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9 Chicken Pieces for $9.95 on Tuesdays @ KFC via App


Just saw this ad on TV in Brisbane. Confirmed to be an Australia wide deal. Available only on Tuesdays via the KFC app.

Available while chicken lasts on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 6 October
  • Tuesday 13 October
  • Tuesday 20 October
  • Tuesday 27 October
  • Tuesday 3 November (Last day to get this deal)

Edit: deal has been extended 1 week to 3 November

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  • +18

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be available in VIC!!!!

    • +23

      If we keep the numbers low Dan might let us..

      • -14
        • +2

          Is this site for real?

          • +2

            @ozaym: Kinda funny bc you can tell they don't live here in VIC. The barrage of scrutiny the media has put on Dan Andrews has ironically only made him more popular as a Premier

            • -1

              @Deseret: I think this is only true for real dan lovers. His approval is dismal at the moment and will likely lead to him losing the next election even though I couldn't even name the opposition leader!

              • +7

                @JuryWheel: Hmm, where are you getting your info from? The polls I see on Wikipedia say he's getting more popular and Labour seems to be in the lead.

                Also, literally ALL of my mates and neighbours are more supportive than they've ever been, and my mates are pretty apathetic towards politics. The polls sort of match up with the trend that I've seen at least. Just sick of the news stories carrying on about stuff nobody cares that much about.

                • @Deseret: Agree here.. There's a lot of hot air around. People in general know that this is a tough situation and we have to make sacrifices and be reasonable

              • -2

                @JuryWheel: I'm Victorian and can't wait to vote him out. #MVGA #MakeVictoriaGreatAgain #WeRemember

      • Why is this Tuesdays only?
        Why are lots of longrunning fast food promos Tuesdays?

        • +4

          Cheapo Tuesdays; it's probably due to less customers on Tuesdays so restaurants and entertainment do deals to get more business.

    • +3

      I saw this similar deal on channel 9 during news break and I am in VIC.

      • I watch 9news too :)

    • +3

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be Hot & Spicy in NSW!!!!

      • I just don't understand why they stop it for NSW.

        • +5

          KFC at Town Hall always offer Hot & Spicy.

      • +1

        NSW is suss

    • With our luck, not gonna happen, sorry but got disappointed too many times before.

  • +15

    we want hot and spicyyyyy

    • +4

      i know there the 2 KFC's in sydney cbd (town hall & near central station) that has hot and spicy all year round.

      however when this deal comes up, i went on a tuesday to get the deal (at town hall) and they had some sign with some bullshit, i think their systems are down or something that they can't process the deal. what a load of baloney lol

      • Where I am in Central Qld we get hot n spicy all year round. Tuesdays we get 9 for $10.95…yum

      • +1

        good to know, will need to head there one day
        maybe 2022 when I go back into work lol

        QLD gets all the perks
        they has mos burgers too

        • Sydney Seems to get a lot of perks, QLD questionable.

      • +2

        hot and spicy year round in dulwhich Hill and artarmon as well

        • I think you mean Lindfield, or does Artarmon do it too? The awkward one off Pacific Hwy, pretty sure that one has it too.

          • @Mysterious Laptop: I can confirm that Lindfield KFC has hot and spicy all year round!

            It happens to be my local too.

        • Not anymore at Dulwich Hill since their refurb. Unless the app is broken.

          • @bajillionaire: app is broken, still there in store, I go there all the time

    • +3

      Hot & Spicy is neither hot nor spicy these days, sadly.

      • More likely that you have built up a tolerance to Capsaicin, the chemical in chilli that makes food 'spicy'. Buy some chilli powder in your desired strength and add as required

        • -1

          I seriously doubt that. These days the flavour of Hot & Spicy is extremely mild to the point where I can't even taste the spice, I don't think it's far fetched to say the flavour has actually changed and it's not my taste buds.

          I'm not going to add chilli powder either just because it doesn't suit my taste, but thanks for the suggestion.

      • +1

        I agree with the dude below. Get your own chilli! Australians are weak when it comes to spice. There are some amazing American and South American hot chilli seasonings that you can add to give you the required kick

        This looks like a simple enough recipe:

        I'd stay away from Ghost Pepper, though. Turns your stomach into a volcano.

