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Rii RM200 Wireless Mouse 2.4G Wireless Mouse 5 Buttons $20.29 + Shipping ($0 with Prime/$39 Spend) @ Ruige Direct Amazon AU


Rii RM200 Wireless Mouse 2.4G Wireless Mouse 5 Buttons AU$20.29

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  • Reeeeeeee

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    $14.64 + free shipping. (May have to add $1.46 for GST)

    Can a mod maybe look into the accounts that +'d it? Because I have a feeling they're sockpuppet accounts or whatever.

    • Do you really not see the difference between 1 - 2 month AliExpress shipping and 2 day Prime shipping?

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        Mate its a (profanity) $15 mouse.
        If you are that desperate for a mouse "ASAP", go to office works and buy one. There is currently 14 mice cheaper at office works than OPs deal.

        All I did was link where its cheaper. Thats the whole point of this site.

        • All I did was link where its cheaper

          And you negged the deal

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            @jayboi: Well yeah…because its not a deal when its $5 almost $6 above the cost for anyone to get it from aliexpress.
            If you're so desperate that you'd pay 33%+ more than the price you can buy it for elsewhere, you may as well just grab a cheap mouse from office works.

            • @DisabledUser363388: I don't have a problem with you negging it. At least you take your ozbargain badge seriously. Good job

            • @DisabledUser363388: Also these mice are usually a want and not a need, Lots of people probably have a cheap mouse that does its job and want to add a little flair to theirs and would be happy to wait for theirs to come from aliexpress. But if someone doesn't have a mouse already then I guess they may be happy just to get it from amazon if they have prime for free shipping.

    • People should stop showing AliExpress pricing and then neg the item, **** from AliExpress takes like 3 months to arrive

      Here is Shipped by Amazon, so arrives in less than a week and has a 30 days money back guarantee whatever the reason


        Doesn't matter. The "bargain" isnt the shipping time.
        But hey, if you're willing to pay 33% extra from the item price just so you can have your $15 mouse arrive fast, go for it.

        Also kinda weird coming from the guy who posts "deals" of items that are way over retail price.

        • Think about who would buy this kind of mouse:

          1. Their old mouse broke, they need a new one

          2. They want to swap from wired to wireless

          3. They want RGB

          So as you could see, there are 3 reasons why people would buy this (that's all I can think off)

          So, for reason 1, AliExpress pricing doesn't mean jack, so to them this is a bargain

          Reason 2 and 3 are both want instead of need so they might care about AliExpress pricing, or they might not, since they value things such as warranty and time

          In conclusion, there is at least some demographic that would consider this a bargain even if they know AliExpress pricing, so to them, your negative vote looks weird

          Me: I only use AliExpress to buy things posted on Ozb that I know I don't need but whatever, I would never actively go and look on AliExpress for what I want

          I'm a rational person, thing should be priced by supply and demand, RRP is just that "Recommended"

          And why are you only giving out negative votes, why not try to positively contribute to the community

      • I'm happy to see cheaper pricing from wherever. Stop negging people who post better deals.