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[Prime] Philips 243V7QJABF 23.8-Inch IPS Full HD Monitor with Speakers $113.27 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


Quite a bargain for a decent brand 24" IPS monitor with speakers. Also sports a VESA mount. Can be hard to find all those features under $200 let alone nearer to the $100 mark. Please note it will ship with a UK cord. According to the Philips website it has a built in power supply so hopefully just an Australian AC cable will be required otherwise a UK to AU adapter will do the job.

Philips product information: https://www.philips.co.uk/c-p/243V7QJABF_00/full-hd-lcd-moni...

Warranty seems to be 24 months/2 years

From the Amazon site:
IPS panel - Produces brilliant colours and offers wide viewing angles
Full HD - Enjoy games in HD or read crisp text in office applications
Built-in speakers - For movies, music, games and more.
Less eye fatigue with Flicker-Free technology
Vesa wall mount - 100x100 - Connectivity::HDMI/VGA/Displayport

Brand Philips Monitors
Model Name 243V7QJABF
Model Year 2018
Hardware Interface VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI
Response Time 5 Milliseconds
Scanner Resolution FHD 1080p
Special Features Wall Mountable, Frameless, Flicker-Free, Built-In Speakers
Display Technology IPS
Standing screen display size 23.8 Inches
Viewing angle 178 Degrees
Image Aspect Ratio 16:9
Image Brightness 250 ANSI lumens
Image Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Screen Resolution 1920x1080
Horizontal Resolution 527.04 Millimeters
Wattage 13.82 watts
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Connector Type DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI (Digital, HDCP), VGA (Analogue)
Product Dimensions 20.9 x 54 x 41.5 cm; 3.5 Kilograms
Item Weight 3.5 kg

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • +8

    lol. fml. 24" LCD shipped from the UK. this is insane.

    • +9

      lol you make it sound like you are doing the delivery …

      • +8

        I feel for mother earth.

        Despite i have +voted the deal, would not encourage people to get it.

        It is a joke that the LCD left PRC, went to the UK, and then down to AU.

        • Agreed! it is mental…

        • +2

          I read today that shipping companies made 17 billion dollars profit more than they're expecting this year

  • Regular price is apparently 153.15 on the listing
    But it such a good deal for <120.

  • Wouldn't want a dead pixel

    • How does Amazon UK works if there is a dead pixel like you said?

      • +2

        Generally you ship it back to their UK warehouse and Amazon reimburses your postage costs. Never had something as big as a monitor returned though.

        • hmmm……….to buy or not to buy………..

      • I had something damaged from Amazon US, and I had to return it to a Parcel Point place (some newsagency) for free and just wait until it got back to the US for a refund.

        Refund took a few weeks.

        • Ok, bought! Thanks many

  • +2

    My son has a Phillips brand monitor and the colours are very washed out and the brightness is off, being a brand name does not necessarily mean it's better

    • +2

      We have these at work and they don't display a wide colour gamut. Moving windows can result in colours not replicating from the laptop to this monitor. Cheap for a reason if you ask me.

  • Dell S2421HS 24" 1080p IPS 75Hz AMD FreeSync (Height and Angle Adjustable) $162.10 Delivered @ Dell AU

    bought this a week ago, cant believe philips are selling for even lower price, with built in speakers too.

    • This same monitor this morning. It's incredible at this price

      • +1

        Yep I brought that too, mine just got shipped today - will be returning it. I clicked the link on the order tracking and it shows a return option with pick up! $50 saving is a $50 saving and I dont need those bells and whistles the dell one has.

        • +1

          I think Dell S2421HS still worth to pay $50 more than this. If you want as cheap as possible considering second hands might be good?

    • Can't see it for the price you mentioned? Are you referring to cashback with code SUPER30

      • Deal is expired. I bought on 4th October with that super30 code

      • You can buy the dell one for $165.57. Use code Super30 and EPP2020

  • +2

    is it ukplug and how long is warranty

  • Very good price.. I guess you just need a local AU plug which is cheap.

    • Or just an Australian AC cable if the Philips website info is correct as it states that it has an inbuilt power supply.

  • +4

    I wouldn't really call Philips a brand name any more, at least not in respect of TVs.

