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[LatitudePay, PS5, Pre-Order] PlayStation DualSense Controller + Charging Station $108 @ Harvey Norman / Joyce Mayne / Domayne


Harvey Norman - Main Deal link Free C&C or +$7.95 delivered

Joyce Mayne Free C&C or +$5.95 delivered

Domayne Free C&C or +$7.95 delivered

Similar to to the Pulse 3D Headset deal except this is a controller and charging station. Thanks to the Save $50 on $150 Spend deal get the controller and charging station for $108 + delivery or click & collect. More details on the LatitudePay FOMO Promo sale here.

Select LatitudePay at checkout and discount will be visible in the payment plan. Requires a LatitudePay account. This loan will cause a credit check. I believe there are no additional fees if full amount is paid before the final payment is due, which is 9 weeks after purchase.

Not sure if delivery costs vary by suburb, I tested for Metro Melbourne. JM was $2 cheaper.

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  • Nice thinking, I did this too 👍🏻

  • I did this, but from Joyce Mayne, so had to pay delivery because there are no Joyce Maynes in my state and I'd already used Harvey Norman for the PSN cards..

    • I thought the offer $50 can only be used once?

      • +2

        Once per store. So you could use it at Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne and Domayne

      • Then there’s also $20 off $60 spend at Cotton On and $25 of $75 spend at Catch

  • Does this work for pre ordered games as well?

    • I believe so. Just gotta meet the $150 spend in cart, it might even include delivery fees.

      • I feel like the only issue would be that HN doesn't seem to have price guarantee (unlike other stores).

  • Fine if you want the charger. Otherwise just wait for a discount on the controller

    • +3

      I'd already ordered the charger from Amazon and was going to wait to buy a controller. $50 off of the controller or free charger is a good deal

      • Yes it's a good deal if you want the charger.

        You can't trigger the discount with just the controller as its <$150 spend. So no good if you don't want the charger or >$41 of other stuff

  • +6

    Could do what I did and get the controller and 3x$30 gift cards for PSN if you missed out on that deal.

    $149 for controller and $90 of gift cards has me set with PSPlus and 2 controllers

    • Until you realise you need another $30 psn card just to buy your first ps5 game :p

      Yes it's a good deal and $30x2 psn cards is probably the better way to go for most people

      • +3

        Haha, I generally buy physical anyway, this is just nice for getting PS+ for the PS+ Collection when the PS5 drops. Takes the $80 membership down a good chunk :)

  • Did it, thanks.

  • +1

    is it worth risking a credit check to sign up to latitudepay for these discounts? unsure atm. also how many credit checks within a year is "too much" ?

    • Depends on your bank when getting a home loan.

  • I used it for cyberpunk ps4 and nba 2k21 ps5 (pre-orders)
    fantastic deal!!!

  • +2

    By Grapthar’s Hammer, what a Savings!

    • +1

      Looks like there's two of us that got that reference. I appreciate it.

      I occasionally randomly say "Hmng, Guy." and none has a clue what I am doing.

      • I prefer the fans to understand it lol

  • Can you pay off your LatitudePay balance immediately or do you need to spread it over the 10 weeks?

    • pay it immediately and your account gets blocked.

      • for real ??

        • Yes

        • Yeah mine just got immediately blocked for the same thing. Absolute BS

          • @Splurge: Oops I paid mine immediately

            • @teacherer: Reading the other ozb thread, you can ring up and they'll unblock in a few mins - but it will automatically block you if you pay off your debts again.
              I'm not going to bother, is just shitty enough that I won't use them.

        • Same for me, also blocked after I paid

      • WTF, why does it even let you do it then?

        I don't even see the point of LatitudePay. How are they going to make money from me if I've put a credit card in and the payments will just come out of the credit card each week? No chance of missing a payment, unless my credit card gets blocked or something.

        I guess they're relying on people using Debit cards and having no money in the account, but even then, won't the bank just send you into the red and make you pay a dishonour free, rather than missing the payment and Latitude making $10?

        • They also charge the vendor a few percent of the purchase value. Their revenue isn't all from late fees.

          • @Splurge: Do you know if the payments come out automatically? I'm wondering what the point of the "Make a Payment" button is if you get blocked for using it!

        • they make heaps of money off people with no money.

