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TP-Link Deco M5 Whole Home Mesh Wifi (2 pack) $169.42 Shipped @ Amazon AU


For those that had their order cancelled by Kogan this is about as good as it gets for the time being.

There is another listing on Amazon for $167 but it is sold by a third party. I'd rather pay $169 for the one sold by Amazon.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    3 pack of X20 available on GG commerical still for $250, better deal.

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      Link? I can only see 2 pack

      • My bad, only two pack!

  • Can anyone suggest and two pack in the price range that supports POE?

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      Ubiquiti offers PoE access points, however, the price point will much higher.

      • @jims2020 thanks for your feedback. My research seems to be leaning towards Ubiquiti also.

        • You won't regret it, I bought one a couple of years ago, and still going strong. Though I wish their products were a bit competitively priced.

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      • my bad didn't look properly

  • Great price OP!

  • How do these compare to the Tenda MW5 or MW6 systems?

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      read this comments in this post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/542415

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      The Deco M5 comes with a beefier CPU, more RAM to handle more connected devices at one time, more powerful wifi radios and VLAN 802.1q support. Which RSP are you with?

      Deco M5
      1000 Mbps WAN & LAN.
      Quad-core processor @ 638MHz & 256MB of RAM.
      Dual band AC1300 with 4 antennas on each node.
      VLAN 802.1q support.

      Nova MW6
      1000 Mbps WAN & LAN.
      Single-core processor @ 1Ghz & 128MB of RAM.
      Dual band AC1200 with 2 antennas on each node.
      No VLAN 802.1q support.

      Nova MW5
      1000 Mbps WAN & LAN.
      ? core processor @ ? Ghz & ? MB of RAM.
      Dual band AC1200 with 2 antennas on each node.
      No VLAN 802.1q support.

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    Netgear orbi RBK20 or the TP link M9 plus or M5 3pack? House is about 600sq including upstairs. Downstairs has a granny flat so it extends out quite far. FTTN with Telstra. Can only get to max 50Mbps (when right next to the modem) Goal: give stronger and stable signal to granny flat. As currently using wifi extender offen drops off signal and speed is halved to 25Mbps.

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      Depends on budget honestly, the M9 Plus and Orbi have more features but you will have to pay more. Personally for a 50Mbps connection I would just go with the Deco M5. You can also add any Deco down the line to your network as they are compatible. Hope this helps :)

  • Does this work in conjunction with your existing wifi router or does it replace it?

    • depending on your existing wifi router. is it another TP-Link Deco product?

    • It can work in AP mode or router mode. As Mesh, it can only initiate handoff to another deco AP.

    • It is a half decent router, we have the following and it has been 100% stable for 3 months since we purchased, there would be maybe 35 devices running off it, 3 of them being laptops on work VPNs and a real mix of cheap IOT things and high demand devices.

      so far no crashes, resets, etc… good speed tests. My biggest gripe is i prefer a web interface rather than app interface but i don't spend every day adding a device to my router so not the end of the world.

      My ISP provided router crashed once a day minimum.

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    Now similar price for DECO M5(3-PACK) from the good guys commercial, and only few dollars more.

    • Fantastic deal!

    • I can only find a $299 3-pack (unless price has now gone up)

  • Optus has recommended me the Deco range for extending out the wifi from my nokia 5g modem. Next to the modem I can get 300mbps downloads, will these be a good choice to achieve this sort of speed across my house? Its a single storey house but longer so I would be putting the two units in a line rather than a triangle spread if it makes a difference.
    Anyone else on 5G have good suggestions? I currently have a tenda A12 extender but due to IP range problems it is not compatible with the nokia modem.

    • what connection are you on? How can you get 300m? I thought even with NbN fttp can only get up to 100m?

      • As stated I am on 5G not NBN. FTTP plans for 1gbps exist but not for a lot of people.

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