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Sofirn SP36 NarsilM $69.69 SP40 $39.94 LT1 Lantern $93.99 SD05 $37.49 + Delivery (Free With Prime/$39 Spend) @ sofirn-au Amazon


Update 2020-10-20 10:30 SD05 and LT1 OUT OF STOCK

Apologies for posting so often; I'm posting the codes as I get them. Due to the fragmentation of previous posts (ie. not one post per item in some cases), it's not 100% reliable to update the old post with a new code. If I'm in the wrong here, please let me know; I'd like to be doing the right thing.

I've got codes today for four of Sofirn's torches/flashlights, including some that people have been asking for - all these lights come with batteries, and either inbuilt charging and USB cable or, in the case of the SD05, comes with a charger; everything you need to get up and running with it.

The lights:

SP36 NarsilM kit: $81.99 $69.69 - XIQAW6NG

A four-emitter workhorse with slightly cool white Cree XP-L2 emitters. It runs NarsilM, a firmware that's designed for ramping up and down. I personally prefer the Anduril version as I find the UI more intuitive, and I prefer the lower colour temperature and high CRI, but this has a higher output and higher efficiency of emitters (more lumens per watt).

SP40 kit: 46.99 $39.94 - VGQWP4LE

A nice right-angle headlamp with inbuilt charging. Also comes with a "shorty" tube for use with an 18350 battery (which is how I run mine, with dc-fix over the lens), but that's sold separately.

LT1 kit: $93.99 - XNH88VV3 OUT OF STOCK

This is the lantern. Running a tweaked version of Anduril, this is the lantern that was designed in collaboration with people over at budgetlightforum (project started in 2016!) to create the ideal lantern for camping/outdoors. Light temperature is adjustable from 2700K to 5000K, output up and down, with a few other bits of Anduril still left in. Total battery capacity on this one is 12,000mAh (4x 3000mAh 18650). It also fits pretty well in the JBL Flip hard case for travel…

SD05 kit: $37.49 - NQ6BAS7F OUT OF STOCK

I previously posted a deal on this, but I can't mark it as expired nor edit the price on it now. It had a $5 price drop from before, and then 25% off with the code. It's a diving light with a simple magnetic rotating switch, but as I'm not a diver, I can't really vouch for it personally. There's videos linked on the previous deal link.

If you've read this far, thank you - I (and Sofirn) do have one more request, but not at all mandatory; if you do end up buying one of these lights, please consider leaving an honest review on the item itself. Reviews help the brand grow, and with growth comes better ability to develop new lights at good prices.

Additional info: Anduril and NarsilM are firmwares for torches; they've been developed over the years by some pretty good coders. Basically instead of "on/off" and some simple mode changes, there's a whole bunch more to them, you can ramp up or down, or set it in stepped mode for defined spacing, there's optional modes like different strobes, battery voltage checks, etc etc.

The UI diagram for Anduril is here(if that link doesn't work, just try and open the anduril-ui-printable.png), and there's a bit of a "cheat sheet" for NarsilM here.

It can be simple (click to on, hold to ramp up, release and hold again to ramp down), or very complex.

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  • Is there a white diffuser cap for the sp36?

    • I actually haven't come across one yet - I measure the head at 49mm, so I'll go looking and report back if I find anything suitable. Sofirn make one for the Q8, but it's way too big :)

    • Only thing I can find so far is this, it's also available at kaidomain (when their site is working, it's been up and down the last week or so). It's… a bit of a weird one. I've been hoping to find a silicone diffuser; still searching though.

    • That may be, but these are in stock in Australia.

      • ignore me, price is USD :(

        • All good mate, but again, China vs AU stock :)

          • @oweban: Isnt AU stock on amazon either. (this I did check)

            • +1

              @Xistn: Some of the lights are still coming from China (SC31 Pro, SP32A v2.0, SP31 v2.0), but the ones I've mentioned above are in AU warehouses.

  • have been considering this Lumintop FW3A super Bright 2800LM, one compared to Sofirm S31. what do you think?

    • I've got two FW3As but they're the early versions that had some issues with the signal tube, but I think they've got those sorted now. I quite like it; very svelte, but it won't put out 2800lm for long (gets hot pretty fast). Do you mean the SC31 Pro?

