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Sofirn SP36 BLF Edition (Andúril, LH351D 5000K 90CRI) $67.99 Delivered @ Sofirn via Amazon AU


More stock of the SP36 BLF Edition is in AmazonAU warehouses now, and I've got another 15% off code for it! I've created a new post as the previous post had other lights in it too, and this is specific to just one.

Disclaimer as per last time: I’m not technically affiliated with Sofirn, but have had dealings with them in the past by reviewing some of their lights - I've posted codes before for them, and that seemed to go well, so they've given me a new code for new AU stock.

I previously posted a deal on this light here, and there were a lot of good questions there. As mentioned, I've had the SP36 for quite some time now after reviewing it, and if I'm going out at night on a walk, it's always in the small backpack I take with me.

An important note though: I cannot recommend this step strongly enough. When you get the light and it's fully charged, let it sit for a while to be at room temperature (and measure with a thermometer if you can), and then do temperature calibration on the light. I've made this video today to explain how to calibrate it.

If you've read this far, or just decided to jump down, then the link and code is:

SP36 BLF Anduril kit ($79.99 $67.99): ZSRNKYMW

Please feel free to ask questions, and I'll try my best to answer.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • any bike mount?

  • Are these 18650 cells any good?

    • +3

      They can put out 10A continuous, and I've capacity checked the three I have at between 2970mAh and 3055mAh or so.

      • Thanks, I appreciate the information. Great deal then with cells with accurate capacity.

        • Agreed. I was a bit unsure at first, but I've also tested it with Samsung 30Qs and only got 11.25A, so the cells provided are almost hitting the limits of the FET on it anyway; for an all-in-one kit, it's bloody good.

      • The question then is, do I need this given I have that Q8 from the $35 deal, and the answer because I am a flashaholic is, yes, yes I do.

        • +5

          I mean… I just went and lined up all my Anduril lights…


          Too much is never enough.

          • @oweban: @oweban: I can't agree more. How do you find those fw3a/4?

            • @Pixie13: Two of the FW3As :) Um. I've got very early models (the original group buy), and I have all kinds of issues with the battery tube, and things not making correct contact.. I've been told they've resolved a lot of the issues recently though, so that's nice.

              When it's working well, I love it. Far smoother for my pocket than the D4v2. So very much a "it's good, but…" type of thing.

              The X9L, on the other hand, is a monster.

              • @oweban: Lol, is that your edc (X9L)?

                • @Pixie13: I've been carrying the D4V2 and X9L every day lately :) Absolutely zero need for the X9L, but it's fun. The D4V2 I put 219b sw45k into, and wrote 65% FET firmware for it.

                  • @oweban: I have always contemplated the D4v2, but always thought that the fw4a would be a better choice. I am still rocking a olight m10 for edc (I can't give up the crenulated bezel for striking capabilities that I have literally never used). Thanks to you, I have another torch

                    • @Pixie13: The aux lights on the D4V2 are great. I've got high-mode red when the light is off, and low-mode red when it's locked out. V easy to see. That, plus the ease of updating the firmware.

                      also also CYAN

                      • @oweban: Colours and auxiliary lighting… I am almost sold. That's why I got the nitecore srt7 back in the day.

                  • @oweban: I was doing so well. Sober for 2 weeks

              • @oweban: Original FW3A here too, no probs so far (touch wood). Just put in a glow gasket and s/s bezel from banggood.

                For your Andruil lineup, are you jumping on the SC31 Pro bandwagon?

                SP36? Get 2!

                • @Sillen: I've got an SC31 Pro and an LT1 on the way :P

  • Blf q8 is better and cheaper when on sale

    • +1

      Ah, but is it AU stock? :)

    • +1

      Isn't this brighter than the BLF Q8? And the BLF Q8 is a little bigger heavier too, takes 4 x 18650 instead of 3 x 18650s.

  • +1

    ima be real - this is an AMAZING light. huge brightness cooks the hand. can use it as a source of heat.

    My main bug bear is that it doesnt focus near as well as the thorfire. - literal floodlight.

    other than that. all wins. apart from the light modes.. sometimes they change around and with a single button to do like 50+ different settings. its quite confusing ha

    • +3

      That's fair; the LH351D is a pretty floody emitter. For those feeling adventurous, it's possible to swap them out with something else, but that's a decently involved process.

      Anduril can be a little confusing at first, but once you've got the hang of it, it becomes second nature.

  • ahh nice thicc boy. good deal OP

    • she CHONK

  • Hi OP,

    Hypothetically speaking, if you had room for only 1 flashlight in your life, would this be the one?

    Not a trick or gag question, just want to know if this is something I need or whether it is a want.

    • Pretty hard to say. It's definitely not a pocket carry, but it provides WAY more like than my current pocket carry does. The battery life on low modes is great due to having 9000mAh, and having the 90CRI emitters makes the beam far nicer than ~70CRI.

      If I got told I could only have one light, it'd be either this or something very similar. Or I might swap these out with sw45k; less output but daaaamn that rosy tint.

