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50% off Fresh Single Origin Coffee 1kg $19.38 (Was $38.75), 2kg $38.75 (Was $77.50) Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 @ Lime Blue Coffee


50% off Fresh Single Origin Coffee 1kg $19.38 (Was $38.75), 2kg $38.75 (Was $77.50) Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 @ Lime Blue Coffee

This deal exists because we're gearing up to introduce our next rotating Single Origin offering, so it's time to start saying goodbye to our current SO. This coffee will be dispatched with the same high quality it normally would have, it's delicious and will be freshly roasted 2-3 days before it's dispatched. This has SO has truly been a crowd favourite, so it's a little bittersweet moment for us, we're excited for what's next, but will miss roasting and drinking this special coffee!

Complimentary, optional gift message on bag/s, simply type your desired message in the "special instructions for seller" box in the online cart. Dispatch is on a rolling basis, ASAP and future dispatch notes welcomed. As this is a rotating Single Origin, if you request a future dispatch date you may receive a different Single Origin.


Once again we are so thankful to the Oz Bargain community for you orders, feedback, questions, clicks and likes! It's been quite overwhelming (don't worry we can handle the orders, I mean in a positive mental point of view) how quickly this special coffee sold out and how many comments and likes we received in under 2 hours, now we're planning for more exciting things to share :) :) :) :)

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  • Drinking this single origin coffee at this moment! I would love to order more but I still have to go through these 2 kg first…

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      Are these strong enough for making cappuccinos?

      • I am not sure about cappuccinos since I mainly drink long black. I did make Vietnamese coffee with it. It tastes strong in coffee and perfect with condensed milk. I guess cappuccinos would be heavily milk based so I guess it would be.

        • Spot on Jetkuma, this Single Origin works really well with milk based coffees, we really appreciate the time you've taken to help answer Wisdom's question :)

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        Hey Wisdom,

        Thank you for reaching out. Good question because some of our roatating Single Origin offerings are better suits to black coffees. Yes, this Single Origin is "strong enough" for making Cappuccinos, it works really well milk based and black coffees too :)

        Any more questions are most welcome!

    • It's so amazing to read your wonderful feedback, thank you so much! You're welcome to order now and request a future dispatch date, please note a future dispatch date will likely result in a different Single Origin being sent to you :)

      • please note a future dispatch date will likely result in a different Single Origin being sent to you :)

        Kinda defeats the point of his post.

        • I appreciate your comment and can see where you're coming from. That said the validity of the comment depend on individual perspective. At the time of the post our SO had not sold out and the time it takes to go through 2kg varies depending on the customer.

          People who have ordered SO via this offer and requested dispatch next week, will get this SO. Whereas people who have ordered SO via this offer and requested dispatch in December will get a different SO.

          From the order notes we've seen come through, anyone who has requested a future dispatch date via this offer beyond next week has also acknowledged that they're happy to receive the SO we have on offer at the time of their order being dispatched.

          I hope this adds some clarity to the point of the post you are referring to, but completely realise your original perspective may be unchanged, which is perfectly OK :)

  • Hey guys, tempted to try your coffee for cold brew, do you guys grind for "extra coarse"?

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      Hey Tohnio,

      We have done that before for our customer's and will happily do it again, simply add a note to your order and we'll sort out the rest :)

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        it is done, thanks!
        just realized you guys based in VIC so that means i'll be getting it pretty fresh… NOICE

        • +1

          Woot woot, thank you truly for your order, it does really mean a lot to us!

          We've had a few notes requesting "extra coarse," I'll assume that you're one of those notes…

          Yes, fresh is best, fingers crossed the Courier is as speedy as they have been recently :)

  • Is this roasted for espresso or filter?

    • The good questions keep flowing in :)

      We omni roast, so this coffee is excellent for both espresso and filter brewing methods :)

      Any more questions, fire away…

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    Currently working through 1kg of their previous blend deal. Am happy with it very fresh and fast postage to Sydney in comparison to other providers that have had deals on OZB.

    When will you be shifting to the new SO offering? Am considering placing a deferred dispatch order.

    • Woot woot, we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to send through such fantastic feedback, the team was so happy to read your positive experience, wooooooohoooooo for speedy freshness delivered!!!

      The shift to the next SO offering will be some time within the next month, the exact day will depend on a number of factors…If you'd like to place an order now with a comment simply stating "dispatch the next SO offering and please let me know before you roast it" that may be the best option to suit your needs?

