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[Refurb] Dell Inspiron 15 7591 i7-9750H GTX 1650 100% sRGB Screen 8GB RAM 512GB SSD $989 Delivered @ Dell Outlet


my old deal expired but then got much better falling below $1000

UPDATE: looks like OOS already
UPDATE 2: that buckled fast

UPDATE 3: if someone would like to know part number for extended 96wh battery, here it is: 6GTPY

UPDATE 4: for those who missed out, go to dell outlet and search for 7590, there are similar priced options with same specs

UPDATE 6: I have been made aware that all orders are now confirmed. Did you receive your order confirmations?

GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5
FullHD IPS - DELL says this is 72% NTSC which means close to full sRGB coverage
Thunderbolt 3
machined aluminium build
dual NVMe slots on board so you can just add a second 2280 NVMe drive to extend storage

service manual:

detailed specs:

this is what it looks like IRL thanks to @MagicMushroom

also MTR:

refurbished, 1 year warranty from Dell. for another $127 warranty can be extended to 3 years

cool gaming machine for cheap. full metal build. make sure you know how to control power consumption in windows and Dell power manager as cooling might struggle to keep 6 core CPU cool

also some reviewers didn't like white keyboard. with backlight on it's hard to read the letters under certain lighting. I suppose turning backlight off during the day and on in darkness should resolve this? anyway.

this is mainly a laptop for photo video processing since it's damn hard to find full sRGB coverage, 300nit screen, and 45w CPU in one package at this price

and this unit has it all plus you can game on it. win?

p.s. for reference, I have the same machine but Vostro branded. I use my laptops on battery power normally. these are the power settings I use:

When I don't need a lot of compute power (browsing, documents, viewing photos or videos):
- Windows: Better battery
- Dell Power Manager: Cool

on these settings it runs cool and quiet

when doing editing I switch to:
- Windows: Better performance
- Dell Power Manager: Ultra Performance

gets warm but not crazy

I suggest settings the laptop on the table for gaming, and connecting to power supply, because something like Division will consume battery quick

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