      I'd hate to have to give up my GT90 though ;)

      • Thanks. Bought!

    • If I only had one flashlight it would be a right angle one that I could put in a head/chest mount.

      • Thanks for the reply!
        I’ll probably wait for a deal on the sofirn sp40.
        I’m quite partial to head mounted torches.

        • I had a deal up a bit ago; hopefully I get another code for it soon. They're definitely in stock at sofirnlight.com though, and it's looking like shipping isn't too bad from there at the moment (my last order from there was Sept 27, it's in "Sydney" depot with Fastway/Aramex as of yesterday morning).

          • @oweban: Thanks.
            Have bought this anyway.

            Is the SP40 any good in your opinion?

            • @Zoop: I do like it - the only thing it's missing in my opinion is moonlight mode; the lowest setting is something like 5 lumens. I'd also love it if they'd put in the LH351Ds with high CRI, and have made that point a number of times to Sofirn… blah. But for the price, it's good.

              I run mine with the 18350 tube (separate battery purchase), removed the top strap, swapped in a 4000K emitter, and put dc-fix on the lens to make it floody. I'm pretty big on modifying things though :)

    • Sofirn SD05. Mid size, 100m underwater, 2550 Lumen, 1x 21700 or 18650 battery. Most sweet thing about it is 4 pos. magnetic ring switch, no complicated button control to remember. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/563492

  • Just got the EC03 so doing my best to protect my wallet. Will that temp calibration work on the EC03 too? Same UI I'm pretty sure.

    • +1

      If it's running Anduril, yep.

      Something to check - click 15 times from off; if it's a relatively recent build (after September 2019), it'll flash out the build date (as per https://i.imgur.com/ayJMCbc.mp4). If not, no bigs :)

      • 8/3/2020 from my counting. Cool tip, thanks.

  • You had my curiousity at 5000k, my full attention at 90CRI, and it also has a proper moonlight mode! I haven't bought a light for myself for easily 12+ months…until today lol.

    • They're a very nice emitter. I've come across some that have a bit of a green tinge before, but at least the ones in mine are either BBL or only very slightly positive duv.

  • I got one from the previous deal. Solid light. I'm getting another one :) thansk OP

    • No probs! Glad you like it enough to get another :)

      • Thanks Op. By the way,
        Standard Delivery : get it by Tuesday, Dec 22 - Thursday, Jan 7
        Is there a way to get it faster?

        • Which light is that for? I'm seeing 13th October, fastest 9th October for the SP36…

          • @oweban: I used this link https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07KFDS8ZS/ref=ox_sc_sa...
            surprisingly, the code worked with the above link too (a bit cheaper than the link you posted) :)
            Anyway, I bought from your link as I couldn't wait that long

            • +1

              @overlord: Interesting! Yeah, that looks like stock from China, vs my link being stock that's in Amazon's AU warehouses :)

              (thanks for the heads-up, I'm still learning a lot about Amazon)

  • That guide for controlling the modes hot damn. It's just a torch!

    • +1

      Yep, but one with an awful lot of things to do :)

      There’s a new version coming soon that will be a bit different; a bit harder to flowchart though.

  • I love the multi-functional UI so much as it's just so much fun to play with (especially the lightstorm mode lol), and the colour rendering is among the best I've ever used. One thing I do notice and think needs to be improved is that, the heat sink is a bit sharp by the edge of the "fin". It could be a lot better with chamfer applied.

  • I had a Q8 Anduril ordered directly from Sofirn in the wake of the China lockdown that never showed up after Australia went into lockdown. Gave up trying to find a customs agency to ring and just accepted the loss, Sofirn had actually posted the torch AFAIK. Pays to buy from sellers with a written refund policy though. I took the plunge on this offer due to the discount code and local stock.
    I look forward to finally seeing what a Soda can torch can do and also comparing 2700k vs 5000k LH351D (I have a C8F with 2700k LH351Ds).

    • +2

      Not good to hear about the light going missing mate. I had an order from Convoy that disappeared into the ether and took almost three months to arrive.

      I found the 2700K to be ridiculously warm, heh. That's in a Convoy S12, did a swap on them.

      You're right about local stock and Amazon's policies though; I know things can be more expensive locally sometimes but there's that extra layer of protection.

      • I've realised that one colour temperature or the other looks "normal" as long as I don't shine a torch with a different colour temperature. I personally found 2700k high CRI better than expected for outdoors, like viewing things in technicolour compared to 5000k XHP50.2. But I found I could enjoy the XHP if I didn't shine any other torches for comparison.

        • +1

          That’s very true; it’s all by comparison. I think I could get used to 2700K if I spent a bit more time with it only. Hm, I should buy a bunch more of them, they’re cheap enough (1.60USD eta).

  • +1

    I have two torches made by Sofirn and recommend them highly. Head/pocket clip torch I use for work pretty much daily (single 18650). Massive 2 x 26650 torch use on my property, it shines up to the end of 5acres easily. Both well made, got spares for my head torch recently at good price. Bought mine from Ali. They have good cust support.

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