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20% off Flights, Hotels, Top Ups, Wine, Car Hire and More (Using Points) @ Qantas Store


For four days only, access incredible points offers on our biggest range of rewards ever.

You must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member to earn and redeem points. Membership and points are subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program terms and conditions.

Disclaimer: * Sale starts 12.01am (AEDT) 16 October and ends 11.59pm (AEDT) 19 October 2020. Excludes Classic Flight Rewards, Classic Hotel Rewards, Qantas Insurance, HOYTS Rewards, Classic Wine Rewards, Budget, APT, Luxury Escapes, Kogan.com, Forty Winks and M.J.Bale. Qantas may extend or withdraw this offer at any time. Conditions apply.

This deal posted at Beat That Flight, where there are also at least 31 ways to earn free/easy Qantas Points

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  • +10

    There's really not that much info, but I can probably already guess there will be very little value to this. They know loads of people are holding onto their points and they want to get it off their books while they aren't flying. I'll keep on building my points balance until we start flying again i guess, that's where the best value is.

    • +2

      It'll be interesting to see what is available. But if you were looking to book a flight with points anyway, 20% off could be useful. Same with hotels etc.

    • +1

      Best value until they decide to tank the value of them anyway.

      • It'll still be better value than this.

        • -1

          Not if they half the value in 6 months.

        • I think getting 0.75c for redemption might still be good value to burn off some excess points. Given everyone is accumulating points in the meanwhile, the state of the competition, and their need to sell cash seats, its hard to see QF not devaluing the points significantly next year when travel resumes.

          • @Wootwootwoot: https://www.australianfrequentflyer.com.au/qantas-frequent-f...

            If Qantas Loyalty is the only thing keeping the business afloat, I wouldn't be floating the idea of a significantly devaluing of points. How much extra do you think you'd save off the books?

            Devaluing Qantas points puts the rewards program in a difficult place. When you look at the min-max against competitive schemes (Woolworths Rewards, flybuys, velocity, banks+amex). They have positioned themselves as a premium rewards program with higher point values. The Qantas Frequent Flyer business is very profitable, as are a lot of the rewards programs, but they rely on value being actualised through their partners (who pay them to allow them to distribute points).

            I don't see why you would risk damaging the business. You are taking a short term hit - the same as every other business and you have a large bulk of liabilities in your points balances - but I'd have thought there would have a trade up between people not spending them on flights and people increasing redemption on gift cards to save some cash. The people who aren't tapping the points banks are the ones who will want to spend them on flying, and are more likely to have cash to spend with your partners than the people who have been forced to liquidate points.

            • @futureminime: Thats all true. But most of the 10 million or whatever members are likely not knowledgable enough to discern a more stealthy devaluation approach.

              Remember QF DID majorly devalue the points last year but marketed that as an “enhancement“ - I don't recall much backlash to that - PLUS - they could always play around with availability to make redeeming classic rewards / upgrades less valuable, which, as you know, is the only way to get substantial value out of the points.

              That and VA has just gone LCC yesterday so expect more QF members competing for even less available seats!

              • @Wootwootwoot: I'd agree with that, mostly. Like last year, if you're going to make a business move its going to be to the benefit of the business, not the consumers. Thankfully we all have the goal of lifetime platinum to fall back on (75,000 status creds).

                I'm not saying they are above it, or that there isn't precedent, but just that the only reason I think people are worried is because they know its an easy cash grab when they have a restricted market (harder for people to dodge it).

                Personally I'd see it as a missed opportunity to direct spending where you want it to go. Let Qantas Loyalty pay Qantas Domestic and International for the points flights, and bump the quarterly result back into strong territory. There seems to be a strong demand as people are ready to jump off asap anyway, but depending how long before flights open back up, people might not have the disposable income to fund all the holidays.

  • +1

    If there was a date on International Borders opening this would be attractive.

    But there isn't so its literally worthless to many.

    • Agreed. Flights to where? Hotel where? When? Nobody can say for sure at this stage.

  • +8

    Excludes Classic Flight Rewards

    So this would be points + pay option for flight redemptions?
    Which is the poorest value of use for points.

