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Amazon New Cashback: Electronics 5%, Baby, Office, Beauty, Health, Household & Personal Care 7.5%, Rest up to 10% @ Cashrewards


Hi all. Five new categories effective immediately. Always check the cashback table prior to any purchase, as rates and category eligibility can/will change regularly without notice. Please stay safe and enjoy :)

Full list of rates (changes in bold):

  • Amazon Devices 7% 10%
  • Apparel 7% 10%
  • Jewellery 7% 10%
  • Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 7% 10%
  • Automotive 6% 7.5%
  • Baby Products 0% 7.5%
  • Beauty 0% 7.5%
  • Health, Household & Personal Care 0% 7.5%
  • Home 6% 7.5%
  • Luggage 6% 7.5%
  • Office Products 0% 7.5%
  • Premium Beauty 6% 7.5%
  • Sports & Outdoors 6% 7.5%
  • Watches 6% 7.5%
  • Wine, Beer & Spirits 6% 7.5%
  • Electronics 0% 5%
  • All Other Products 0% (Camera, DVD & Blu-Ray, Home Entertainment, Home Improvement, Kitchen, Lawn & Garden, Mobile Phones & Wearable Tech, Musical Instruments, Pantry Food & Drinks, Personal Computing, Pet Food & Supplies, Physical Books, Physical Music, Tools, Toys, Video Games).

Amazon terms for cashback:

  • Check cashback table prior to purchase, as rates and category eligibility can/will change regularly without notice.
  • Cashback is ineligible on purchase of vouchers, gift cards, kindle unlimited, audible, mobile apps, subscribe & save items, prime subscriptions, and all categories/products listed at 0% cashback.
  • IMPORTANT: Ensure your Amazon cart is empty before clicking from Cashrewards, as items added prior to clicking will not earn cashback. Items must only be added to cart after clicking from Cashrewards.
  • Purchases paid with gift cards are eligible for cashback.
  • When using a valid coupon code or Amazon credit (applicable only on items sold by Amazon AU), cashback is calculated on the net amount after the value of the coupon code or credit has been deducted.
  • You must return and click through from Cashrewards to Amazon every time you make a new transaction/purchase.
  • Cashback is paid on eligible purchases, excluding delivery, taxes & GST.
  • Pre-orders are eligible for cashback only if the item is scheduled to be shipped within 60 days of purchase.
  • Watches category excludes smartwatches & fitness trackers (ineligible).
  • Category product inclusions & exclusions are solely at the discretion of Amazon, not Cashrewards. Electronics includes (but not limited to) Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Head & Earphones, Stereo Components, Speakers and Other Electronics. It excludes (but not limited to) TVs, PCs & Accessories, Printers, Projectors, Musical/Recording Equipment, Blu-ray Players, Game Consoles, Mobile Phones & Accessories, Soundbars (which may fall under different categories).

Common question: Why are my Amazon purchases showing declined? You've almost certainly purchased from a 0% category. Don't forget to refer-a-friend for $15 each. Tip: add your code to OzB’s randomiser. And check out our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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  • Too early?

  • does it matter who the seller is, or do these all apply as long as you're buying from the Amazon AU site?

  • Electronics are back?? Not bad, just need Video Games back and i'll be happy or at least happy for an OzBargainer.

  • Why make it so complicated to get cashback…eg cart has to be empty! This is to catch people out so they don't have to pay the cashback…if you are going to be so sneaky about it you might as well not offer casbacks! So hard to determine the eligible category in Amazon so can't they even offer 1% for all other categories?

    • Empty cart is generally to ensure the sale is attributed to the right affiliate - or in other words, it's a technical requirement, not just an artificial hoop to jump through. So yes, it's probably better for them to pay cashback on orders they get money for, it's not a charity operation. As for the rest of the categories, it's Amazon that chooses to pay 0% on them.

      Edit: just save things to wish lists instead of adding to cart, then it's easy to find again when you go to use a cashback provider.

      • instead of adding to wish list….

        can't you just add to cart
        then click save for later?

        open the cashback link
        Then go to the cart and move the item back to cart

        • Possibly, I don't know how that interacts with the affiliate tracking. Have you done that before? I just use wishlists as they're not part of the cart in any way plus it works for Aliexpress and eBay (watch list) which don't have the same sort of save for later feature.

    • I understand the carts part although not sure all sites have that requirement. But I do agree the eligible category requirement is pretty crap. Its constantly changing as well as you are never guaranteed it falls into the category you think it will. Much better if they just had a universal and lower %cashback than the way they do it.

      • The reason they do it is because Amazon doesn't pay affiliate commission on all categories. So if they give you 1% in a category they have a 0% affiliate commission in, they have to pay out of their own pocket. Do that for high value categories (like Electronics) and they're on a fast track to bankruptcy.

        • Yes I know they are only following what they have agreed with amazon, but I am saying they should try to negotiate it or come up with a better system. Even if the app itself can tell you on the fly for the items but that would be impossible I think.

          • @lonewolf: Except they neither agree with nor negotiate anything with Amazon. The Amazon Affiliate Program is a "take it or leave it" system where Amazon tells you what categories are worth what percentages, and you like it. As to showing you the cashback, that's impossible as Amazon doesn't know that their Affiliate (Cashrewards) is giving you 7.5% on Health, Household and Personal Care, they only know that they are paying their Affiliate 8%.

