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[UNiDAYS] Healthy Choice 1400W 5L Air Fryer $57.09 + Delivery (Free with Club Catch) @ Catch


$15 off applied in cart.

If $15 off in cart doesn't apply, go through this link and add the 5L variant to cart

Apply Unidays code - 10% off Catch.com.au - Some Exclusions @ UNiDAYS and Student Beans - Price in title after 10% off.

8% off on Catch gift cards - Delivered instantly and you can choose exact amount.

Free delivery with Club catch - Free trial available - Catch Now Allows You to Cancel Club Catch from Your Account

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    The thumbnail looks like the chips have been photoshopped on top. It’s like to the brim of the pot. Lol

  • +1

    Thanks got one

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    For new members follow this method to get it for $47

    • Even cheaper with Unidays?

      • Yeah UNiDAYS price is already in title.

    • Cheers mate, snapped one up using this trick

    • I tried this using a random referral and didn't receive $10 credit, unfortunately :(

      • +1

        You need to checkout, club catch trial after signing up on catch with referral, in order to receive credit.

        • Yeah, I did that no luck! Does it take a while before the credit is applied or something?

          • +1

            @t0ast: It should be instant. Try adding something to cart and see if it applies there?

          • +2

            @t0ast: I had to wait a few minutes.

        • +1

          absolutely cracking deal, thanks mate for your inputs. I was able to place an order at $47 with discounted gift cards. :D

    • +1

      For those who signed up to Club catch trial. You can cancel it right away from your account and enjoy the benefits for 30 days, without worrying about getting charged.

    • How to get to $47?

      I think $80 - $15 - $10 = $55?

      • From description

        Apply Unidays code - 10% off Catch.com.au - Some Exclusions @ UNiDAYS and Student Beans - Price in title after 10% off

  • Is this a good Air fryer to get?

    • +1

      Buy first, questions later!

    • +2

      Yes, i have the same model which i bought for $100 and works well. Good value for money.

  • Is this better than the $44 Woolies Air Fryer

    • +1

      Well 3.5L vs 5L for starters

    • The one I posted is 100W less but 1.5L bigger. Can also get it down to $47 using above method, then pay with 8% off gift cards to take it down to $43.24. Making it cheaper than Woolies one .

  • Price showing as $80.10 now, which would be $72.09 with 10% off

  • Thanks OP. paid 43.32.

  • Hi, Please anyone let me know that what is the star rating for that product because its 1400w

  • Not getting the $15 off in cart under either method.

    • Remove it from your cart and try on laptop/desktop or mobile webpage. Try it while you are logged in, if not try when you are logged out. Try in incognito window etc.

  • Can someone please message me a code?

    I'm a legit uni student, yet I have yet to receive the email, checked junk mail, Everything. Been trying since this morning.

  • Tried every possible way. But I can't get the $15 discount,

  • +1

    $15 discount link removed early by Catch … ! missed out on the deal as i was waiting for the code :(

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