, $50 in final fees).

        What you have to do (Which is what I did) is talk to someone via Ebay chat and explain to them the situation. They are usually nice and will say they will automatically apply the $1 fee instead of the 10% voucher offer.

        I know this is a somewhat old post, but worth mentioning for anyone who sees it in the future.

  • I think this is might be an eBay Plus perk. Anyone received this offer but isn't subscribed?

  • Interesting. "This offer is effective as of 03/11/2020 12:00:00 AM" which starts from midnight tonight… never happened before.