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[Refurb] Dell Inspiron 15 7591 i7-9750H GTX 1650 100% sRGB Screen 8GB RAM 512GB SSD $989 Delivered @ Dell Outlet


my old deal expired but then got much better falling below $1000

UPDATE: looks like OOS already
UPDATE 2: that buckled fast

UPDATE 3: if someone would like to know part number for extended 96wh battery, here it is: 6GTPY

UPDATE 4: for those who missed out, go to dell outlet and search for 7590, there are similar priced options with same specs

UPDATE 6: I have been made aware that all orders are now confirmed. Did you receive your order confirmations?

GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5
FullHD IPS - DELL says this is 72% NTSC which means close to full sRGB coverage
Thunderbolt 3
machined aluminium build
dual NVMe slots on board so you can just add a second 2280 NVMe drive to extend storage

service manual:

detailed specs:

this is what it looks like IRL thanks to @MagicMushroom

also MTR:

refurbished, 1 year warranty from Dell. for another $127 warranty can be extended to 3 years

cool gaming machine for cheap. full metal build. make sure you know how to control power consumption in windows and Dell power manager as cooling might struggle to keep 6 core CPU cool

also some reviewers didn't like white keyboard. with backlight on it's hard to read the letters under certain lighting. I suppose turning backlight off during the day and on in darkness should resolve this? anyway.

this is mainly a laptop for photo video processing since it's damn hard to find full sRGB coverage, 300nit screen, and 45w CPU in one package at this price

and this unit has it all plus you can game on it. win?

p.s. for reference, I have the same machine but Vostro branded. I use my laptops on battery power normally. these are the power settings I use:

When I don't need a lot of compute power (browsing, documents, viewing photos or videos):
- Windows: Better battery
- Dell Power Manager: Cool

on these settings it runs cool and quiet

when doing editing I switch to:
- Windows: Better performance
- Dell Power Manager: Ultra Performance

gets warm but not crazy

I suggest settings the laptop on the table for gaming, and connecting to power supply, because something like Division will consume battery quick

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  • Wow, there's a ton of laptops in the Dell Outlet at the moment…

    Trying to dig up one with an M.2 slot + 2.5 bay. Is it just the Dell Vostro 7xxx series that does that now?

    • you'll have to check specs, a lot of models have this

      the way to do this is Google for the exact model, go to dell support page for it, select "documents" and there "setup" that document has details on specs for everything, internal connectors, possible storage configurations, display, ports etc

  • As a person who's not in a need of a laptop now but would want one. Is this a great deal? I can wait a few weeks or months for any upcoming sales.

    • then I would wait till black friday. this is good deal, but specs are getting a bit dated.

      on coming sales I would expect good ryzen 4000 laptops coming closer to $1000 mark

  • Why buy this over XPS? had an inspiron many years ago and its build quality was not very good.

    • this is poor man's xps
      let me put this into perspective for you

      XPS is really Inspiron 9000
      this is Inspiron 7000

      this means better build quality than any other Inspiron but not quite an XPS

  • Looks good, how does the build compare to Lenovo?

    • which Lenovo model you have in mind

      • Lenovo ideapad slim 5? AMD 4500U, 8gb, 512gb NVME, 14"

        I know there is a big difference between graphic cards, but maybe for not gaming people

        It was for $868 two weeks ago

        • as far as build quality goes, they are comparable, Inspiron 7000 being in general slightly better than Ideapad 5

          • @shabaka: Do you know if the Dell warranty is only within Australia or worldwide?

            Only the Lenovo ThinkPad is worldwide warranty.

  • This or the popular ThinkPad E14 gen2 (AMD) ?

  • Tempted. Saw a Inspiron here maybe 6 years ago and got one and didn’t really need it. A few years ago got Xiaomi first MacBook copy and again didn’t use it much. Definitely letting this one go until I actually have a use for a laptop!


  • Is this able to run 2x external monitors without a dock or would people recommend purchasing a dock like this:


  • Where to find exact specs?

  • Get in quick if your still deciding. Only 14 left (had 70? at the start).

    Bought (thanks OP) as needed a laptop, and IMO for the specs, you cant get better value for $ with current offerings.

    Edit: make that 8 now (6 sold in 5 mins!)

  • Thanks OP! Was looking for a laptop. Cheers.

  • Damn got all the way to payment and out of stock

  • This is a great deal! I have the 7590 which is a little lighter and comes with 97wh, but considering new battery is about 100 bucks this is way cheaper and a fantastic machine.

    You absolutely need to use throttlestop for best performance. Also recommend repasting the cpu and gpu, once these thermal issues accounted for you have a ripper machine, lightweight and all day battery.

    The main benefit of this machine is portability and potential for battery life. If it's something to sit at home, get something with better cooling like a g3/g5

    • that's the plan :) I will upgrade battery and repaste when I get mine

    • Hey mate, I have the same model. I use throttlestop as well.

      Have you repasted the CPU and GPU and found it to give much lower temperatures?

      I agree with your last point. I take it around and fine the weight to be perfect for my needs.

  • Anyone knows what is the CAS latency of the stock RAM?

  • did everyone receive their order confirmations?

  • Kinda gutted I missed out on this. I've got a very decent spec XPS 15 (i7/32Gb/1Tb SSD/4k). But it is about 4 years old and battery life isn't as great with the higher power CPU etc from that era, even with a new battery (97wh) I'm averaging 5-6 hours just doing web browsing and document work etc.
    Not sure
    what this Inspiron gets with the upgraded battery, but I'd assume a bit better. I might keep an eye out for a repeat of this deal!

