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OnePlus 7T Pro (8GB RAM, 256GB, Haze Blue) - $679 Delivered @ Kogan


Just got an Email Alert this morning regarding Price Drop on this model. I would say it is still a good price for last year Flagship device.

Specs are as follows:

Loudspeaker Yes
Microphone Yes

Flash Yes
Front 16MP
Rear 48+8+16MP

2G Network B2, 3, 5, 8
3G Network CDMA: BC0, BC1 | UMTS: B1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 19 | TDS: B34, 39
4G Network FDD-LTE: B1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, 29, 32, 66 | TDD-LTE: B34, 38, 39, 40, 41
Bluetooth v5.0
GPS GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and A-GPS
Kogan Mobile 4G Ready Yes
SIM Type Dual Nano-SIM
USB Type-C (USB 3.1 Gen1)
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Dimensions 75.9 x 162.6 x 8.8mm
Weight 206g

Display Size 6.67"
Pixel Density 516ppi
Resolution 3120 x 1440 QHD+
Type Fluid AMOLED All-View Display

Phone Features Dual SIM, Fingerprint Sensor, USB Type-C, Tri-lens Camera
Internal Storage 256GB
Card Slot SIM1 + SIM2
Colour Blue
Type OnePlus 7T Pro
Battery 4085mAh Li-Po Battery
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus
CPU Octo-core 2.96GHz Processor
GPU Adreno 640
OS OxygenOS
OS Version v10

Accelerometer Yes
Compass Yes
Gyroscope Yes

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  • +2

    Good price

  • +5

    Highly recommend. Been using this phone since launch and love it!

    • Do you have android 11?

      • +6


      • There is a beta build available.

    • hey @Rupple, just wondering if you faced any issues with the network/sim initially ? i got a oneplus 7t couple of months back (from India) and once i insert the sims they get recognised as active but there is no network at all. Have done everything possible > network refresh, reset the phone few times.. nothing worked. any ideas ? cheers.

      • +1

        Have you tried taking the Sim out and putting it back in? I had this issue before on my phone and thought it was because I've dropped my phone a bit too many times but it seemed to fixe itself afterwards

        • @cerealsmok3r yes, have done it many times! now am back to my oneplus 5t.. the new one is a paperweight as of now!

      • +1

        No I haven't had any issues, I've been with Optus and Telstra and they both worked straight away. Not much help sorry haha

      • +2

        I bought this phone in the US around launch. I'm with Boost (so Telstra) right now and the reception is spotty like sometimes it would say I have full bars but I wouldn't be able to connect to 4G. A restart usually does the trick. Hope this helps!

  • Is battery life degradation an issue for these phones that have probably been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for the past 1-2+ years since the date of manufacture?

    • +2

      what makes you think they were made 2 years ago?

      • even if they were, its highly unlikely that storage for 2 years does noticable damage to the battery. i woulnt worry too much about it (given its a good deal to begin with of course)

    • +2

      I think it'll still be okay. I've got the Oppo reno 5g which I believe was close to a year old when I first started to use it. Probably at 90-95% of originally capacity.

      Much better to not overcharge to 100% battery and only go to 80% or so.

    • When were these manufactured?
      I'm pretty sure that when they build a phone, they don't build them all on the one day then leave them in a warehouse for next couple of years?

    • +1

      I had the OnePlus 5, bought in Aug 2017 and the battery holds up today at about 80% as it did brand new. Pleasantly surprised so won't be surprised if this is the same.

      • I've got a 5T, battery health showing ~80, but then i only charge the battery till 80%

      • You're lucky. My OnePlus 6 is at 75%

      • My partner has the 5t and battery life seems much the same as when new.

      • Me too

      • I bought my oneplus 5 in sep 2017. It still shows 80% capacity. I'm not sure whether it is accurate as my doesn't last more than 18 hours. I'm a very light user.

    • Battery life on my op6 has not changed noticeably in the two and a half years I have owned it. Fantastic brand.