  • Hi Rep,

    Keen to try your product - would these beans be ideal for cappuccinos and lattes - i.e. milk-based coffees?


    • Yes

    • "Keen" always sounds amazing and brings a smile :)

      Yes, this SO is delicious for milk based coffees and will cut through milk nicely.

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    @OP: How far can we request future dispatch? Still got a bit of coffee to go through.

    • +1

      Any time in the next 6 months we'll happily accept :)

      Please note as this is a rotating Single Origin, if you request a future dispatch date you may receive a different Single Origin, if this Single Origin is sold out.

  • Thanks OP, ordered 2kg.

    • +1

      Woot woot, thank you incredibly, really does mean a great deal to the team!!!

  • Hi OP, what would be the best grind you could provide for an aeropress? Thanks

    • If you select "Ground Filter" and add the word "AeroPress" to your order notes section, then we'll happily dial in our grinder to suit AeroPress perfectly :)

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    how is this compared to South Central Blend from the previous deal? I quite like the previous blend with milk base coffee.

    • +1

      Amazing to see the your enjoyed our South Central Blend (woooooohoooooooo), thank you for the fantastic feedback and your questions too!!!

      This Single Origin is similar to our South Central Blend, the main differences is this Single Origin has pronounced stone fruit flavour notes and is a touch sweeter, so based on your feedback you'll love this Single Origin even more than our South Central Blend :)

  • Hey OP, any plans for a deal on decaf by any chance? :)

    • Hey Diamond,

      Thank you for reaching out, simply place an order with the deal link and add a note to your order requesting the SO be switched with Decaf :)

  • Ordered 2x 1kg, looking forward to trying something new. Great deal, thanks.

    • That's so amazing, thank you so much, the team sincerely appreciates your order!!!

      Always great to explore and try new things, very happy you think it's a "great deal," we do too without sounding too biased :)

  • Ordered 1kg!

    • Woot woot, we truly appreciate your order, thank you, I hope you love the fresh coffee!!!

  • Stupid question, I got an Aeropress. I expect filter ground is the way to go?

    • I haven't come across any stupid questions before, I've seen a lot of questionable answers, asking a questions is a sign of intelligence in itself. Thank you for your question, spot on ground filter is the option for you :)

  • I can't find the 'special instructions for seller' section. - edit: scrap that - found it (cart, not checkout)!

    • Perfect, a question and the answer all wrapped into one comment, I like the :)

  • Nice to see your Peruvian single is actually graded speciality coffee (80+). Was the score of 84.5 given by yourselves (Q-grade equivalent) or independently pre-purchase of green.

    • Yes, generally we don't see too much from Peru around the Specialty world, hopefully we'll see more because there's some really delicious coffee being grown there! External scores backed up by internal scores. If you've ordered we hope you thoroughly enjoy this special SO, if not then we appreciate your comment all the same :)

  • Thanks OP ordered 1kg

    • Absolutely fantastic, thank you so much, the team truly appreciates your order!!!

  • Sounds like a good coffee for my needs, drinking lattes normally and long blacks when I'm fasting!
    Also your replies on this thread come across as a company that truly cares, so I bought 2kg to support!
    Keep up the good work :)

    • Wooooohooooo for every single part of your comment :) :) :)

      Thank you incredibly for your wonderful feedback and order, we truly appreciate it!!!

      You're spot on, we are "a company that truly cares" about what we do and matching our service with our product's quality. Putting our best foot forward is our policy in every aspect of what we do, that way we know we've done our best and won't have any regrets if someone isn't a fan (we fully appreciate how subjective flavour is) of our coffee :) :) :)

  • Ordered 1kg to try it out :)

    • Amazing to see and sincerely appreciated by us, thank you, we hope you thoroughly enjoy this terrific Single Origin!

  • Why does coffee give me anxiety? It's miserable to drink coffee.

    • Different strokes different folks, psychopharmaceutical drugs such as caffeine or alcohol impact people in different ways depending on their body type and metabolism. On average caffeine takes about 30 minutes to take effect, so if you are feeling anxiety straight after having coffee and not having the same feeling after having other beverages with similar levels of caffeine such as soft drinks, you may be allergic to another substance in coffee. Have you experienced the same feeling after drinking decaf coffee?