    • with extended battery (I think it might even use the same battery model you got? not 100% sure, worth checking) it should rake in up to 8-10 hours, depends on power settings.

      but then again maybe if you fiddle with power settings on your unit maybe you'll get more out of it

      4k screen might be also a big consumer

  • With these being 'refurbished', I assume that these are in new condition with no marks etc. With there being 82? of them when it was initially posted up, surely that can't be 82 that have been returned. I wonder if there was some sort of issue with this specific laptop, has since been remedied and are now clearing them out.

    The other laptops on that page only have a handful of quantities…

    • I can explain it to you. the stock is transferred to outlet in waves, every week, from a number of countries, not just Oz
      stock is reviewed by authorized resellers first, and anything in big quantities gets reserved and sold elsewhere
      anything that doesn't get scooped up at that stage ends up on outlet website

      right now there's a promotion: these products are sold on outlet website at a price that the resellers normally would pay. so none of the resellers saw it fit to sell these laptops at $989 plus margin, and Dell themselves struggled to get them going for $1200

      but now the price is right, and they are taken.

  • Has anyone had their laptop shipped yet? They sure are slow considering these are in stock models…

    • mine is being shipped tomorrow, I confirmed with the sales

      I asked about the rest

      UPDATE: the other orders should be dispatched around the same time. within 2-3 business days there will be a confirmation with a tracking

      sounds like Dell Outlet wasn't ready to be ozbargained. they should switch into second gear sometime soon

      • Well aren't you a gentleman, thanks dude.

        • why of course I am. conducting business in a curt and professional manner is my favourite pastime lol

          I hope Dell Outlet delivers! no pun intended

        • further to your information: you should get an email from Dell | Order Confirmation

          inside that email there will be a link called View Purchase, that will take you to a web page tracking the status of the order.

          • @shabaka: Yeah I got that early yesterday morning. Just says ETA 23/10 hoping they don't ship it with the slowest option but it's been years since I've ordered from the outlet so I don't remember if they express post things or not.

      • I've received an order confirmation email. A tax invoice email, with no shipping details (shipping with DB schneker..) and now a Welcome to Tech Support email.

        Would just love to know where my laptop is.

        • I should probably write an instruction on how to deal with Dell Outlet. it can be a confusing process if you don't know your way around things

          the confirmation email should have a link to order details page

          once that says shipped, take order number (starts with 8) and talk to Outlet chat they will give you tracking details

          or just wait a day or two, the tracking link on order details page will start working.

      • I thought you bought the vostro one shabaka. 😀

        • I did! long story, I returned it and got an Inspiron now (arriving today).

          my Vostro had a weak hinge and they offered to either fix it or to return it, and I being a curious customer returned it to get something else instead.

          and voila the inspirons dropped into the outlet warehouse a few days later, so I got curious about 7590 and got one :) there were just 4 or 5 units available not enough for an ozbargain listing, but 7591 were plenty, so I posted those instead. and a few other things too!

          but that's just me being me. I have so many laptops because I have to know things about all different models, see? so I have a little budget set aside for buying/ selling things to broaden my knowledge about hardware. I am buying and selling something all the time. it's fun!

  • Confirmed in Production

    What? I thought these are ready to ship? Sounds like they are making them new????

    Now I am really confused….

    • these are definitely in stock and everything, in this case "in production" means they are preparing to ship

  • Those that have an Auspost account and used the same email for their Dell purchase and Auspost account, log into it.. You should find tracking details and seems mine might arrive today.


  • I also received a DB Schenker link to track delivery but it did not work, so I got onto Dell and they advise as follows:

    To track the delivery status, please go to https://startrack.com.au/
    Step 1. Select Track and Trace.
    Step 2. Enter your Dell Sales Order number starting with 8…

    • marvelous! it does work indeed. I will incorporate this into my instructions thank you!

    • I tried this didn't work, so I contacted Dell and they told me my order is yet to be given to the carrier but it should happen within 24 hours and then they can give me a tracking number. So I closed the chat and 2 minutes later I get a door knock from Startrack, and I now have my laptop… lol.

  • Got mine today. The fans are annoying loud and it does run hot so I made some changes.

    First thing, I added another 8GB stick of RAM to bring it to 16GB.
    I replaced the thermal paste with some noctua nt-h1 which brought temps down about 5c
    I then set Windows mode to Better Battery
    I then set Dell Power manager to "cool"
    I then installed Throttle Stop and went into the PWR section and set CPU Core to -125mV, set CPU Cache to -125mV and then Intel GPU to -49mV, set it to save voltages, set throttle stop to turn on and start with Windows.

    It now runs beautifully, doesn't feel hot anymore and the fans aren't constantly blasting, much, much better laptop now that I'm super happy with. I mainly want this for my business so I don't need the CPU to be blasting at full throttle while web browsing.

    Highly recommend anyone who buys it to run the above settings if you just want a cool and quiet laptop.

    Also ran a quick game of League of Legends and I get a comfortable 150-200FPS at 1080p high settings which is awesome. I didn't buy this to game but I love having the option when I travel.

  • My one arrived today. It came installed with the Chinese language of Windows 10 though. It also looks like I can’t change it because it is the single language edition.

    Looks like my only avenue is to buy a new Windows OS or return the laptop.

    Anyone had this issue before?

    • sorry to hear this! log your case with Dell support see what they come up with

      and no, I have never had such an issue