    Philips (the Dutch company) sold the brand name to a Chinese company and now only receive a royalty from every sale. There would not be much difference between these and another contract-manufactured product such as SONIQ for JB Hi Fi.

    This is similar to (say) what SAIC have done with the MG brand - trading off the old brand name whilst making cheap quality products.

    • +1

      Interesting. I wasn't aware of that. Haven't bought a Philips monitor for some years but was always impressed in the past. Will be interesting to see how it compares to the Dell, Benq & Samsung monitors that dot my house.

      • Yeah, this has been the case since 2011. For the money i'm sure you will be happy enough!

    • Yeah, its pretty much a generic these days.

      But HDMI/DP/VGA and with speakers? Its a good entry level utility monitor.

  • +1

    68% NTSC vs 72% on the dell if that matters, as per display specifications https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/29d9d7e assuming it's the same model panel. Just the 'F' is missing which I think is a country or region specific letter?

  • I like the philips but the warranty would be a headache so I would go for Dell 24HS AU 3 years replacement warranty.

    • Agree.
      Having said that, I've never had a monitor fail…

      • Ya not likely but can't say. my samsung failed in 1.5 years.. while buying the reason I went for samsung was 3 years warranty.

  • So free postage from the UK with Prime?

  • i want a cheap 24 for second monitor (for browsing etc) but im running a 144hz 1440p monitor as my main. would having 2 different setups impact performance on the main in gaming?

    • Depends on your GPU setup. If possible run each on a separate GPU and it should not affect performance at all. If you have a discrete GPU use that for your 1440p main monitor and use integrated GPU if available for the 2nd monitor.

      • thanks mate. unfortunately just a single GPU and no integrated :(

        • Then there will likely be an affect. I have run multi monitor setups in the past on a single GPU and games ran not much different than a solo monitor setup. On intensive games I would simply disable the 2nd & 3rd monitor and re-enable them once done. For a worry free experience I now run my main 4K monitor from a discrete card and my four other 1080p monitors from a 2nd discrete card.

  • Sold out? Link now goes to 273V7QDAB model for $242.72?

    • Yep sold out I'm afraid

  • Has anyone’s shipped yet? I ordered pretty close after the deal was posted, however, it is still showing ‘delivery date pending’. And:
    We’ll ship your order as soon as possible
    This usually happens when an item doesn’t have a release date, it’s pre-ordered, or it’s out of stock.

    It was listed as in stock when I purchased.

    • Same here.

      I hope they don't can it ;-/

      • Agree, especially after all the Dell deals expire.

    • Not yet shipped here on two separate accounts

  • Mines now showing 'Arriving Oct 26 - Dec 9'
    Shows ordered date, but not yet shipped.
    Also noticed its showing on Amazon again for $127.40 + $65.03 Delivery, but 'Temporarily out of stock'

    • I've got the same too - "Arriving Oct 26 - Dec 9". Hopefully it's towards the October side of that wide estimate.

  • Posted today - 'Arriving 19 November'

    • Same here for 2 of the 4 ordered.

      • lucky for you, both my orders are still not dispatched

        • Me either, although they have now been billed to my account. It’s a bit odd, as they are now listed as ‘in stock’ again.

        • How did you both manage to order more than 1 unit?
          I thought it was 1 per prime account at these cheaper prices on the deals - unless you have multiple prime accounts?

          • @ezza: I didn’t see a limit of one. I just added two to my cart and it went through fine.

            • @mrh68: Ahhh nice… maybe I just assumed it was 1 per account. Shoulda brought 2 ;-/

  • Anyone have any funny buggers with payment for this? Instead of 1 amount, I had Amazon debit 3 amounts to my credit card in 3 seperate transactions, 10 days later (ordered on 13OCT, charges on 23OCT)

  • Mine was delivered today for everyone's info.

    • 1 also delivered here today :)

      • Nada yet on this end.

        Still showing as 'past onto local carrier' (I'm in VIC)

        • Mine was shipped 23rd October (like others). Still at "package left the carrier facility" with Aus Post Global (VIC). :O

  • Got mine delivered this morning.
    Just set it up, yup has speakers in it.
    Cursing I didn’t buy 2 of them ;-/

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