      • Yep, SC31 pro. The Lumintop EDC18 seems to be very popular with flashlight fans.

        • I don't actually have one of those yet - my understanding is that it's the FW3A but with a side switch. I got an SC31 Pro the other day actually, still need to temperature calibrate it. I think for most uses it'll be enough for me, but I'm going to swap the emitter with something a bit nicer because I'm crazy particular, but I'd say for most people it'd be perfectly fine.

          • @oweban: Am i right that the EDC18 doesn't charge directly, need to take battery out?

            • @blackwalnut: Correct; no inbuilt charging. The SC31 Pro has USB-C charging, and it seems to charge C-C (testing with a Pixel 3a charger)

              • @oweban: delivery for the SC31 Pro says Dec 23 - jan 8th !!

                • @blackwalnut: Yeah, unfortunately there's no stock of it in AU yet. It's being sent in their next shipment; I got mine from their main site ( and I think it took 10 days or so.

                  • @oweban: looking at the SP33 V3 seems more powerful similar price. what do you think?

                    • +1

                      @blackwalnut: It can definitely put out more light, but is decently larger. I've also had my own issues with it when reviewing it, but… :/

                      • @oweban: Thanks for the photo. Seems a lot dont like the 6500k and prefer the 5000k?

                        • @blackwalnut: A lot of the enthusiast community really can't stand 6500K, it's just too harsh a white, with the beginnings of a blue tinge. My personal preference is somewhere around 4500K.

                      • @oweban: Is that s/s bezel available separately? I have a v2 but yours looks a lot more impressive.

                        • @Sillen: I don't think it is; I'm also not sure if the threading is the same. I should get my hands on a v2 one day to compare.

  • Sigh crap marketing from Sofirn. Who except us is gong to know what Anuduril and Nasrilm are?

    • +1

      Sorry, I get caught up a bit because I'm in the community and it's second nature to me now.

      Anduril and NarsilM are firmwares for torches; they've been developed over the years by some pretty good coders. Basically instead of "on/off" and some simple mode changes, there's a whole bunch more to them, you can ramp up or down, or set it in stepped mode for defined spacing, there's optional modes like different strobes, battery voltage checks, etc etc.

      The UI diagram for Anduril is here (if that link doesn't work, just try and open the anduril-ui-printable.png), and there's a bit of a "cheat sheet" for NarsilM here.

      It can be simple (click to on, hold to ramp up, release and hold again to ramp down), or very complex.

      • So yeah… which one should I buy for camping - NarsilM or The Anduril Kit? Are both the same in terms of lumans / battery length?

        • +1

          The NarsilM SP36 has slightly "cooler" emitters, and will last longer on the same brightness because the emitters are more efficient. My personal preference is the Anduril version, but I'm a bit more particular about my LEDs.

          • @oweban: So the code is only for the NarsilM version?

            I just tried to get teh Anduril Kit and "The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase."

      • I know what they are. Been on blf long enough but for normal people it doesn't matter.

        • Sorry - I should have edited that to the main post instead of in the comment. Having a bad brain day, I think.

  • Why are you doing this to me! I am not sure if I can resist

    • +1

      Hah! Don't extend yourself though, at the end of the day, there's more important things (bills etc).

      • That's not the OzBargain way. But yes, on a serious note, have to live first lol.

  • Do you have any recommendations that are suitable for the front light of a pushbike?

    • +1

      Hhhhmmm. The SP36 would probably be too big, even though it is possible.

      There's a bunch of bike lights out there, but I don't have any experience with them; liteshop has a category for them, and there'll most likely be reviews including beamshots for all of those out there. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

      • Yeah, strap that on a bike… The MS06 is nuts enough, I don't think I could deal with an MS18. MS18W, maybe…

  • +1

    Hey mate, I really appreciate the in depth posts, helps me learn about these as I go. I'm looking for a solid focusable flashlight that runs on 18650's, any recommendations?

    • No problems, I kinda enjoy illuminating (hah) people.

      Focusable lights are kinda.. a half-way thing, they do both flood and throw, but neither as good as a dedicated flooder or thrower. But that's okay. I've heard some decent things about the Convoy Z1; it's a 21700 light though, so not really helpful there.

