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Galax GeForce GTX 1650 Super EX (1-Click OC) 4GB Graphics Card $199 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


This is a graphics card.

Should be ~$11 shipping to most addresses which is still ~$30 cheaper than the current Umart deal, and possibly an all-time low for this card.

Initially mentioned by magicmoose in the comments of another deal.

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  • +7

    Healthy 4Gb RAM, looks like a solid budget card

    • -2

      With any luck it's all the same speed too. "P

  • +3

    I have one of these in my HTPC.

    • Note the pcie power cable is on the end of the card. Which is why I bought it. Wouldnt have fit in my HTPC case otherwise.

    • I use it with my 4k 75" TV and it runs like a champ. I dont run any intensive titles on it. Mainly the Crash Bandicoot remaster and Halo MCC.

    Great price.

    • +2

      The power connector on the end is actually super helpful. I have a SilverStone HTPC case and it's fantastic, but I can't fit my old GTX 960 in it because the power connector is on top and it touches the lid.

      • What type of power connector is it? Molex?

        • +2

          Not sure if you're joking or not, but it's a 6 Pin PCI-E power connector commonly used on graphics cards. It can provide the card with 75 watts (in addition to the 75 watts from the PCI Express X16 slot itself)

          • +1

            @Stoz: @Stoz: Appreciate the info. I wasn't, I just couldn't see the 6 pin connector :) thanks

            • @Pixie13: Ah no problems. If you zoom in on the 2nd last photo on Shopping Express you can see the connector near the top of the card on the right hand side.

          • @Stoz: can 8 pin pcie from psu fits the 6pin card ?

            the 8pin is solid connector and doesn't breaks off to 6+2

    • Nice, which case do you use it with?
      I find many PC cases just way too big to sit in the entertainment centre, needs to be like 5L-to-15L like a gaming console to fit snuggly imho.

      • +1

        Mine is actually an old Antec case from the early early 2000's. Can't get it anymore. I wanted something with a 5.25" optical drive support so I could put a blu ray drive in it.

        Silverstone has a lot too choose from. Otherwise I would try something super small form factor like a k39v2 from china.

        • +1

          That's weird, they didn't make much HTPC cases back then. The whole boom started happening around 2011 if memory serves me correct. My favorite is still the SilverStone Rvz02:

          That case looks like a PS4/XB1, it would sit snuggly next to a TV. Or look kinda neat standing on a desktop.

          Just combine that case with a SilverStone SFX-L power supply to get those higher efficiency and low noise. Power it to a miniITX motherboard (I'd recommend something namebrand like ASUS with WiFi/BT built in). Then the CPU and RAM of your choice. Throw in one high-speed nVme drive, then add another 1-2 sticks of m.2 cheap SSDs on your mobo, and a good fan for the cpu. And you've got a small beast. The last part is the GPU, and this case will take full-sized cards… so you can install anything from budget to high-end.

          I say just focus on a "slim-line" for the 4K/HDR BluRay, DVD, CD writer/reader. They'll fit onto even the Office PCs like those HPs, Lenovo's, or Dell OptiPlex SFF units. Here's an example:

    • +5

      At more than 4x the price for a 3070 they're in a different league. And it'll be a while yet before we start seeing 3060, 3050 or (shudders) 2650.

  • +5

    I sold my RTX 2080 Super for a good amount before the announcement/massive price drop and bought this exact card in the meantime for $209.

    It's pretty good for the price. I would reccomend it.

    • +1

      How did you get it for $209? Its $211 for me lol

    • +2


      • +1

        To use?\ until the 3 series drops?

  • +1

    Yep I bought it… Need a budget card for medium-end 1080p gaming. Not because I'm going to buy a 3000 series card… But because i want to put the money towards a Series X

    • -2

      Oh, why? Just upgrade your gpu when the rtx 3000 series comes out

      • And you can even possibly save more money, as xbox series x is only around the performance of a rtx 2080, and rtx 3060 will prob be around that level, so just pay the same amount for xbox on a rtx 3070

        • Any confirmation that Series X will have the performance of a 2080?

