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[eBay Plus] LG OLED55BXPTA 55 INCH BX 4K Smart OLED TV $2331 Delivered @ Appliance Central eBay


Pretty ok price for a LG BX 55" 2020 OLED TV with HDMI 2.1
Before you ask the differance between the CX and BX are

BX - Alpha 7 Gen3 AI Processor 4K: AI Picture, AI Sound
CX - Alpha 9 Gen3 AI Processor 4K: AI Picture Pro, AI Sound Pro

AI Picture = -10% back light brightness HDR 500nits - uses less power to run
AI Picture Pro = +10% back light brightness HDR 650nits - uses more power to run

AI Sound = a little lower sound QTY
AI Sound Pro = a little better sound QTY

BX - Shorter stand
CX - Longer stand

Both are cut from the same Mother Glass at the factory.
Pretty mild cost cutting overall. The look of the TV would be the biggest difference. That's about it, let me know if I've missed anything.

Original Coupon Deal

For those that didnt want to spend the $2545.75 + $35 Delivery for the CX 55" here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/570734
EDIT: Todays the last day to score the Goodguys ebay CX55" deal so come tomorrow this will be the new "Best price" option for a 2020 LG OLED

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  • The ~$250 difference is not enough.

  • excellent breakdown! thanks for your effort

  • Saw an OLED in the flesh for the first time yesterday. All I can say is WOW! Leaves everything else dead in the water (including QLED).

    If only I had $2000+ to drop on a TV

    • QLED, right now, is just a Quantom Dot layer on an LCD panel sandwich- OLED is a vastly different technology from LCD.

      The near future of display tech looks to be QD-OLED a combination of a monochrome OLED panel using a Quantum Dot layer to provide the colours- to achieve the perfect blacks of OLED while minimizing the relatively quick decay of the coloured OLED subpixel. Essentially using the OLED pixels as individual backlights.

      This is at least until MicroLEDs(NOT miniLEDs) become a practical & affordable option then who knows whether Quantum Dots have a future then.

      • This is whats coming from NEWS on TV tech

        QD-OLED = 2021 from Hisense, TLC and maybe Sony. - NO Samsung QD-OLED in 2021 for reasons.

        MicroLED LCD = 2021 from Hisense, TLC, Sony, LG and Samsung

        QNED = 2022 = From all brands as they are all investing RND into QNED or looking into buying QNED panels from China/LG.. that's when LG may start to upgrade their OLED factories to QNED

        2025 QNED will be cheaper to make then LED-LCD It will be the golden age of TV's and PC monitors, QNED flexible screens all over the place. The real life blade runner NEON future.

        • MicroLED LCD = 2021 from Hisense, TLC, Sony, LG and Samsung

          Think you mean Mini LED; MIcro LED is not going to be at consumer level prices or sizes for more than 5 years. Micro LED screens are the modular ones Samsung (The WALL) and Sony are offering for commercial size installations.

    • tbh the oleds i saw at JB the other day had lots of black crush going on. But i have to wonder if that's just the settings they use to try and show off the oled black levels in store.

      • Black crush can be turned off by changing back levels form low to high in the settings… sure it makes all blacks look a little gray on OLED but during the daytime its great for gaming and dark movies… at night you just switch it back to low and thinks go back to inky black with some black crush

      • Yes, I was looking at 77" LG OLED in store, and it looked horrid, they had the motion handling set to high, so there was ghosting on every movement, colours too saturated.

        Stores usually do nothing, or destroy settings by putting them on Dynamic to make everything pop more.

        Last time I purchased a TV, it was from a store that let me play with the settings between the two I was considering, so I could fix their horrid in store setup.

  • Nah, still too expensive for the BX. Definitely needs to be cheaper before I would be tempted to pick it over the CX.

  • Just ticked over 1000 hours on my B9 which I’ve had for about 10 months. About 50/50 split between gaming and TV/film. PQ still impresses me.

  • Isn't there a difference between the BX and CX with the number of HDMI ports that are HDMI 2.1?

    • nope, ALL 4 are HDMI 2.1 40GBPS on both the CX and BX

      LG C11 coming out next year will probably be HDMI 2.1 48GBPS Full spec… :) They do need a selling point for people to upgrade after all. The C11 will also be out of the Beta testing phase of HDMI 2.1 that all 2020 TV's are in at the moment.

      • I thought alot of the TV companies werent releasing models next year, instead releasing every second year

        • Time will telll.. my guess is that we will see a delay more so then not at all… They will take their time working out the bugs in hdmi 2.1

  • I suspect boxing day will be interesting, stock will be limited, trust if the consumer will be down, income from the government will be down, job opportunity from now and then will be anyone's guess.

    And with all that data I suspect a sale will happen around or after Christmas as businesses hoping to liquidate stock and be done with it, after sitting around costing them money in upkeep.

    But off topic, until lg manufacturer 10.5 gram panels then we will see cheaper oleds, and cheaper 65 inch oleds, because the only reason 48inch oleds are only possible if cut on behalf of two 77 inch panels, and are more expensive then the 55inch version.

    The 55inch range are reasonable because they can cut 6, frames on one sheet of glass not wasting any remaining glass, so next year could be cheaper fabrications on newer TV"s or not at all.

    • Global demand went up due to being stuck indoors watching netflix… not sure prices will go back to normal until things start to go back to normal. Its hard to guess whats going to happen… im in the market to buy a 65 or 75" TV to replace my old trusty LG 65" UF850T 4k 3D TV :) that i got in 2015 for $2k and is still going strong…

      • 2015 is old? I just this year replaced by 2006 Pana Plasma and that was still going strong…

        • Well its got more to do with the fact the 65UF850T doesn't support HDR but i have a xbox series x pre-ordered to use as a HDR 4k Bluray player… so i may as well also go for a larger TV or OLED if i stick to 65".. Just need a really good deal to pop up.

    • A lot of TVs were sold out for a while from memory around mid year. A lot of home entertainment stuff has been

  • This gen costs so much more than previous… b9 were had for 1500