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[Prime] Tefal 30cm Comfort Max, Induction Frying Pan, Stainless Steel, Non Stick $27.50 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


The Comfort Max frying pans use the best quality stainless steel for a durable cookware. It comes with Tefal's iconic Thermospot technology, this unique heat indicator lets you know when your frying pan is ready to start cooking by turning to a solid red dot at the optimum temperature. The Power Resist non-stick coating guarantee a long lasting cooking performance. The Comfort Max range is also dishwasher safe and oven safe for up to an hour at 180 degrees. The induction base is manufactured to ensure efficient cooking results and it is compatible on all hobs including induction. This range also features ergonomic & stay cool handles for a comfortable grip and to prevent the risk of burning hands. Tefal guarantees the body and lids of this cooking product from the date of purchase for a period of 10 years against any manufacturing defects. The non-stick coating is guaranteed for the life of the pan against blistering or peeling. The guarantee does not cover damage caused by incorrect use, professional use or if the product is knocked or dropped. It does not cover stains, discolouration or scratches on the inside or outside of the product due to normal wear and tear.

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  • Bought one thanks OP.

  • thanks!

  • anyone knows manufacturing country ?

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      Look at the packaging, there is no French flag
      also look at the bottom of the pan. No "Made In France" marking.
      So it's made in CHI-NA

      • Yeah I did have look didn't see anything mentioning France or China. Thanks for clarifying :)

        • Yeah I did have look didn't see anything mentioning France or China. Thanks for clarifying :)

          This one isn't made in France, because those ones they boast about loudly underneath the pan. If they're quiet about the origin, it's then the cheap quality one from China.

      • if it's not obviously marked, most likely it's CHI-NA.

      • :)

      • Gina

  • +13

    Uncle Roger says get a wok

    • Got the Wok

    • That Malayian/UK guy is bloody hilarious. He's more popular than most U.S comedian.

    • for fried rice?

  • +27

    I like the wok, 28cm, at $19.40:

    • got both, thanks!

    • Thanks a lot!

    • 28cm is pretty small for a wok though. It's more like 34cm

  • Got the wok and the frying pan together. Awesome deal!

  • Cheers got the frying pan

  • Thanks op, got the wok!

  • got the wok! lets go uncle roger

  • +3

    I assume the pan/wok can be used on gas fire and not induction only?

    • +3

      would like to know also, from what i found on the tefal site "These sets use the best premium quality stainless steel. The frypans feature our newest non-stick coating and they are suitable for all heat sources including induction"

      • Looks like the Comfort Max range is suitable for Induction. The other Tefal double pack isnt.

    • +1

      Also would like to know

      Edit: "suitable for all heat sources including induction" is good enough for me. Purchased.

    • Disregard.

  • Wok and pan purchased. Ta!

  • Size a bit too big for a pan.. 26cm would be great.

  • Got the pan and wok! Thanks OP!

    • Grabbed the frypan. Tempted to grab a new wok too. Does the wok come with a lid? Doesn't mention in the product descriptions, but the versions sold here appear to come with one - is handy for simmering…

      • According to the reviews, doesn't come with a lid on either one.

  • Got the Pan. Thanks OP

  • Doesn't having the non stick coating defeat the purpose of stainless steel? I was going to buy the ikea stainless steel pan, how do these compare?

  • is this recommended for high heat cooking? like steaks? is this good for Cantonese style dishes and have "Wok hei"

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      Best to use cast iron for steaks. I could be wrong, but I think nonstick pans shouldn’t be heated too high. Probably no ‘wok hei’ with these.

      • So what food can I cook with these pans then??


    • +1

      Generally speaking, non-stick's aren't recommended for high temp cooking. You damage the surface that way

      If you wanted to do steaks, I suggest getting a cast iron pan (these can get super super hot for a good sear) and "season" the surface so it becomes non-stick

      With a wok, get a steel wok and season it

      • So what food can I cook with these pans then??

        Can I even cook stir fry vegetables with these??


  • Uncle bought 10

  • Any links on best Wok please (30 CM) shipped from Australia. Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks OP, bought one!
    Amazing how something like a pan can be posted from the UK for $27.50!


  • Can't see it, is it out of stock?

    • Appears so, might come back in stock if people cancel their orders or whatever

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