    Or am I reading it wrong? It seems to exclude everything lol.

    • +4

      Excludes classic flight which is a deal breaker. Imagine being able to book RTW in business for 20% less.

      • The silver lining of the pandemic is that I have more time to get my points balance to 318k for that RTW business :)

      • No way you’d be able to book RTW routing at the moment anyway. Barely any flights.

        • RTW will be quick ;)

        • I was able to find flight to Europe and America for next year.

      • +1

        I did book at 20% less, when it was 280k. Cancelled due to covid
        My daughter will also be over 2 by the time we can travel
        So my 560k RTW biz class trip turned into a 954k trip
        Cries a little more

  • Of course I just spent 70,000 points on flights last week…

    • Free cancellation for any reason until 2021

      • Where does it show this mate?

    • Classic award flights aren't included in this promo so don't worry. The discount is likely to only apply to any seat flights which are a waste of points anyway.

  • Excludes Classic Flight rewards, so probably only a discount on Any Seat rewards? If so, not a great deal for flights, unless you really need a specific flight that isn't available as a Classic Flight reward.

  • I might have missed it somewhere but where does it say 20% off all the categories mentioned in the post?

  • Giftcards $100 = 18,770 points.
    Is this good conversion?

    I wonder if giftcards are also discounted.

    • +1

      Thats normal price. I got $250 JBHifi vouchers in past for around 45k points, which is what currently listed as well. Unless they include GC also in 20% off.

  • +2

    Hmm.. stacked with these? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/573059

    • Would like to know as well. Might be a very nice price for bose 700 or the Bose headphones

  • Not much information on exactly what is on sale

  • Nothing is ever "cheap" through the Qantas store. But you could buy Weber stuff at around RRP or below with this discount. Keep an eye out for Sony headphones and the like.

  • Any good Apple deals?

    • Picked up an iPad Pro. Normally 316k now 253k

  • +1

    I found this year to be quite lucrative for anyone new to QFF.

    They could have easily netted 318k points with just 4 credit card sign up bonus and with very little annual fees.

    • I made this mistake one year… it kills ur credit rating, guess that doesn’t matter if u don’t need to borrow money

      • Not really you just need to relax on the cc signup 6 months before apply for a loan or refinancing. Also my credit score did not get a big hit this year and actually went up. So it's different for everyone.

      • My credit rating held up pretty well. I've applied for 6 cards since December and I've been within the 650-750 range.

  • I've seen some info on this. What I know so far is:

    • Flight discount is 20% off Points Plus Pay, domestic only
    • Rewards store 20% off on points excludes gift cards, sale items
    • Qantas Wine 20% discount on points excludes sales items, offers with bonus points bundled
    • Qantas Hotels 20% off Points Plus Pay has been active for a while. Reward bookings excluded.
    • Qantas 20% off points for car hire is for Avis only (I think…)

    Overall not that great of a deal, but hopefully better than nothing for some people.

    • Perfect timing for me, I decided to bite the bullet and apply for the $199 Qantas Premier card with 100k Qantas points. I was planning on buying an Apple Watch Series 6 as a gift, with the discount it brings to under 100k points….I feel better with spending $199 on an Apple Watch….

      I've been a bit more relaxed with what I spend my points on these days since flying is off the table in the next 6 months (not that I would want to with the expected surge in demand) and I expect Qantas to devalue points.

      • I just used my points getting an Apple watch 6 two days ago.
        Pretty sure discount won't apply to Apple products, especially the new ones…

        • Confirmed does include Apple however points club 10% does not stack with this deal unfortunately

          • @link90: Damn, I haven't received my order yet but checked QF return policy, seems they don't accept change of mind return for Apple products. I'm dying inside…

  • -1

    wtf…. just spent 200k yesterday…gg

    • Qantas store offer change of mind.

  • +1

    Travel is out of question and the discount doesn't apply to gift cards and didn't stack with the existing discount with Bose… I think I'll wait until black friday to see if there's a more attractive deal

  • +2

    I reckon 20% off on Apple products offers good value. Personally considering an iPad Pro.

    • Agree. I bought iphone 12 pro 128Gb

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