  • +6

    Still rocking my OP7 Pro, definitely recommend this phone. It's basically a few improvement tweaks over the OP7 Pro. The pop up cameras on these models are a nice party trick. Just wish they kept that camera style on the new gen models, otherwise I would've upgraded by now.

    • +4

      For real, I just love the reactions people have when I ask them, "Ok, now examine the phone and tell me where you think the front camera is located"

      I get answers like:
      "Is it in the screen"
      "Oh, it doesn't have one"
      "Do you just use the rear camera?"

      And then the front camera magically floats out of the top and everyone is like "OH WHAT HOWWW"

      And then you just sit there… And smile :)

      Yea definitely a

      nice party trick

      • -2

        Seriously ? Those people must be easily amused. Who cares whether the camera 'pops up' or not.

        • +1

          Hehe, I mean yea you could kinda say that…

          But it's more the physiological aspect of proving against their statement that the camera is "in the screen". The final answer is one which they didn't ever expect, which is the real surprise behind it.

          If I just showed someone it popping out and in, they wouldn't be anywhere near as surprised, and it would actually come across as me just showing off… But if I turn it into a game, it becomes a neat party trick :)

        • +4

          I mean the pop up niche is a nice side gimmick, but the best part of it is not having a notch on the top of my screen. Feels good to have extra screen space.

      • +6

        And then the front camera magically floats out of the top and everyone is like "OH WHAT HOWWW"

        Then everyone clapped and the hottest girl at the party left with you?

    • +2

      I think water resistant is worth having more than popup camera

      • Me too.

      • Aren't the newer OnePlus phones water resistance anyway? I think I remember reading they don't get them officially certified by a third-party (IP?) as this is additional cost.

        • Yep, they made a tweet about it and it's mentioned here. They did say they don't have any guarantees which I guess is to cover their ass. Some people have different priorities in phone features and I understand that.

  • How is the curved screen? I've never owned a phone with one.

    • +8

      I've found curved screens can be annoying at times when holding them you can accidently touch the screen without knowing.

      • +1

        That'd be annoying. I get the extra screen realestate, but if you're accidentally touching random things then it just seems more bothersome than it's really worth.

        • +2

          Oh it is annoying. I'd go out and say I won't be buying another phone with a curved screen in the future because it's such a pain to deal with.

      • +2

        For real, I own this phone and I really despise the curved screen since my whole life I always use non-curved screen (last previous phone was OP3)

        That and the screen protector is a nightmare

    • +2

      Glass screen protectors are a pain in the ass.

      • +6

        YES, nothing works at all.

        I want this curved screen trend to die out

        • +1

          I've got a maxshield tempered glass protector on mine.

          The stock screen protector attracted wayyyy toool much dust and lint. It was like a magnet.

          The maxshield one I find fits perfectly. No issues so far with a Spigen tough armor case.

          • @MrQ88: Oh, that's interesting… I got the same Spigen case as you, however I've had my stock screen protector for more than a year now and I feel like I should really buy a new glass one :)

            I'll have a look at the max shield tempered glass protector, thanks

          • @MrQ88: Does it stick across the whole screen area or only around edges? Thanks.

            • @vrsac: Directly replaced the original factory. So covers the edges too to a certain degree.
              I do notice if I shove it in my pockets with other items, keys, it does peel the protector off.

              I may try a hydrogel cover next.

              • @MrQ88: thanks. What I meant was, does the glue cover the entire surface of the screen protector or glue is only around the edges?
                With curved edges, there are very few glass screen protectors that have (what sellers on eBay call) full-glue. With edge glue, dust quickly finds its way under screen protector and the touch sensitivity is very poor.

      • Yeah this was my main concern, having to use the UV glue while also making sure it doesn't go onto the buttons/speaker sounds like a huge pain.

    • +1

      I've not had any accidental touch issues whatsoever in over a year on my 7Pro, they've sorted the software out really well for that. Probably the worst aspect is catching some reflections but that's a minor gripe.

    • +1

      Worth noting that OnePlus 7/7T Pro phones have a much more pronounced curve than Samsung phones.

      • +1

        I find that false. Compared to the s9 and S10 the 1+ is less of a curve. Way more subtle on 7tp.

