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[Switch] HORI Split Pad Pro - Daemon X Machina Edition $70.05 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems to be a good deal, not the cheapest it's been, but close.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I got this. No vibrate but also no hand cramps !

  • Great price and a great controller!

    Light, large and comfortable.

    No wireless, no NFC, no IR, no rumble, no motion controls.

  • Does it drift?

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      Nope, completely different analog sticks.

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      drift? whadaya meeeen drift?

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    All 3 of the new colours are cheaper at ozgameshop with free shipping


    $64.58 with 10% off with code oct10

    • Damn, the black one is already out of stock.

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        Back in stock but code expired last night. Still I think it’s worth buying the extra $1.71 for the new colours over the daemon x machina branded version. The new black one is transparent too like the pro controller.

        • Thanks, but showing OOS for me, must've missed it again 🙄

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            @happykamper: Only 1 in stock.amazon has one for 73.xx, same only one. From Amazon UK

            • @ce5himm: Cheers, will take a look. It looks like the one in the original post is back to $97

    • Do you have a link to the OCT10 code? It's coming up as invalid.

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        Expired yesterday

        • Dang, thanks anyway

          • @Captain-Danke: I know right!!!

            • @HappyPooPants: Damn wanted the black, then thought blue is fine, then code didn’t work anyway! Black is in amazon for $74 from the UK reckon I’m going to go for that have only held back because of this awful brash branding.

  • price droped from 93 to 70 today. are they price matching somewhere?

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      was looking for this, after i realized no rumble, no motion control, no…..
      i can wait for a better one. No drift is a big plus.

      • Deleted

        • why do you delete that link? that looks better than the hori one.

          • @aec: review is not as good as the product page says. do not want to waste other's time.

      • I thought I might miss those things but having the accuracy of decent joysticks far outweighs the cons.

      • @ce5himm

        I think if it was going to exist, it would exist by now

        • Kind of agree. Maybe I should stick with my wd40+ joycon + pro controller until next gen released. Do not need this in urgent.

      • +1

        You just listed all my pros with it ;)

  • Is there a case that fits the switch and these?