            You'll also note CR doesn't pay cashback on some categories (e.g. Video Games) which Amazon does pay commission to them on.

          • @lonewolf: I've suggested this to CR before too. Surely it can't be too difficult to give you an estimate cashback rate via the chrome addon or app when you're on a product page.

  • Is there a way to know pre purchase what category a particular item is. For example Xiaomi H3 air purifier?

  • Where were you during prime day?

  • Too late 😒

  • Is oculus quest 2 considered electronics?

  • Commiserations to the Cashrewards staff who have to deal with countless enquiries about missing cash backs, lower than expected cash backs. Too complex for those spending the money, and those who sort the payments.

    I really feel for them, as they have been extremely helpful with me in the past. I wish them well.

  • Anyone think this change in cashback is due to how poor the amazon prime day AU sale has been?

    • Nah. Probably just the marketing boffins at Amazon HQ keeping themselves busy. Imagine all the meeting required to make these changes.

      • Amazon didn't make these changes. During Prime Day, Amazon was paying 5% to their affiliate, Cashrewards Pty Ltd, on any Electronics purchase that tracked to their affiliate ID: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com.au/help/operating/sched... - while they were paying you 0%. Right now, Cashrewards gets 5% on any Video Games sales, while you get 0%.

        This sort of thing is how Cashrewards can stay in business while paying at or sometimes above the commissions they get on everyday sales.

    • I didn't think it was bad. I bought >$300 stuff + the front page of ozbargain on that day continuously changed the whole day

      • I think prime day sale has been meh after the first year..

        Hardly found any lightning deals that grabbed my attention..

        The first year had xbox one s, ps4 pro etc.. that were real bargains..
        Even the home appliances were quite good deals and that was not part of prime day etc….

        Nowadays prime day is just mainly about their smart home products

      • front page of ozbargain kept changing because people kept posting all sorts of junk / back in stock items… I agree, the first prime day sale was great and ever since then its been downhill. this had to be the worst year in my experience. So much junk / standard pricing, the best deals were still only decent deals. And with the amount of junk posts ozbargain gets these days sometimes people miss out on seeing the actual bargains.

  • Video games or bust.

  • What does a Nintendo Switch fall under? Is that eligible?

  • Prime day wiped out my giftcards quota for the month .
    Would have fired with anything in toys but no cigar : (

  • What a reward

  • Trying to work out if this is Electronics or Camera based on the Amazon listing. Seems to be in Electronics. Can anyone chime in? https://www.amazon.com.au/Fujifilm-Mirrorless-Digital-Camera...

    • If you look above the photo on a computer you'll see the category listed ie. Electronics 5% cash back

      Electronicsâ€șCamera & Photoâ€șDigital Camerasâ€șCompact System Cameras

      Hope this helps

      • It's not always accurate. Ive been through this with other devices that fell into office for example but were considered electronics. Amazon isnt so upfront with its categorisation.

      • Plague is correct, the enigma that is Amazon has excluded cameras, even though they are a subset of electronics,
        So to misquote the Soup Nazi, No Cash for you!

      • No cashback on cameras 🙁

  • Its becoming a lottery as to whether Cashback is approved or not. Only two of four of my prime day transactions were tracked, and both were declined. No more detailed reason given than 'terms were not met.'

  • I just cancelled my orders from prime day and re-ordered. they werent on sale then but im hoping they fit under the 5% for electronics.

  • Is the most certain way to track is to go to cashrewards site, go to shop link from there, and then purchase?
    Im pissed off my 800 dollars ebay transaction didn't get recorded

  • anybody know if this category is inlcluded
    Camera & Photo : Computers, Components & Accessories : Computer Accessories : Blank Media

  • Would it work for oculus quest 2?

  • It excludes (but not limited to) TVs, PCs & Accessories, Printers, Projectors, Musical/Recording Equipment, Blu-ray Players, Game Consoles, Mobile Phones & Accessories, Soundbars (which may fall under different categories).

    God damn it.

  • Cash back via Amazon is so buggy and non transparent that I don't even bother anymore. There has to be a better system.

    • yeah, I would much rather they had 1 or 2% on everything rather than the way they do it. Its just a waste of everyones time as its never guaranteed it falls into the category you think it does and they keep changing the cashbacks of the category.

  • During prime day sales this Mob declined every transaction.

  • Does anyone know if PC cases are eligible? Some cases I've found fall under both electronics and computers categories.

  • Which category would something like this come up as? https://www.amazon.com.au/Shoulder-CornerArmor-Protective-Th...

    I would assume "computers" which means its not counted.. :(

  • Does it include purchases from Amazon UK and US via amazon.com.au?

  • +1 vote

    Purchases paid with gift cards are eligible for cashback.


  • meh. right after prime day.guessing that was intended?

  • Why do toys almost always never attract cashback?

  • Can anyone confirm if camera lenses fall under Electronics? On Amazon, it is, but is it also for CR?

    • You will be surprised when your cashback transaction gets rejected by CR, like it happened with me. There is not guarantee, it's a lottery. Read my negged comment above.

    • yea mate, there is no guarantee. this whole cashback things from these rewards sites is becoming a joke. looks like they are only interested in stealing personal information and sell it to marketing companies to fill their pockets.

    • Categories are determined by Amazon, not CR.
      If it's under Electronics on Amazon, it is under Electronics.