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[LatitudePay] Xiaomi Mi 144hz WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor 34" $544 Delivered @ Gearbite via Catch


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  • So combine the cash back will bring it down to 500, but do they track the transaction pay via latitude pay?

  • All these Latitude deals and most probably don't realise signing up puts a mark on your credit report.

    • Exactly - not worth for $25 IMO.

    • But do you realise that there might be people who already have an account?

    • I have literally just got knocked back from the st george refinance deal yesterday because of too many credit requests from churning credit cards / phone plans
      despite no defaults and a low LVR / cash in the bank etc etc

      almost feel there needs to be a disclaimer about this (for people that may not be super financially literate..)

  • Great monitor, got mine this week. No speakers on it and no USB etc on the back, but picture is great and build quality is good. The base is huge though unfortunately, almost as wide as the monitor.

    • How much did you pay? Just asking coz its been doing up and down since a month or so. :)

      • I personally got mine about a month ago and bloody love it. I've never noticed any negatives about the base, fits a pop-figure perfectly in the middle of it lol. Paid $499 through the eBay Plus sale

  • Might be a stupid question but if I wanted to use Latitude to get the $25 off with. Could I just pay the loan off immediately after purchasing so as to remove the mark from credit score/report? I mean its only $25 but just wondering.

    Also trying to decide between this and the Gigabyte G34QWC, seems basically the same panel, Gigabyte has HDR but heard that its basically pointless.

    • You get marked as soon as you apply for credit, so no does not make any difference whether you pay early or not (unless you fail to pay of course).

  • How long is the warranty and who do you deal with?

  • Seem like a better deal if you can get 8%off gift cards rather than Latitude. But would you get the cashback if pay all with GC?