          • -2

            @theknight27: Watch Jay2cents video on building a pc similar to xbox series x performance. He's got like 3 milllion subs, so he pretty good.

          • -1

            @theknight27: Microsoft suggests Series X is gonna be ~12TFlops, and Series S at ~4TFlops. So closer to RTX 3060 in terms of performance.

      • I generally game on consoles (no hate please šŸ˜‚)

        • consoles giggity giggity

        • -1

          ewwwww, don't tell me you game on a xbox one original. I you do I'm gonna puke lol

          • @kypermaster: I have two X's, one S and a PS4 Pro for good measure šŸ˜‚

            • @MrGareth: Okay good, at least your gmaing on somthing gamable. But why so many consoles?? You can get a ultra top teir pc with all 4 consoles price thoo

              • +1

                @kypermaster: Because I spend too much time on OzB… The S is the Minecraft edition from the $179 Amazon sale years ago, the most recent X was the Cyberpunk edition using my Amex to get the discount šŸ˜‚ Next purchase will be a PSVR cause I want to play Star Wars Squadrons in VR once it's released šŸ˜‚

  • +11

    apart from htpc, from what I understand this card should be considered when building a machine used for adobe premiere pro editing. they recently released NVENC-supported rendering, and the 1650 super is the cheapest card with the latest NVENC revision. the differences can be pretty crazy, with some examples showing it taking 1/3 of the time.
    I believe it gets better with higher tiered cards, but I imagine fairly significant diminishing returns.

    • The Nvenc encoder is one of the reasons I bought it for my HTPC a while ago.

      I like to stream on twitch and if I ever wanted to stream from my HTPC in the lounge I could rely on NVENC to handle the stream. Wouldnt be able to stream with the PC otherwise.

    • -1

      Thank you. So starting 1650 that comes with NVENC? Any other? lower/cheaper models?

      • +1

        sorry maybe I should have been clearer, all the modernish nvidia cards come with it, but the 16xx/20xx series came with updated nvenc. see here: https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-decode-gpu-support...
        as you can see the 1650 says turing with volta nvenc, but actually the 1650 super has turing nvenc.

        • I am confused. I have a 1070 ti. Is it better or worse than this 1650 super? Does the old 1070 ti come with NVENC?

          the answer is sadly no….

          not sure if i should "upgrade" to this 1650

          • @aec: depends how important the extra performance and later nvenc is to you.
            what I don't fully understand is the difference between volta and turing nvenc. maybe google has the answers.

  • +1

    I am still waiting for the low profile version to go in sale

    • +1

      As far as I know there is a low profile 1650, but not a low profile 1650 Super.

    • Will this one fit in a Dell OptiPlex 9020 or only low profile card can?

      • +2

        According to Dell's website the OptiPlex 9020 came in 3 different form factors and the largest looks like it would fit this card.

        But as we are on Ozbargain I'm going to assume you purchased one of the Small Form Factor 9020s from a deal here and so no, the card won't fit. You'd instead need this card however it's the non-super variant. The 1650 Super is about 40% faster than the 1650 non-super.

      • Galax' dimensions:
        Dimensions(with Bracket) 212x126x41 mm
        Dimensions(without Bracket) 199x111x39 mm

  • -1

    nOK so baD

  • Would this be extremely overkill for a computer used for web browsing and microsoft office applications?

    I'm looking to upgrade an old computer I use for work. The old card seems to crash (black screen) as soon as I update beyond windows 10 v1809..

      • +1

        Give me 1 good reason why it's not overkill.