  • Ordered 1kg. Thanks for the deal!

    • +1

      Absolutely terrific to see, thank you so much, we sincerely appreciate your order and hope you love this fresh coffee, very glad you're happy with the deal!!!

  • Sold out before I could get a 1kg in! Pls let me know if there is a restock OP (though I realise that would defeat the purpose…)

    Good deal in any event.

    • +2

      Thank you so much for your comment, especially ending it with such a positive note!

      Please send us an email and we'll do our best to figure something out for you…

  • Hey lime blue - I won’t be drinking this coffee for about three weeks. Is it ok to order and freeze until then?

    • Sold out. Doh!

      • +5

        Please send us and email, hopefully we can find a way to flip the "Doh!" into a "WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!"

        • Thanks for coming through on this. You did indeed turn a doh into a wooooohoooo!

    • +1

      Thank you so much for what sounds like an order, we do sincerely appreciate it!!!

      The coffee we send you will be super fresh, it'll still be delicious in three weeks, roughly how long do you think it'll take you to consume the quantity you ordered?

      It is possible to freeze coffee to extend the shelf life. However, as coffee is porous it absorbs nearby aromas, as such the freezer needs to be cleaned to remove any other food smells, the coffee needs to be vacuum sealed (ideally pre-portioned), then there's the thawing aspect…for your intended purpose freezing may result in more negatives than positive.

      • I think I’m probably on the right track then. I don’t vac but I double bag in heavy duty bags with the twin-locks. In 500g portions. I keep the bags in the freezer as I use them. I do this because I use a cheap electric blade grinder and I find I get a better grind, with no clumping using frozen beans. If I use room temp beans my grind gets warm and starts to clump up at the bottom of the grinder.

        • +1

          It sounds like your on a journey to perfection without wastage, which is great :)

          I really like the scientific/practical thinking behind trying to navigate the challenge of a blade grinder. Your theory makes sense, as freezing something usually makes it brittle, I don't have a blade grinder (just burr grinders), but I do have a blender and feel like this is the comment is the start of an experiment in the works :)

  • I deferred my dispatch so hopefully someone can get in on my "2kg order" for the current SO.

    • What a wonderful order and very thoughtful comment!!!

      Thank you so much Andrew, the team sincerely appreciates your order and I'm sure someone (potentially two people) in the Oz Bargain Community will be very thankful for flexibility too :) :) :)

  • I tried this coffee but did not find it that strong. Compared to lavazza i found that a lot stronger and more flavor.

    • +1

      Hey Rosst,

      Thank you for your feedback, which we respectfully acknowledge! Coffee is very subjective in how it's made and how the flavour is interpreted. Most times the word "strong" is straight forward to interpret. When it comes to coffee the word "strong" can be interpreted in a variety of ways, strong from a caffeine perspective, strong from a flavour perspective can speak to aroma, taste, a balance of the two or a heavy skew towards one aspect of taste like sweetness, bitterness, mouthfeel/body (umami)… I could make valid comments that aspects of our flavour are stronger or less pronounced than another roaster. However, we keep our focus on providing products and experiences to people which we are proud of, as opposed to focusing on what other coffee roasters are doing. We full understand we will not be the perfect coffee for everyone, different strokes different folks, but we strive to produce a high quality product and service/experience to match.

      If you have any more constructive feedback that like to provide via email or this forum, we welcome it. We can't promise we'll change what we do and represent, but we can promise we will take on board any respectfully (which is hope you have provided it, we appreciate the tone of your feedback) presented feedback :)

  • Hi OP and all. I bought a couple of KG's of this last time because of the price, and so far it's the best coffee we've had. We like supporting and testing roasters from around Australia. We mainly have long blacks and can't get enough (well, 2 cups is our limit)
    We're gutted that we missed out on these again as it's such such great value and our favorite coffee so far.

    • Woot Woot Woohoo it's so amazing to see your comment, thank you immensely for the outstanding feedback, support and of course your recent order!!!

      The team loves your boldly positive statements, please send us an email as soon as you have time to see if we can figure something out, if not at least to ensure you don't miss out on our next offer :) :) :)

    • After checking order notes for postponed dispatch and customer's emailing to postpone dispatch, we've done a recalculation of availability for this incredible SO. I'm excited to let you know that there is enough left for you to go ahead and place an order :)

      Please note, to ensure we don't sell more than we have you'll only be able to select the 1kg bean option. Of course at the checkout you can alter quantity and add a note if you'd like it pre-ground (which we'll happily do if it suits you best).

