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[Back Order] ARCTIC P12 PWM PST 120mm Black/Black $8.08 + $8.11 Shipping ($0 with Prime & $49 Order) @ Amazon UK via AU


Lowest price ever for these popular fans! Currently stating OOS, and not sure when stock comes in, but you can still purchase it.

Without Prime, standard delivery prices as follows:
1 fan - $8.11 (Total $16.19)
2 - $9.23 ($9.23)
3 - $10.35 ($34.59)
4 - $11.47 ($43.79)
5 - $12.59 ($52.99)
6 - $13.71 ($62.19)
7 - $14.82 ($71.38)

Available again, at $9.69 for Black/Transparent! Still back order though. Thanks doweyy

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +7

    Thanks OP, ordered 30. Out of stock now.

    I kid, I kid. I got some a while ago, very happy with their performance.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered 3.
    Don't have any use for them just yet, I'll figure it out when they are back in stock.

  • +1

    thanks OP… just purchased 7… wasn't needing new fans but Ozbargain!

    • Summer is coming, maybe it's worth building a 7x Arctic fan system surround you for WFH to save the energy cost of a split system, lol

    • how much was shipping?

      • Shipping is $8.50, as per the title ;p

        • It's not for 7. 7 gets you either free shipping with Prime or it costs like $16

          • @superdoedoe: Ah, my bad. It is $8.11 for one, $9.23 for two, $10.35 for three, $11.47 for four, $12.59 for five, $13.71 for six, $14.82 for seven. These prices are for standard delivery.

      • got prime so free as 7 gets over the $50 mark.

  • White/Transparent version is currently $11.30.

  • -1

    no free delivery

    • +2

      The title states + $8.50 shipping or free with purchases over $49

      • -2

        its not free over $49 if u dont have prime

        • Prime is free for the first 30days if you want free delivery

      • +1

        I made a small mistake; it's $8.11 shipping. I've fixed it in the title!

        • thanks!!

    • +2

      Free delivery only with Prime and above $49. Without Prime, it is $8.11 for one, $9.23 for two, $10.35 for three, $11.47 for four, $12.59 for five, $13.71 for six, $14.82 for seven. These prices are for standard delivery.

  • +3

    how do I get these for $8.08? price is showing as $24.51 for me?

    • +2

      Pretty sure we missed out sadly. White/transparent is still $11 per fan but that is not a very attractive price when the value 5 pack (black) is <$50 when in stock

    • same

    • +1

      You can get "free delivery" if you order something else until the total amount more than $49 if you have Prime then cancel the item leaving only the fan.

      • awesome tip, thanks

  • Get a better fan and cool my PC better vs heat up my room even more with my furnace of a computer.

    Anyone know how loud these are?

    Hard choices

    • These are fairly quiet. They have decent airflow at low rpm. The important thing is to get a good case. GamerNexus did a comparison on the airflow case vs silent case and airflow case is potentially better due to the better airflow which means fan can run on a lower rpm and thus less noise. Also to ensure longevity of your pc its better to have more airflow and let the heat dissipate outside rather than contain the heat inside your pc. The heat dissipated will not affect the temperature of your room much anyways.
      these fans are great value for what they are + not loud + cool your pc properly

  • Ah shit missed it. Will wait for the next deal as I need 11 of them

  • Is there anyway to enable a notification when this comes up again?

    • You could set a camelcamelcamel price drop thingy

  • +1

    Available again on backorder for $9.69 Delivered with Prime for the Black/Transparent version.

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