        • These companies make money in several ways:

          • As you mentioned people who use BNPL services on debit accounts and invariably end up paying late fees. They make more than enough money off this segment of the market that it is still profitable even though they make nothing (and in fact perhaps lose a bit) from the fiscally responsible who also use the service

          • Merchant fees and aggregating transaction volume

          • Your spending data

          • Through an increase in their share price when they announce to the market they've signed up x new users

      • Sounds like Latitude. Dirty company.

    • I paid mine immediately but no sign that my account has been blocked yet. I just see that my available credit has been reset to its full amount.

    • +1


      It says here you can make extra payments, nothing about getting blocked, maybe it's a bug in their software


      This is concerning. Does this mean it might get classed as cash advance because I used my credit card? I used my 28 Degrees, so I hope not. I guess this also means no price protection

      • Damn. that bloody fine print.

        I hate these payment providers! Never signed up for any, but this $50 thingy lured me into the trap!

        I am certain credit card providers WILL classify it as a cash advance (everything that can go wrong, WILL go wrong).

        Just to shield me from interest, I have moved some money to the credit card account (say if they are treating it as cash advance, minimum interest is charged).
        Switched from CC to Debit Card, there is no way NAB is gonna charge a cash advance fee.

        I will be paying off this debt and will close my account with latitude finance asap.

        • I would immediately close any account I had with any bank that charges BNPL as a cash advance. I've used close to all of them on my Citibank credit card and they are billed as normal transactions

  • Oh well my account has also been blocked about an hour after paying off my balance.

    • Just had a chat to them over the phone. The blocking is apparently is security feature to prevent someone else using the card and paying things off…

      ..I don't understand it either.

      • Must be a scam if someone is paying your debt

    • same. used it yesterday and paid it off soon after.

      then today i wanted to use it again for catch and domayne… on call since 5pm until 6.30pm no answer so i leave my number.

      called me back after 8pm and told me he can't unblock it because the team that do is working only until 5pm.

      i mean … wth!

  • Does anyone have experience of paying LatitudePay using a Kogan CC (or 28 Degrees)? I’m wondering if I’ll get charged the cash advance fee…

  • Used this offer to preorder demon's souls ps5 and also a ps4 copy of death stranding, worked out to $137 delivered 😁

  • Was going to wait for different colours of the DualSense but for $108 I couldn’t say no.

  • declined…not sure why

  • Anyone get an email from Harvey Normans saying the controller and charge station are on back order?

    I assume this Is just automated email for preorder products

    • Yep. I did. Standard email for pre-order.

  • Did anyone receive a refund notice from Joyce Mayne for any pre-ordered PS5 accessories that have been delayed? I got one today for an order which had the charging station and media remote on it.

    No accompanying email saying why the order was refunded just that it has been.

    • Hmmm, no. I have an order with the charging dock and a controller. I hope it doesn't get refunded. Happy to wait for the $50 saving!

      • +1

        It's all good. I followed up and and it was one other item on the same order that was refunded but by default they emailed through the whole order had been canceled. The accessories are still processing for pre-order.

    • No refund email here. I ordered from HN.

      • +1

        Yeah, false alarm as I posted above. I ordered the headset from HN which is still fine, they just emailed there was a delay on it until December.

  • Any one received refund confirmation email from HN?

    • I'm not expecting a refund, last I was told it will be delayed. I can wait.

      • I have got a auto cancellation :(

  • Has anyone been able to pick up just the controller and split the order? My second email showed both controller and charging station on back order. My third email shows just the charging station on back order. I might pop in over the weekend to see what they say.

    • +1

      I requested a call back and they said I could go and pick up just the controller, the problem is I ordered from Joyce Mayne and I'm in Melbourne.

      They said I couldn't pick up from Harvey Norman even though when they called, they introduced themselves as being from Harvey Norman Online.

      They'll only ship when both items are in stock. The other option was to cancel lol.

      I'll just wait $50 is $50 :)

    • Yes they told me the charging station wouldn't be in until early Dec so I picked up the controller last week

  • Has anyone actually received their order? I got a call from store last week saying it was delayed past the 12th Nov but they were expecting to receive shipment the following day and would be sent Fri 13 Nov. Since that call there's been no activity for me…

    • I had an order for pickup from Harvey Norman. I think it was available from Thurs 12 Nov but I picked it up this week. The charging dock is still delayed.

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