      Good luck, I hope you get what you're after and love this fresh SO coffee as much as you've loved the Lime Blue Coffee you've already had :)

  • Oh it went so fast :( Any chance to order another one please?

    • Hi Terryote,

      We appreciate you reaching out!

      After checking order notes for postponed dispatch and customer's emailing to postpone dispatch, we've done a recalculation of availability for this incredible SO. I'm excited to let you know that there is enough left for you to go ahead and place an order :)

      Please note, to ensure we don't sell more than we have you'll only be able to select the 1kg bean option. Of course at the checkout you can alter quantity and add a note if you'd like it pre-ground (which we'll happily do if it suits you best).

      Good luck, I hope you get what you're after and love the fresh coffee when it arrives :)

  • Just placed an order for 1kg to try. Will definitely buy more I like it. Great value. Cheers OP!

    • Wooooohooooo that's amazing thank you so much!!!

      The team is so thrilled to receive your feedback, we're over the moon to hear how much you've been enjoying this awesome SO and that you think it's "great value!" :) :) :)

  • Ordered sounds like a great deal allways happy to try a new good qulaity bean

  • Wonderful, we really do appreciate your order, thank you sincerely for giving us a shot!

    We hope you love our fresh coffee and still think it's a "great deal" after you've had your first cup :)

  • Great price but just a warning for those desperate to get their coffee, I ordered 10 days ago and it’s still not arrived. Possibly the risk you pay for deliveries out of Melbourne. Also means my roast will likely be close to 2 weeks old if it arrives.

    In contrast my grounds orders often come in 2 days.

  • Thank you so much for your order, it's truly appreciated by the team!

    I'm very glad you're happy with the "great price," I sincerely hope you're as happy with the quality of this awesome Single Origin :)

    Could you please send us an email so we can check out your order status with the Courier?

    We've experience overnight delivery from VIC to NSW, SA and QLD… That said we understand not every delivery to the same State has the same delivery time frame. As we're the ones that directly pay the Courier, they generally answer our queries much faster and more helpfully than individuals who write to them. It would be great if everyone who writes to the Courier received equally efficient and quality responses from them, but that's unfortunately not how it works. If anyone is curious about their delivery tracking status, please email us and we'll happily chase things up for you. Save your precious time on enjoying life and let us take care of your life admin :)

  • ordered almost 2 weeks ago and never arrived!

    • +1

      The solution is in your email inbox now :)

  • Hey SS,

    Thank you so much for your order, it's sincerely appreciated by the team!

    I've just had a quick look at your tracking, your fresh coffee was picked up from the Sendle Hub last Monday the 19th, it's due for delivery tomorrow. When deliveries take longer than we want, I find it quite frustrating. I can feel that you're quite frustrated too as you sent this post, a private Oz Bargain message, an email and opened a paypal case all in less than ten minutes between 6:50pm and 7pm tonight. Please know that in additional to our products Lime Blue Coffee prides itself on customer service. I will personally open an investigation regarding your parcel and I will resolve this matter tonight, which will include a response you your private Oz Bargain message, your email and your PayPal case.

    Aside from the fresh coffee not making it to your interstate home since last Monday the 19th, I hope you're week is going nicely to plan :)

    • Thanks I look forward to the coffee and the refund. Perhaps rethink using sendle, just have a look at comments on ob. I used them once and was horrified to learn they have no telephone support if all goes wrong.

      • Woohoo I'm thrilled to hear that you're happy with the outcome and truly hope you love the coffee!!!

        I acknowledge and sincerely appreciate your feedback. Before we take the plunge in any particular direction we do our research thoroughly. Unfortunately there is no perfect distribution company in Australia. At present Sendle is our best option, I won't go into the inner working of AP because I want this to be a positive message. Furthermore, due to the quality of our coffee, we simply could not offer the pricing in the deals we have been offering on OB if the majority of our shipping was via AP. All that said, if you do love the coffee and would like more, you're welcome to request delivery via Australia Post and we'll happily make that happen :)

        • Thanks but I wouldn’t say thrilled. I still have no beans and the ASAP delivery from sendle for today never came😢. I’d really reconsider SENDLE

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