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Philips Series 3000 7-in-1 Multi Grooming Kit $31.08 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


First post!

Popular shaver for your grooming needs,
Previous deal came to about $42.64 shipped.

Happy Prime day

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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    Thanks for the post, this looks really good!

    Does anyone know if the cord is a UK plug or an AU plug? I just hate dealing with adaptors.

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      I purchased this on the most recent deal prior, it's unfortunately a UK plug.

      It's a nice shaver, and quite popular on OzBargain.

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        That'll unfortunately kill it for me. But I'm sure you've helped some people out!

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          It's this sort of plug. You may already have one laying around the house

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            @Pricebeat: I saw that pic, but don't know what shape/size plug is

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              @Deseret: It looks like 2.1mm plug. Similar to this

              • @Pricebeat: I very much doubt it to be 15v output.
                If anything it's a 3.7 - 5v max

                • @DannyBoy: That example was to show the plug that attaches to the shaver. I didn’t mean, that product can be used with this shaver.

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        All I need is a UK to AU adapter, right? Or am I missing something?

  • Anyone that owns one of these can you please state the output of the charger. I have a spare AU plug that looks to be the same size, but it's a 3v 1amp output

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    How about this for an extra $7 5000 series

    • Where's that one coming from? Is it Amazon US?
      EDIT: I am blind, yes it US import.

    • thanks. bought this.
      how better is this model?

    • Also bought this one, looks much better and has more attachments
      Thanks for the post

  • Hi Guys, I have an AU sourced model of this unit. I have been trying to read the really tiny print embossed on the plug and find it unreadable (for me).

    Next step was to read the 'friendly' manual and again the print was really really tiny. If my memory serves me correctly, when I purchased this 18 months ago, I went online to Philips to read the product specs and the user manual so that I could zoom out the text.

    Philips products are no longer what they used to be. Mostly made in China crap these days. My previous Philips grooming kit was better packaged and lasted about 8 years before the battery gave out and was designed to be unreplacable (Instructions only for disposing the battery in the EU and EU, but not to be serviced!).

  • How long to track the cashback (cashrewards) after the purchase on Amazon? I bought around 1pm and haven't received any information about the cashback

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