        • +1

          I compared the 7 Pro with a Note 10+ I had, Samsung has been reducing the curve radius on their recent devices.

    • +1

      The curve is a bit of a gimmick, and makes using glass screen protectors a nightmare (as others have said). Plastic screen protectors go on fine, but they're pretty ugly (like something of a ripple effect in the finish) and feel bad to the touch.

      I've got a 7 Pro and have given up using a screen protector, but I'm fine with that because it looks and feels better without a screen protector and I'm pretty careful with it. I'm sure I'll get two years use out of it then be able to on-sell it for $150-250, which I think is good mileage for a phone that cost around $650 (that's what I paid).

      If you don't care to use screen protectors, you'll really like it. After a little while I found myself not even noticing the curved display.

      My 2c on the deal - looks really good to me. If I didn't already have a 7 Pro I'd be jumping on it :)

    • +1

      I found it annoying on my previous phones (S8+, Mate 20 Pro) - when the sun hits it, you completely lose visibility on the left and right edges where the curve is. I never had issues with accidental touches though.

  • +5

    Still one hell of a phone, I love my 7Pro, it's cruising through 2020, looking more 2020 than most 2020 phones.

  • Pixel 4 is at the same price on Kogan as well. Terrible battery life but still faster than Pixel 5.

  • +2

    It’s still one of the best looking phone on earth. If not the best.

  • Has anyone done a close comparison between this and the Nord? Similar prices, different build quality, different update support period (well, because Nord is 12 months newer and 7T already 12+ months into support, same support period otherwise).

    Interested to hear comments from others deciding/have decided between them.

  • +1

    Ordered thanks. Been holding out for the 8T after the untimely death of my 7T. But this is too much of a bargain to ignore. Also those worrying about screen protectors for the curved screen, have a look at the Whitestone Dome bonded type. Definitely worth the money.

  • I think there is 2% cashback on cashrewards as well

    • Says for new Kogan user only?

      • Just sign up a new kogan account

      • Create a new account then

  • +13

    Brought this 4 weeks ago for $909 delivered…….god damm it!!! but I was desperate for a phone as my P4XL had to be returned for a refund.

    Phones been great! my mini comparision:

    Screen - 7TP wins. In direct sunlight its legible. Colours look more appealing on the P4XL (softer) but that can be changed on the 7TP under advance setttings and AMOLED gamut.

    Battery - Surprisingly about the same. P4XL has ALOT of software optimization going for it. best I got out of the P4XL was 6hrs 10min SOT.
    With the 7TP I've gotten 6hrs 33min SOT. I'm a shift worker and 8 hr shifts I would have 15-20% battery left on the P4XL vs 30-40% on the 7TP.

    Camera - P4XL wins hands down. There are times they are on par, but you'd have to have perfect lighting (outdoors mostly), planets aligning etc.
    In pro mode of the 7TP, its a different story, Photos and scenes are more detailed etc. For simple point and shoot, P4XL. Lucky I have the Gcam app, so I got the best of both worlds. Marco shots and depth of field shots are better on the 7TP IMO.

    Audio - Equal - P4XL is loud and has bass behind it. 7TP has better image and detail. Both loud, especially on loud speaker.

    Gaming - I play CoD or PUBG with mates ever so often, the Gaming Fnatic mode is brilliant. 7TP seems to not get as hot as the P4XL.

    VoLTE and VoWIFI - Im on Telstra and have it working fine after a bit of a tweak. Not a hard process to get done. Happy to help out anyone who wants VoLTE/VoWIFI on their 1+ device.

    hope that helps someone.

    • Yes, i would like to know how to get VoLTE, been trying periodically for a year!

      • +1

        Will shoot you a DM.

        • I'd appreciate the info too

          • +1

            @Kayfam: Hi mate I would love that info too. Appreciate your help and review.

            • +7

              @avra06: Since I cant DM you guys for some reason.

              Follow the instructions from here:


              Additionally make sure prior to connecting you phone to the PC, you enable USB Debug mode.

