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Galax NVIDIA GTX 1660 for $242.10 Shipped @ Shopping Express


GTX 1660 Galax brand now cheaper with $242.1 shipped. As compared to 1660 super which the cheapest is $315 incl. shipping, it seems like a good deal.

The gap between 1660 and 1660 super is intangible if you didn't have the fps counter on so not sure is 1660 super is worth the extra 50 to 60 bucks.

This is a fairly good summary.

Convince me not to buy this one. I am hanging onto a GT 730 and can't wait another 3 months for the next gen low end cards.

Thanks @CompulsiveOzB finally made the jump. Cant justify a $60 jump fort the super.

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  • +5

    If you just want to game at 1080p/60fps this card will be sweet. I bought a 1650 super for the same price and I'm stoked. A 1660 would be even better!

    • The good thing about 1650:
      * low power, only use PCIE 4x slot
      * the low profile version is good for slim case

  • I need a new GPU (upgrading from gtx960) for age of empires 3 in 3 days time.

    i saw the 1650super for $199 a couple days back.


    and 1660S for an extra $40. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/569657

    Worthy deal?

    • If you have no other requirements I think the extra 2gb of ram over the 1650S is worth the $40 for future proofing

    • None of these deals are available anymore sadly.

    • You could look at it as $40 more, in which case it might be worth it to you.
      But you could look at it as 30% more expensive, and you aren't getting 30% more performance, so by that measure it's not worth it.
      You just have to decide if that little bit of extra power is worth the $40 in your use case.

    • +1

      Yeah that's how I got back into PC gaming 😂. PC game pass is perfect. Playing AoE 1 and 2 on the crusty gt 730 and frames drop to 20 fps.

    • yes get the 1660S
      Also it's 4 days for us :P

      • I decided the 1660 is more than enough, not much of difference between the 1660 and 1660 super according to the link the description.

        I see it's now been pushed back to midnight Thursday.

        hopefully card arrives in time

  • +3

    I'm in a similar boat about choosing between the 1660S and the regular 1660. It seems that the Super version is a bit more future-proofed, but I would love to hear some other opinions.

    • In the same boat, that's why I posted the deal.

    • IMO the 1660s is more so for future proofing the system a bit more since the jump from gddr5 to gddr6 will help that

      • 1660S seems like the way to go then, might bite the bullet when it comes down to sub $300 again

        • if you can get one sub $300 new or used it's great, just stay away from the msi 1660s ventus xs oc. That card has some painfully loud coil whine which a lot of people conplained about as well if you dig around reddit. Swapped to the galax one when i was running the card and it was very quiet unless you're constantly maxing the fan on the curve

          • @adu25: Which one is Ventus? Which brand?

            • +1

              @Godgodgod: MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER VENTUS XS OC

              • @adu25: I think that's the one was for $289 that people keep referring to.

    • How does the 1660S compare to 1660Ti?

      • The Ti only just edges out the Super, not much in it at all

    • Did you end up buying the other parts for your build yet? (I read your thread earlier and put a better list together for someone else.)

      • Mine is fairly simple setup.almost everything was bought from a deal on OZB
        I3 9100f for $92 bucks purchased when it was the afterpay special
        Case cooler master h100 mini itx $39 centrecom special
        ASRock 1151 match motherboard $95 (this is the only match board that fits this mitx case
        Ram from shopping express $103 for 16gb shipped
        SSD samsung qvo 860 1tb for 116 after cashback
        Psu; from an old Lenovo sff (free)
        Graphics card from and old sff gt 730 $20 bucks.

      • Nah I haven't actually bought any of the parts as of yet, still trying to aim for that $1k mark. But I did compile a pretty finalised PC parts list. link to the doc is here

        • Ah that looks nice. In case you weren't aware the P1 and 1660 Super are both discounted atm for $39 savings total compared to the prices in your list.

  • if im wanting to pop something like this into a SMF pc like a Dell optiplex, do i need to get a low profile version of the card, or are they all low profile….sorry, confused!
    EDIT - it appears there are LP versions…thanks

    • +1

      Yeah this won't work with the sff dell, as both space and power not enough

    • SFF needs low profile low power cards - 1650 would be the best you can get in that currently

  • Wish this was the Super….

