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CTEK D250SE DC-DC Smart Battery Charger $289 Delivered @ Edisons


I have been tossing up buying an combo alternator charge/Solar MPPT charger for camping using my Lithium battery for months. The CTEK charger was attractive but getting a deal was impossible….. Till Now…. Edisons have now dropped the price to $289 including the coupon TAKE10, and you get free delivery. This is the cheapest price I have seen EVER for this item…….

The SA version which can be cheaper will not charge Lithium batteries so I didn't want that one….

Get on it guys

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    throwing up

    It’s that (fully) sick eh.

    • 🤢

  • Cheers OP, setting reminder.

  • What on earth is this? Why not just buy a new battery?

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      Its a charger for dual battery systems. So you dont rely on your main battery which is mainly for cranking, which you don't want dead.

      The D250SE connects to main battery, alternator and secondary battery. What this device does it makes sure that your secondary battery is charging via the alternator and gives you options to add solar etc.

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    What lithium battery are you using? I've seen there are some that can charge directly off the alternator now.

  • Why in 10 days? Website says $299 when I clicked on link "Latitutde FOMO Promo".

    • its $299 LESS $10 from the voucher…… freight is free………..$289………..

  • This solar charger connects to your alternator AND your solar panels to charge your "in car" secondary battery, ( for running your camp fridge etc) It takes both inputs and combines them to charge the battery. When that is fully charged it trickles the car battery and fill that as well. The solar charge port uses MPPT charge tech to fully charge up to 100%…. It also has a system to stop discharging the car battery so you can still start the car when the fridge is being used and has drained your secondary battery..

    There are NO Lithium batteries that directly charge off an alternator……. Lithiums need more voltage than normal to charge AND a car alternators supply 13.8v max. Lithiums need about 14.8V to fully charge. This steps up the alternator voltage so you can fully charge the lithium. That's why its called a DC to DC charger.

    You may have seen an OEM, all in one box that has a PWM charger in it and outlets as well, but it isnt just a battery….And they are usually expensive and have a pissy sized battery…

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    I honestly can't justify spending this much when my $30 solar charger keeps my AGM battery topped up just fine. Seriously just spend a little more on panels and forget charging off the alternator completely.

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      I probably wouldnt bother either if you are happy and just have an AGM battery…….. Just remember this will charge solar with an MPPT profile which is way more efficient than plain PWM. Your PWM charger you got with your panels wont charge off your alternator either. I got one of them. Want another one?

      • All good cheers, they sent me two by accident when I bought my panels.

  • Will this charge/ work with AGM batteries?

    • Yes, but this model the D250SE version allows Lithium charge as well. There is a version for AGM called an D250SA, they should be cheaper now as they have been superseded.

  • Bogus RRP on website, better options for less available. Look up victron dc-dc smart charger

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      Victron doesn't have solar input - How are they a better option?

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        Ctek doesn't have Bluetooth, nor does it have a 5 year warranty.
        Solar controllers can be found easily and separating them makes your system less likely to fail, and easier to fix if it does.

        Regardless, having an RRP if $949 listed on that site is a joke.

        • I have both Ctek and Victron chargers. Bluetooth is a nice gimmick but hardly as useful as solar out in the bush.

        • I could give a rats arse about having bluetooth…. My battery box has indicators for all that and I can look over my shoulder to see it. A solar input is more useful…. AND WHO CARES IF ITS A BOGAS RRP, I aint paying that am I… They can market whatever RRP price CAll it $10,000 makes no difference…As long as what I pay is a great deal, care factor ZERO..

          • @graham johnson: So you bought a battery box. We're talking about different things, you've obviously got what the victron has already but I think most people with a house battery will probably already have the solar charger. So on that basis, the victron is a better, higher quality unit for dc-dc. And cheaper.

            • @Loracks: This is about a portable battery and charging system for camping from your car/tent. To use this charger you would in all likelihood have a battery/solar system in your campervan or in your car which you want to support your fridge, lights, music etc while you are camping. You would want it to charge from the cars alternator when it is running as well as a portable solar panel system that you unfold while you camp.

              For this, the CTEK charger is ideal….

              Not sure what you think it is used for….

              • @graham johnson: Exactly this, but most people would have the solar system in place already, needing only a dc-dc charger, making an extra solar controller redundant.
                "House" battery as opposed to "starter" is the term used for the battery powering accessories in the setup you described

    • There is NO Victron Dc Dc that does the same as this Ctek Charger…. You end up buying 2 products to do the same thing so its NOT cheaper. AND you Can't back charge the start battery once the Secondary battery is full. Also who cares what the RRP is? Its what you pay in the end that matters…

  • OP knows his DC-DC chargers…..

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