      The Lumintop Zoom1 maybe? Wowtac A3/A3S? Hmmmm.

      • Thanks man, I've got a little convoy already and it's awesome, what would you say is a good thrower?

        • Depends on what size thrower, really. The C8-style throwers are a great little one.

          The throwers I have are:

          C8 with Osram Flat White (pencil beam, cool white)
          Astrolux FT03 Mini
          Astrolux FT03
          Lumintop GT Mini
          Lumintop X9L
          Emisar D1
          Acebeam E10
          Lumintop GT90

          I'd love to get a LEP one day, but… sigh.

        • Can vouch for the FT03. Great thrower for the money.

  • +1

    My finances could take another torch, not sure if my marriage can though.

    • I feel you -_-

    • You have to do stuff that makes you happy and typically torches aren't too expensive at this level.

      • I mean, I bought a GT90 :/

        • Lol, well, that is fair enough. I got the sr90 back in the day, so I understand

  • I'm looking at SP40 and SP05 Kit

    Was wondering in your previous post you advise to do the thermal calibration first. Do we have to do it to all those models first or is it just for the SP05 Kit?

    • The thermal calibration is only needed for the Anduril lights; that's the SP36 Anduril and possibly the LT1 (though I still have to test that out). The SP40 nope, nor the SD05.

      • Just as a question about thermal calibration, what’s the effect of not doing the thermal calibration?

        • +2

          Not too much, just that the light will think it's hotter than it actually is, and will start ramping down brightness to "cool down". One of the lights I got once was saying it was 37 degrees when it was actually 22 ambient, and the "ramp down" is usually set to something like 50 degrees - so it was only getting to 35 degrees and saying "IM AT 50, TIME TO RAMP DOWN TO COOL DOWN".

          • +2

            @oweban: Thanks very much for your expertise in all things torch related here. Really appreciate the knowledge sharing you do.

      • Great thanks for your prompt reply.

        I have brought these and thinking about the LT1 for camping now looks really cool.

        • I'm pretty chuffed with it, and I've just used it in the backyard so far. Realistically I didn't need it because I don't go camping, but… ah well.

  • I bought the SP36 Anuduril last week. Very happy with the product. The instruction sheet that comes with it takes a while to understand fully, but once you work it out, great product.

    • Definitely agree wrt the sheet. I still need to refer back to it every now and then when I forget some of the sequences.

  • I just cancelled my order of 4 x orange LT1's as they messaged saying they had no stock. The were great prices too, $70.51AUD without batteries and $83.60 with batteries. There is definite demand for green and orange bodies. I want coloured bodies goddammit!

    • I was super bummed that they didn't have pictures up yet, but I guess they jumped the gun on that…

      • Yeah, I haven't seen anyone who order orange say they got their order confirmed. I suspect someone added the orange option to the page when they shouldn't have. They say they don't know when they have coloured body versions.

        • Had a similar experince a while ago. Seems they either have no decent stock control/inventory or they advertise to suck you in then say 'but you can change it to black".

  • If you are happy to wait the 13-20 days stated free delivery, some if not all of these are a few dollars cheaper from the Sofirn Official Aliexpress store page.

  • Very interested in the SP40 but that appears to be the old version without the magnetic end cap?

    Appreciate your efforts btw.

    For anyone thinking of ordering direct from China - be very aware that you cannot rely on them actually having stock they advertise.

    • +1

      Oooh, I'm not sure if it's with or without magnetic tailcap. I'll send an email and ask :)

    • +1

      Okay, email response I got:

      "All the SP40 headlamp are with the magnetic tailcap"

      I think worst case, if it came without the magnetic tailcap and you reached out to them, they'd probably take care of you.

  • Any of these will make a good bike front light? New bike come with aero bar so my old light won't fit on it. I got some gopro mount which I can strap a round shaped flashlight on and convert it to a bike light. Looking for something that won't blind the incoming traffic/pedestrians.

    • Probably not, unfortunately. Most dedicated bike lights have a cut-off so the beam stops at a certain height, like projector car headlights. They could work, but unless you put a blocking plate, it'll still have spill upwards.

    Sofirn SP40 Headlamp LED Cree XPL 18650 USB Rechargeable Head lamp 1200lm Bright Outdoor Fishing Headlight Magnet Tail Cap
    AU $33.40 delivered.

