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Dell S2421HS 24" 1080p IPS 75Hz AMD FreeSync (Height and Angle Adjustable) $162.10 Delivered @ Dell AU


Original Coupon Deal
S2421HS has the same panel as S2421HN, however its Height and Angle are adjustable, with only $5 more spent
I have never noticed that Dell could be this cost-effective in Australia, I start to love Dell today. Don't forget 3% cashback

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    this one has vesa and dp + hdmi (dual hdmi is kinda meh)

    worth if you truly want a fhd 24

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      Thanks for mentioning VESA. I could not find it on the product page and the images too suggested that it does not have VESA. But then I saw your comment and after looking closely at the product page found it hidden under the more tech spec link. Thanks.

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        umm it does say when you select "see more tech specs"

        VESA Mounting Interface
        100 x 100 mm

        VESA interface support

  • Hi all,
    After applying both Super7 and AUAFFILIATES15%OFF codeS, still I am getting only $198.
    Is the offer changed.

    • You might not need to apply AUAFFILIATES15%OFF as it would replace the original 20% off by dell i.snipboard.io/PAwuFV.jpg

      • Thanks a lot

  • Ordered this afternoon, estimated delivery is Oct 16.

    • same here

  • Spending too much money today … Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Wish it's ultra wide

  • How do we know that we will still get shopback cashback if we use the code SUPER7? Is it an "approved" code? I'm also wondering if shop back still works if the code SBMONTH5 is used?

    • Worked fine for me.

      • Thanks for confirming

  • This is a good deal IMO, but I just don't understand the point of 75Hz, seems like its not worth it for 15 extra frames above 60 haha.

    • Yeah 90fps is closer to where there’s a quite noticeable increase in smoothness over 60

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      Why are you complaining about extra hz?

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      The difference between 60 and 75hz is noticeable

  • Purchased earlier today , estimated October 21 (regional WA)

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    Down from $183.20 less than 1 month ago: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/565728

  • Thanks OP.

    Can anyone confirm if this has built in speakers?

    The demo video on the page says it does but it’s not mentioned in the specs or manual.

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      No speakers on the HS or HSX. Though, weirdly enough the video does make it seems like there are speakers, as you said.


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        Yeah and the grills at the bottom…

        Also Amazon US reviews mentioned the model has speakers…not sure if they are the same across regions.

        • I think you're right, very strange indeed. Might be best to double check with customer service?

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            @Orinshi: Already ordered, will see when I receive it:)

            • @Max999: Just found this comment as a follow up. Shouldn't be too big of an issue though as it does have a line-out port.


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                @Orinshi: Damn bought this to replace my U2414H thinking it may have built in speakers:(

                Looks like I may have to cancel.

                Thanks for the research!

                • @Max999: Same here. Just bought 2 thinking it had speakers because of the video. Will have to wait and see once it arrives.

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                    @dysfunktional: The video seems to be generic on all models…
                    For example this one S2421HN isn't even high adjustable and its the same video showing it is along with speakers


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                      @ezza: That's very misleading of Dell to post that video on a monitor that doesn't have the speakers. I just looked through the manual and definitely no speakers. I don't understand why they can't do a basic spec summary like other companies such as "speakers: no or n/a"

  • +7

    Friendship ended with all monitor makers.

    Dell is my new best friend.

  • Looking for a monitor primarily for working from home that is adjustable. Price is good. Any reasons why this model is not suited to for use for a regular work day looking at excel, outlook, emails etc?

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      Perfectly fine monitor for your needs, no need to over-think it.

    • it's not particular cheap if you compare the price to other 24" 1080p 2-3 months ago

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    I bought two last night. All up with shipping to Brissie, $324.19. Then I got $8 cashback from Shopback. Was funny seeing the price JUMP by $70 using the affiliates code, as it reduced the stock discount from 30 to 15 percent. Quickly removed that code!

    Planning on attaching to a dual monitor stand for my wife who is doing work-from-home mostly now.

    I got these over the HN panels as DP & HDMI inputs make it more versatile I think.

    Now to see what standing desk the OZB community recommends! Planning on buying the base and top separately and DIY'ing it with routed out section to have big cloth mouse pad sit flush

    EDIT: Expected delivery 21 Oct

  • Got one. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP ordered

  • Thanks OP for pointing out the HS. Got one!

  • Thanks op ended up ordering one of these.
    Was tossing up better this and the HN model on this one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/570067.
    I think this is better with the adjustable arm.

  • Guys, I ordered this yesterday and still dont see the shipping information or expected delivery. The order is not appearing under my profile as well. Any one else having the same experience?

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      The delivery ETA is on the order confirmation email

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    Anyone know how this would go for a PS4? Mainly streaming and a little bit of gaming?

  • the dark model S2421HSX is not available in Dell AU?


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      That looks sooo much better.

  • Anyone already using the S series monitors?
    Someone on whirlpool reported quite bad IPS glow on the 27" model…

    • Oh, I was thinking to upgrade to a S2421HS or a used Dell P2314H at half price. Would S series be bad then (coming from a P1913S) ?

      • +1

        Don't know, to be honest. I am actually replacing a P2314HB and an ancient Samsung SW2333+, so S2421 is definitely going to be an upgrade from the sammy, not sure about the P2314HB
        Tossing up between this and the SR350 24"

        • I can't use SR350's FreeSync with nVidia due to lack of DP. I have another Acer EQ245Q IPS monitor (was $134, 2 years ago) but P1913S has vivid colours although it is an old TN. How is the P2314HB? I was looking for a used P2314H for around $75, worth it ?

          • +1


            How is the P2314HB? I was looking for a used P2314H for around $75, worth it ?

            A used one would really be a case by case assessment tbh. There's some common complain about blue I also got it used for $60 about 4 years ago. It's nothing special and I use it as a second monitor on low brightness mostly for emails and reference documents while my main screen is an Asus VC239H which is absolutely brilliant especially for $140 brand new during one of eBay sale last year.

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        I have a 2014 model P series (P2421H i guess) at work, and I am not a fan of it when connected with my mbp.

        • I think it should be a P2414H then, any insight on the issues ?

          • @bazingaa: yes you are correct, it's 2414.
            I don't have any more insight except that it doesn't feel sharp and i don't like the colors as much as the one i have in home (hp p222va). I would personally prefer upgrading to a newer model though.

  • when does this deal expire?

    • “ Ends Thursday, October 29, 2020. ”

      I found it on the top of the product page.

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        FYI I purchased this monitor today and once you've added it to your cart it says clearly that the deal expires 08/Oct/2020.

        It looks like tonight is your last chance to buy it at this specific price. I've highlighted the expiry dates in the screenshot: https://ibb.co/gFRX8rY

  • Damn just missed out on this deal :( pm me if anyone willing to sell their one

  • Just got an email saying delivery is pushed back until November 18. So it took Dell 2 weeks to work out that it would be an extra month before they could send it to me. Pretty hopeless customer service. I hope others have more luck.

    • I received the same email.

      • I received an email just now that it is shipped and will be delivered tomorrow.

  • Just received this. After using the dell monitors at work I thought they were the same. Turns out the work monitors are 1440p, this is 1080p, may as well use a potato, so large and blurry

  • Got mine yesterday, even after the email saying 19th Nov.

    Not the greatest display but for the price it will be OK.

    I thought it had speakers? Can't get them to work if there are any buried in there.

  • +1

    There are comments above confirming that this model does not have speakers.