              You must use stock Oneplus dialer to enter *#800# and *#801#

              Additional Step - After all is done, Restart you phone, Enable Aeroplane mode, Then enable Wifi. Try to make a call. It will fail, select ok and close all the apps and caller app. VoWIFI will then enable itself after 10 seconds.

              After you get hte VoWIFI icon, you can then exit Aeroplane mode and VoLTE will be enabled aswell.

              *Additional Step is only for Telstra. Optus and Vodafone works without Additional Step for some reasons.

              • @MrQ88: Do you mind me asking which VOLTE profile you made active to get it working for Telstra in aus?

              • @MrQ88: Thanks for sharing this, worked perfectly!

                I'm with Telstra and seems like each time I restart the phone VoLTE disappears. Once I turn on Airplane mode and Wi-Fi, VoWiFi appears after connecting to a Wi-Fi network and VoLTE reappears after exiting airplane mode.

                Update: I followed this post on XDA and used EFSTools and now VoLTE comes back after a reboot without any issues. If anyone wants to try this get EFSTools from this post. The link on XDA is invalid.

        • Appreciate if you can share the info. Thanks

    • Thanks for the comparison! I will also take your offer up as I am going to buy this phone and currently using Telstra.

    • If you could choose between this and OP7T 256GB variant at $650. Which one would you go for, and why?

  • is it a 144Hz display?

    • +2

      no, 90Hz 1440p

    • the 2020 flagships are 120Hz… might be wrong but I havent seen much displays higher than 120Hz out there..

  • I was hoping for a deal on Oneplus 8 pro In2023 version :(

    • +1

      I just bought that version off kogan this morning. Would have been pissed if it went on sale right after lol!

  • bought one, also used cashreward 2% cashback, hopefully that works

  • Excellent price, I have the OP7Pro which is basically the same minus the camera popup to hole punch. I can't fault the performance of it, looks and feels great in the hand. The OP7 series will be upgraded to Android 11 in a couple of months after it's been out. There is also plenty of development as well for these which is always handy. I'm hoping the next OP9 has an in display camera so I can upgrade.

  • Does this have a similar feature to Samsung Dex?

  • +1

    Still one of the best and only phones with no holepunch or notch. So pretty, would swap for it if my OP6 wasn't totally fine still.

  • Any microSD slot?

    • +2

      No micro SD

      • -2

        Thanks. Then this is a deal breaker to me

  • +2

    Recently bought a OnePlus 7 Pro from Kogan. Huge stuff around with postage (jumped all around Australia over a few weeks), but can't fault the phone at all.

  • +1

    From a OP7Pro user… Just go for it

    This phone looks good, performs great and is overall just an amazing phone (Especially at this irresistable price point)

  • Bought one, hopefully receive the 2% cashback as well!

  • This or Nord?

    • This, 2k display is a winner

  • Can the system be changed to something other than english?

  • How easy is it to get gcam on this? And how does it compare to pixel 3/4 say with gcam? (I know sometimes Gcam can be buggy on non-pixels)

  • +1

    Please beware: Kogan sell oneplus phones that are sometimes from other mobile providers plans from places like the US. For example, I bought 2 x OnePlus 6T from Kogan direct on their marketplace (not a third party seller or distributer) and it had T-Mobile pink screen at startup, and the dual-sim is disabled, among a few other restrictions that T-Mobile have on their phones.

    I contacted them and they denied it, but said send photos and video, which I did, and they said they would replace them but they couldn't guarantee the origin of the replacements. Pretty annoying really that it has not got any of that advertised on their site when you are purchasing it.

    Only way to get phone back to normal is to flash it with new OS, but that is dangerous and I found numerous instances where people bricked their phones and other problems, so I decided to refund. YMMV.

    • purchased this item with no issues.

      Global model HD1913 brand new in box sealed and unmolested.

    • @Quantico, I purchased the same phone and it is t-mobile. Did you change them? I sent them messages with photos. hope to send it back and get a full refundd

  • Tempted. But Oneplus 8T release next week. If that has flat screen i'm sold on that.

    • Yeah same here. I think the curved screen would do my head in. And the pop up camera, just seems like another thing to break.