    Isn't this one a better deal ?

    • Stock is in China, vs AmazonAU stock. I do also recognise that there's also choice of colour temperature on AliExpress.

      • But otherwise it is the same product, right ?
        Just cheaper ?

        • Correct; the one local is the 5300K version.

          • @oweban: Oh, cool. Get it? πŸ˜‚ Not 6500K cool, phew. 🀣

        • That price is ex GST. Be aware that prices may jump (not due to GST) AFTER you enter your CC details (GST is added before). Make sure you check before clicking place order. Mine jumped by 11%. Funny way of doing business.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser67242: It'd be nice if it automatically multiplied all the prices by 1.1 after the exchange rate to show what we actually pay… I still blame the government for putting a 10% tax on all items from overseas, even if they're not available in AU (given it was ostensibly to get people to buy locally or make the playing ground even-ish).

            • +1

              @oweban: Blame should be shared equally by Gerry Harvey AND the govt. Not sure what rate of company tax his businesses pay but it's strange he never whinges about the hundreds of big businesses which pay no company tax despite earning billions.

              • +1

                @DisabledUser67242: Bribery donations, amirite? Considering he did the exact same to all the other small stores.

                Oh well.

    • +1

      That's showing up as AU$38.85 on AE when I go to checkout. I've ordered a bunch of things from AE and they usually arrive within 2-6 weeks.

      I've been waiting 93+ days for a USB Meter. AE let me submit a dispute and request a full refund after waiting 90 days. They then rejected it and asked me to wait until the 15 day buyer protection period has almost run out just in case the item arrives.

      I got the SP40 on AMZ this time because I'd rather avoid free shipping from AE. Buying direct from sofirnlight's website seems faster than AE.

  • +1

    Took the plunge on an LT1 although I do find that headlamps make lanterns unnecessary and I already have a Taotronics lantern (TT-DL23). The ability to mount it on a tripod is the main thing that intrigued me, something all other lanterns AFAIK lack. Thanks for passing on the discount codes.
    I like the idea of a diving torch but with only a snorkel set I'd be hard pressed to descend to those darker depths.

  • purchased an SD05 on this discount a few days ago and had it next day with Prime delivery. Have only tested it at the bottom of the pool, but so far so good, throws out a good amount of light. Came with 2 spare O-rings and what looks like a spacer to use it with an 18650 if not being used with the included 21700.

    Nice rotating ring to change modes (off, low, medium, high), none of that "click through 10 brightnesses plus a damn strobe".

    • Thanks mate, glad to know it works. If I ever got into water deeper than a bathtub, I'd get one…

  • +1

    I finally caved and ordered the Sofirn SP40 headlamp kit. πŸ˜‚

    I've been saying "no", I already have a headlamp. But $39.94 for a headlamp with built-in charging, 18650 battery, spare 18350 tube, magnetic tail cap and a headband DELIVERED is pretty good.

    It looks much better than the $5 plastic Arlec headlamp that I got from Bunnings.

    • Amazon Australia kind of dropped the ball with standard shipping. Pandemic I guess. I emailed them one evening, 5 business days / 9 days after placing the order, to ask why it hadn't shipped yet. The next morning I received an update that it had shipped from a local sorting centre and it arrived at lunch. They forgot to scan / send?

      I ended up returning the SP40 the same day. The one I received had a faulty driver. When using Turbo mode it dimmed to nothing and started strobing. If you have a similar issue, contact Sofirn. They replied within an hour.

      Perhaps I was unlucky. I've got 5 other Sofirn torches and haven't had a problem with them.

      LT1 next? πŸ€”πŸ˜

  • Rep, anymore lantern coming soon with another deal?

    • I believe more will be sent to AU warehouses - will update when they arrive if I'm told there's a deal on (sorry I can't be more specific than that! :( )

    • The LT1 code might still work? I ordered a few hours ago with the code and received shipping information. It's being sent from China.

    • 11 November, singles day, is coming up. LT1 might be on sale.

    • I order on Thu the 29th Oct from Amazon Australia when there was no stock locally using the code. It arrived on the 6th of Nov. 8 days total or 4 clear business days to ship from China. Not bad. Super happy with the quality.

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