  • How do these compare ?

    Inno3D GTx 1650 Twin x2 OC V2 4GB GDDR6 Graphic Card [N16502-04D6x-1720VA30]



    • +2

      Don't go for that one for that price. It's not a super. Also 1660 is 50% faster than the old 1650

      • Excellent - thanks for that - The finger was hovering…

        I think a lot of people are in the same situation. And I also think there's a lot of old stock around that needs to be shifted.

        Ideally would like a 2060S/70S but there's still a ways to go before they reach my target price point of around $450.00

    • +1

      What you've linked to is a regular 1650 which is probably a little bit behind in terms of performance from what you can get from this. The extra $30-40 bucks is definitely worth it for this instead. Also, wouldn't go near Kogan for warranty and support.

    • As has been said, that's a regular 1650 non-Super. Can buy a 1650 Super for the same price delivered here https://www.pcbyte.com.au/store/product/galax-nvidia-geforce...

  • +1

    1660S deals are already dipping below $290 and it's a genuine 10-25% performance bump, averaging out around 10-15%.

    The value for money is there with the extra memory bandwidth as we move into the era of DX12 Ultimate, but if you have a functioning GPU I'd be waiting for 3050 series cards in Q1 2021 to get DLSS and raytracing at this price point.

    Failing that, the 1650 Super is only 8-12% behind this card and you're not going to be bottlenecked by 4GB VRAM at 1080p (4GB is what modern games use at 1440p 99% of the time thanks to texture compression and other features).

    This ain't it.

  • +1

    Screw it, grabbed one.
    I would of preferred to pay the extra $40-$50 for a 1660 Super. But I can't wait.

    But had to go with dalcoud 's logic re: price / performance. 1660 is more than enough for age of empires and company of hereos2.

    Hope it turns up shortly. There isn't an option for express shipping.


    • +1

      Yeah there shipping is pretty good generally turns up before the end of the week

    • Here I come again. If you want a GPU in a hurry, be careful with shopping express. My order was confirmed 13 days ago yet it still hasn't been dispatched!!!!

  • Just bought an ASUS Radeon RX 580 Dual Gaming OC 8GB last week for similar price. Is it worth me sending it back for this GTX 1660 instead?

    • This one probably is 10 to 15% faster and power efficient 8f you were to believe benchmarks

  • Is there any good secondhand deals for higher-grade cards?

    I'm wondering if a used 2060 (or maybe 2070?) might be had for a similar price, and if it'd be worth getting used for the extra performance above this.

    I'd expect used 2080's are well above this budget, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong if there are people upgrading to the 3080s nowdays.

    • Nah, 2060s and 2070s are still selling used for a fair bit more than this - prices are holding up mostly because of shortages of the new cards and the fact the new low-mid range cards like 3050/3060 haven't been announced/released yet.

      • -1

        I doubt there'll be much change when the 3060's arrive though - price to performance will be overrated and/or we'll have the Australia Tax that will make them much less appealing.

        Either the 3060 is announced near $600 and immediately sells out for the rest of the year, or it's about $900 and thus isn't very good value (and thus inferring the 20xx cards keep their value). Either way I'm not seeing a good way to get a premium card at a good price point.

        • If they charge $900 for a 3060, AMD is gonna own the mid-range market

    • basically what compulsive said, if you can get a good deal on a used 2060/2070 for decent price i don't see why not though. But it doesn't look like it's going to fall until supplies for new 3000 series normalise and announcement of the 3050/3060

  • They've finally fixed the free shipping not being applied in cart, so this is now $242.10 delivered.

    For those who already bought, I'd be emailing or calling them to see if they'll refund the difference, as it was advertised as a free shipping deal.

    • Thanks mate. I updated the price. And finally bought it after umming and aaring.

      • Free shipping code didn't apply for mine.

        rather than placing a second order and cancelling the first order, I emailed customer service to refund the difference thinking it would be a big deal. Now they are refusing saying there was no free shipping.

        Thought it clearly advertises free shipping.

        Geez, thought I was doing the right thing by them.

        • Not sure what error they made that day, it was supposed to be free shipping. Their customer service generally very good, they give you a free shipping voucher for the next purchase.

  • Showing $269 +shipping now

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