        • +3

          Exactly, as it gives no better performance than an ultra budget card for those purposes. Heck right now I'm running the onboard graphics of my Intel CPU and there's zero issues with web browsing, office etc. I've actually bought this 1650S card but it will give zero performance increase for those tasks compared to the onboard graphics

          EDIT - yes I was answering the other way. I'm seriously curious what the argument will be lol

        • Web Browsing: https://www.webnots.com/what-is-hardware-acceleration-and-ho...
          "To many users, browsers seem to be a very simple tool for accessing information over on the web. However, web browsers are very complex and perform many tasks including rendering graphic-intensive content on your PC display. If you look at your Task Manager, you will notice that your browser consumes much of the resources on your PC owing to the demand for the many tasks running in the background. Fortunately, modern devices support hardware acceleration, which allows apps to use specialized hardware to perform intensive tasks for better performance."

          LibreOffice (alternative to Microsoft office): https://betanews.com/2020/08/05/libreoffice-7/
          "Performance improvements come courtesy of Vulkan GPU-based acceleration which lands in LibreOffice following a switch from Cairo code to Google's Skia Library."

          An RTX 2080Ti would be "extremely overkill", but this is literally the cheapest video card one can buy almost.

          • @Gamer Dad Reviews:

            Web Browsing

            My understanding is that hardware acceleration can be provided by iGPUs, which is why Mozilla talks about Intel drivers here when discussing hardware acceleration: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/upgrade-graphics-driver...


            See above.

            An RTX 2080Ti would be "extremely overkill", but this is literally the cheapest video card one can buy almost.

            There are many discrete GPUs more appropriate for an office-tasks PC than a 1650 Super that can be had for well under half the price. E.g. GT 710 for ~$50.

    • +9

      Just use on board graphics. This is extremely overkill.

      • +1

        If you have onboard graphics*

        All Intel CPUs do. But no Ryzen ones apart from their APU range ("G" suffix) do.

        • +2

          old computer
          I don't think we are talking about ryzen here mate.

        • +1

          Not all Intel ones do, any with the F suffix don't

    • It would do nothing for general use but the low end really drops off at $200 and below so it would be a great card if you ever plan to use it in GPU intensive activities.

  • how would this compare to my ol tired 780TI worth the update?

    • Honestly, not really, it's only a small upgrade.

      • Thank you. Iā€™m still using GTX770. Also will see small improvements?

        • The 1650 Super should be about 45% faster than your GTX 770.

    • My opinion. Not worth the update.

      I would start saving now and wait for the next gen 60 series nvidia cards or RDNA2 AMD cards.

      Or use pick up a 1660 super or better on discount. That would be a worth while upgrade imo.

    • This card is pretty much on-par with a 780TI (along with my GTX 970), so it's only an upgrade in terms of lower power usage and supporting FreeSync (if that was something you needed).

      • +1

        thanks guys, just what i needed to know. i can wait abit longer, she's slowly dying. (asus matrix 780ti) 1 fan no longer works other is working overtime haha. ill continue to save

        • +1

          780 Ti would struggle in today's games due to being pretty old which would give a card like the 1650 Super a larger delta thanks to the Turing architecture. I'd say you would get a healthy 20-30% performance boost, and more consistent performance in the future, as well as lower power consumption and cooler temps.

      • edit: about right

    • +10%

  • +2

    1650 supers are fine. Turn down the settings to medium on battlefield 4 for 1440p and you're good to go. Some less texture detail doesn't matter too much when you're fragging gamers. Doesn't heat the whole house either.

  • +2

    This is a bargain.

  • These perform about the same as a GTX 1060, in case anyone wonders..

    • Which is about the same as a GTX 970 which is about the same as a GTX 780. Just keep stepping back a generation but moving up a card tier ;-)

  • Damn. Just bought this from Shopping Express a week ago for $219 + shipping. Still waiting for my order to arrive.

    • Cancel it, they give a 30 days money back guarantee, let us know if you could do the money back

      • It's on its way so sending it back will cost another ~$10. Not worth the hassle plus waiting another two weeks for the new order to arrive. Better if SE refund me the difference :)

  • -1

    Dude, do you make any money on ozbargin, or like eg, affliate links, or does ozbargin pay you for the amount of clicks or views?

