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Woolworths Fully Loaded Cookies Hazelnut 200g for $1 (Was $4) @ Woolworths (Selected Stores)


"Bite into a crumbly dark chocolate chip cookie filled with a hazelnut creme surprise - oh, how divine!"

Solid cookie to add into your ISO Pantry.

Rated 4.1 out of 5 from 530 reviews on the Woolies website.

Tried these once and the hazelnut creme made it a bit too sweet for me. But for $1, it's a bargain and we are all suckers for a good bargain.

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  • +2

    It shows $2

    • +1

      $2 here as well.

    • Yeah pretty sure it's $2 and $1 per 100G

      • +1

        No, it's $1. Just came back from Woolies.

        • Guess its different in-store then

  • +2

    and health rating of 0.5 stars. Would personally stay away during ISO.

  • +4

    Regional pricing, link shows $2 before the geolocation JS kicks in and drops to $1, for Metro Melbourne.

  • Link for me shows:
    Woolworths Fully Loaded Cookies Hazelnut 200g
    Was $4.00

  • Was just at Woolies down the road from my office and these are marked down to 96c on clearance.

  • $1 here in Blackburn VIC

  • Biscuit

  • $1 in Townsville

  • $1 in Moonee Ponds VIC

  • +1

    These cookies are surprisingly good.
    I bought some at $2 ("half price")
    IIRC, the Hazelnut are filled? Those were very nice - goes well with ice cream.
    But yeah, lay off them under Covid

  • Shows $2 for me but in store they're $1

  • +1

    Shows $1 for me. Would not buy them myself though. Made in Netherlands, and contains Palm Oil.

    • "contains Palm Oil"
      What is the catch?

      • -2

        Palm oil has highly saturated fat, which means it's not that healthy to your body, but I guess if you don't eat a lot or often, you should be fine

        • Everything in this world is bad for you 🤣

        • +1

          that 10g sugars per cookie .. is much more evil than saturated fat

        • Yes, let's focus on 'harmful' saturated fat, but ignore 40% sugar content. For reference Coke contains about 11% sugar and most people accept that sodas contain unhealthy amount of sugar - put that into perspective. For the record, harms of saturated fats have been overstated. It is actually the easily oxidised polyunsaturated fats that should be avoided.

      • Free palm oil…I'm in.

  • 95 cents at Macquarie Centre NSW a few days ago.
    Bought two packs and after the first cookie I think they will slowly make their way to the back of the cupboard.

  • Had these once a few months back, and they tasted kind of stale when freshly opened - personally would not buy again.

  • ordered one, picked up other day, they only had this flave online

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