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Reolink Security Camera System RLK8-520D4 (8CH 2TB NVR with 4pcs 5MP Cameras) $449.99 Delivered (Was $599.99) @ Reolink AmazonAU

  • 5 Megapixels & 100ft Night Vision
  • Plug & Play PoE System
  • Stable & Lossless Video Quality
  • 2TB HDD Storage & Remote Playback
  • Reolink 5MP/4K Cams Compatible
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Any deals on 8MP camera systems?

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      800B4 20% off code: 8OFT35VF on Amazon now.

      • Thanks! How do these compare to the Dahua 8MP Camera (DH-IPC-HDW2831TMP-AS-0280B-S2) ?

        • +5

          You seriously asking someone associated with the brand if its better than the competition 😂

        • Have got some advice from friend who installs security cameras:

          "You will never find a reolink product used on any commercial project across the world. Why? Because Reolink is not a professional security manufacturer. They are competitors to Swann or other budget brands not professionals like dahua, bosch, etc.

          You will be surprised how many people ask me to replace Swann, reolink or annke cctv due to poor quality"

          Not for me then, thanks anyway!

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            @SelfMade: I'd say, you got what you pay for. Dahua is no doubt better built for the price of $250 per camera. But when it comes to purchasing decisions, I'd suggest thinking about what you really need and decide which one suits your situation best. Not everyone needs to choose that professional and pricey security solution indeed.

      • Any 8MP in dome?

        • 20% off code 3FQRNGHC for 800D8
          Starting 9/10/2020 6:00 PM AEDT.

          • @dealbest: Hi rep, can you advise when the above deal will expire?

            Also, any chance there will be a better deal on Prime day or is this as good as it will get for the RLK16-800D8 ?

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              @Benatron: Hi, 20% off with code 3FQRNGHC is the best deal for RLK16-800D8 on Amazon prime day as well, due Oct. 14th.

        • 20% off prime day lightning deal for D800
          Mark Deal Time: Wed, Oct 14, 5:15 PM - 11:15 PM AEDT

      • this looks tempting. Just a bit extra for a slightly wide FOV and high res. Anyone have their comments/opinion? Planning to install this to view the garage opening, front door, front courtyard (x2)

      • Any deals on 12MB or 16MB camera systems?

        • Hi. Do you mean 12CH or 16CH?
          16CH 410B8-5MP has 20% off code MU3P7KZB, ends in Oct. 12th.

          • @dealbest: I was taking the piss and playing along, so was asking for higher resolution cameras if they even existed….hahaha…

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      when will the 8k domes be back on sale?

      • 20% off prime day lightning deal for D800
        Mark Deal Time: Wed, Oct 14, 5:15 PM - 11:15 PM AEDT

  • can you update the description in your ad from 7/24 to 24/7 my OCD is killing me reading that

    • Updated. Thanks.

  • Any idea of the recommended UPS VA to run these 4 cameras, NVR and wifi modem in the event of a power failure?

    Running the above for at least 2 hours would be worthwhile.

    • I'm going to guess that you never have used a UPS. 2hrs is a huge ask unless your happy with something that's the size of a photocopying machine costing thousands.

      A 1500va on half load will get you about 10min, you can use that as a guide

      • No I haven't.

        I watched some videos of some higher powered UPS previously - perhaps in the 1500 VA range and thought I recall it lasting for a couple of hours with a similar load to these cameras, NVR and wifi modem.

        Maybe I'm wrong.

        • Could dealbest provide a bit of insight?

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    Any deal on 4k POE camera suitable for NAS (such as FreeNAS)?

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      Doesn't exist in their range since their 4k has no onvif

      • Which is the Max resolution camera with ONVIF?

        • Look it up…… Its these, needs to have rtsp

      • I haven't personally tried it but there is neolink which you can use with these cameras so that blueiris can see them.

  • Any deals for 16ch 8mp op?

    • 20% off code 3FQRNGHC for 800D8
      Starting 9/10/2020 6:00 PM AEDT.

  • For someone looking for a home security setup to monitor the exterior of a standard size home, is this a reasonable option? We have had a few break-ins around the neighborhood and I'm looking for both a visual deterrent as well as the option to review footage if our home is broken into (Ill setup either the email or FTP option for offsite storage). Is the NVR an overkill and is there an easier/cheaper way to get a 4x camera system to suit the above?

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      Only easier system than POE IP is the wifi units from the likes of Eufy, Nest, Arlo etc. But they are way more expensive. This is probably in the vicinity of your best bang for buck. Sounds about right for your intended use case.

  • Anyone know if these can be mounted on a vertical wall or is it solely for ceilings?

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      Yeah, they can be wall mounted. Check the photos on Amazon

  • when does this deal end?

    • Today is the last day for the deal.

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