    • +5

      Nope. Just saw it mentioned in another discussion and thought it deserved its own post.

    • karma votes

  • This or RX 570 for the same price?
    Just looking at benchmarks, looks like the RX 570 would be better, but I'm aware sometimes ppl prefer the Nvidia cards.

    • +1

      Nooo? It's about 20% faster than the rx 570 on average, where did you get that info?

    • +2

      AMD cards are not optimized in a lot of games.

      And the 1650S is moderately better than RX 570 in terms of specs and whatnot (and much, much smaller).

    • +4

      RX 570 is about 10% faster than the GTX 1650 non-super

      GTX 1650 Super (this card) is about 20% faster than the RX 570.

      So for the same price I'd go for this card. This card should also use a bit less power and generate a bit less heat and noise.

  • -2

    Don't you dare buy this unless u wanna throw away ur money. You better off buying a used 1060 used over this.. I remember I got my 1050ti for $150.

    • +2

      Yeah no. This is significantly faster than a 1050 / 60 , and new with a warrantee etc

      • +1

        The 1650 super should be pretty much on-par with a 1060. Would only recommend a used 1060 if it was significantly cheaper. A quick look on eBay shows the cheapest one sold recently was for $164 shipped which could be worth it if you really needed to save the $46.

  • Any proof online or anyone can confirm this exact card has the turing nvenc?

  • I bought this card for my son last week from centrecom for $239šŸ™„

  • What's warranty like at shopping express?

    • I had to RMA an AMD card recently for a bad fan.

      They were pretty slow to communicate but sent a return postage label and then a refund (less shipping…)

      Overall I'd rate 6/10, not awful but could & should be better.

      • Okay, so in the end you paid $10 for a faulty product, that sucks

  • +6
  • How would this compare to my old AMD Radeon HD 7900?

    • +1

      There's no such card as a Radeon HD 7900.

      The Radeon HD 7000 series had three cards with model numbers beginning with 79xx: the 7950, 7970 and 7990 (with some slightly faster variants of the 7950 and 7970).

      According to my GPU maths, given the GTX 1650 loses out to an RX 570 in a majority of titles, and the RX 570 is the successor to the HD 7950 in that generation of AMD GPUs, the GTX 1650's most direct equivalent from the HD 7000 series is probably the 7950; when you factor in the 10-15% or so performance improvement between each generation of cards on average.

      It's not really a worthwhile upgrade from a 7950 nor a 7970; you'd want at least a GTX 1660/1660 Ti or an RX 5600 XT ($350 - $400 dollar range) to get something that would likely be future proof for another 2 years if you're gaming at 1920x1080.

      • Thanks so much for the reply. I couldn't figure out how to determine the exact model I have installed hence my vague post.

        The issue I'm seeing is the current one is struggling when watching videos and playing certain games. It's stops during YouTube videos sometimes and flashes the screen. IE. I sense it's on the way out…it was a hand-me-down GPU from a mate and had a good run.

        I'm thinking for the price and my needs it will be good value. But happy to be convinced otherwise.

        • I've actually done this - I had a 7970 (which I bought as an ex-mining) and used it for years, but replaced it with a 570. The 570 was only a very small improvement over the 7970. I'm now moving the 570 into my kid's computer and upgrading to this 1650S, which is another small leap in performance (around the 580). So, the 1650S will be an improvement over the 7970… but only really worth the $$$$ if your 7970 is playing up, and by the sounds of it, it is!

      • +1

        Except the thing is you linked to a GTX 1650 instead of the GTX 1650 super that is in the deal.

        The GTX 1650 super is significantly better than GTX 1650 and is also better than RX 570, closer to the RX 580.

      • +2

        This is not a 1650. It's a 1650S which is closer to a 1660

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