    • So… no Hot and Spicy available at all in VIC? :(

      • +1

        Vic gardens but they aren’t open at the moment
        Apparently the Collins group have 4 stores in Vic… just need to figure out where the rest are

  • +3

    Chicken Pieces??? as in Wicked Wings or Original Recipe?

  • +1

    If anyone got the $5 off coupon (it was targeted - ) this will make for the best Tuesday since the discovery of Uranus.

    And once that chicken discovers it, probably the worst Wednesday.

    • +6

      No mercy for Uranus come Wednesday.

      • If only H&S can spark some fire in Uranus.

  • +17

    This is a permanent deal in QLD. And we have permanent hot & spicy. And we got no covids. Don't hate me.. just sayin'

    • @Dolphin Trainer: Do you have a dorsal fin?

    • +1

      We hate you, and not just because you got the good KFCs.

      VIC, NSW, WA, SA, TAS, NT, ACT

    • +1

      Permanent? I’ve been paying 10.95 for a few months now, not 9.95. $1 saving

    • My local is 9 for $10.95 (Qld)

    • hail Anna..

    • +3

      I grew up on the Gold coast and when I moved to Sydney i was dumbfounded that Hot n Spicy was a seasonal thing here. It was like I moved to another country.

      • Oh man so you're telling me they do things different in different places? Whoa, think I need lie down…

    • But you live in Queensland so I guess everything evens out

    • Seriously, I don't understand why they don't have hot & spicy permanent nationwide.

  • NSW PauseChamp ….

  • Anyone know if this applies to WA?

    • Guess we find out on Tuesday! I'm definitely keen for some KFC goodness.

  • This deal has been going on for yonks in Queensland 😂 Queenslanders only put it up every now and then to make rest of the country jealous

    • Ok, you can sit down now MrOzbargain

    • weird flex but ok

  • +1

    Yes it s permanent deal in Qld but for 10.95$. Bought the hot and spicy - it wasn't hot nor spicy but only salty !!!

  • +7


  • What’s the typical combo of pieces?

    • +5

      Duck duck goose

    • 2 thigh, 2 rib, 2 wing, 2 leg, 1 breast

      • +4

        That's a weird chicken.

      • +1

        That bird is still doable!

  • always more original wings in that 9 piece… quality has dropped dramatically

  • +1 quick draw on your phone/camera to shoot this deal from your TV for us!

    • I can pause my TV, can't you?

      • +1

        People still watch TV?

  • I think WA is included as both are part of the Collins group.

  • mad

  • +8

    KFC and rice are perfect combo. Great Asian style.

    • KFC with mashed potatoes and gravy always my favourite.

  • I wonder why they have 2 thin woman who have never eaten KFC on their ad?

  • It's open season boys

  • What's standard price?

  • -3

    This offer is only in KFC Sunnybank site. I live there and its there since years.

  • So is it in NSW or not ?

  • Isn't this on every Tuesday in QLD?

  • Just received an email confirming available in Victoria and probably elsewhere too

  • +2

    I'm in Sydney. Just got an email saying available on the app.

    It seems like not in S.A according to the link below.

    • Sorry my mistake read the website again…. It's 10 for $10 wicked wings not available in S.A and not for the 9 pieces of chicken.

      Which I will probably get as well . Put in the freezer and then air fry it when I am hungry :D

  • Is there anyway to see today if you will have it tomorrow? Just to have time to convince the wife, or not.

    My app (WA) currently says $10 for 10 wings, no date.


  • This is already showing up in the app under Colonel's Offers in Victoria. Unfortunately, no H&S store that I can find

    • I can see in the app as well (NSW). No Hot and Spicy option either :(

  • -3

    Anyone ever tried Hungry Jack'ss chicken nuggets? One of the top 5 most disgusting things I've ever eaten

  • Yay!!! I am VIC and its showing up on my app. Bring it on!!!

  • Glad this is nation wide. Dinner sorted. :)

  • So this is available every tuesday in VIC right? :D

    • Yes

  • Can anyone confirm if this is available in store or via app only?

    • +1

      It's an app only offer

  • Worked in VIC using the app, just got one.

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