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50% off RRP All Musashi Products (in Store and Online) @ Chemist Warehouse


First post so feel free to roast me.

Everything Musashi is half price at Chemist warehouse, instore and online. Combine with free postage if over $50 for a great deal.
Similar to this expired deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/521425.

No idea when it ends, so get in quick. Obviously a much lower quality than the likes of BulkNutrients but at this price its a no brainer.


Edit: Sale ends 29/10. Thanks to chewkl for the info
Edit2: It appears some stores are still doing the buy 5x bars andget 5% off, or 10x bars and get 10% promo, which stacks with this deal. My local (Abbotsford, VIC) wasn't doing this when I checked.

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    Why is it "a much lower quality"? I've got both brands and Musashi feels a bit more premium.

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      Agreed, I have been using it for a couple of years and my "farts" arent as bad as some other brands.

      Only issue is that it is on the little on the sweet side.

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        Yes, it depends on the actual product also. I have moved over to one of their proteins and it's much better (taste, packaging ingredients and formula) then bulk nutrients similar product.

        • is this how i become a sumo and wrestle with jv?

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        Whey isolate will not give you farts.

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      Rather than “feel” I guess the key question is where they source their raws and if they independently test.

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      It's been a while, but the last time I compared the nutrition table of Musashi with other brands, Musashi had one of the highest carbohydrate / lowest protein per weight ratios (which most people would perceive as worse value for money).

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        Yeh that's exactly what I was referring to and it's what others have mentioned.

        The one advantage Musashi does have over BulkNutrientd for example is the amount BCAA's included but generally Kj count is much higher with musashi

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        The Dark Choc Salted Caramel High Protein bar has 45 grams of protein and 1.7g of carbs. Can you show me a bar anywhere that can do better than that? Let alone one that tastes delicious. I'll wait.

        • BulkNutrients don't make bars so it's only powder we are referring to. No one is arguing about musashis bars, they are great.

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    According to the "Wellness October Catalogue" sale starts 16/10/2020 and ends 29/10/2020.

  • Thanks, bought :)

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    Just noticed that Musashi 100% Whey Chocolate 2kg actually has a higher % of protein than Musashi High Protein Chocolate 2kg.

    • +3

      Got one - Musashi 100% Whey 2kg for $39.99

      My wife uses the empty containers to store dry foods in the kitchen (pasta / flour / etc…)

      You can also use them as a pot plant by drilling a few holes at the bottom.

    • The servicing sizes are different and its Whey vs non whey.

  • Good quality protein powder needs at least 70% protein per serve

    • +7

      What will happen if I buy one with only 67%?

      • +30

        You'll lose all those Epic Gainz, and your social standing will be diminished as people laugh at your pitiful physique.

      • +3


        • +18

          I've got enough trophies anyway.

      • -2

        Then you're paying money for junk

    • Quality is different than quantity

  • Does anyone know the difference between the Bulk Protein, 100% Whey, and High Protein powders?

    • +1

      Different ingredients & protein %.

      The "High Protein" doesn't necessarily mean it has higher protein than the others.

    • +1

      BN is basically 100% concentrate or isolate depending on which one you buy. The high protein is a blend of concentrate, milk solids, and isolate (probs very small amounts).

      Personally I prefer spending 30$ a kg for isolate at aminoz.

      • Yeah I buy mine from AminoZ as well 75% protein per serve roughly $30 KG half the stuff you get from supermarkets is not good quality at all

    • How does the Shred & Burn formula compares to the High Protein ?

      From the description, it adds:

      "Hydroxycitrate complex 1.5g (1500mg) - equiv. hydroxycitric acid (HCA) from Garcinia cambogia 825mg, Caffeine 100 mg, Nicotinic acid 50 mg, Theobroma cocao (Cocoa) dry seed powder 4g (4000g)",

      which (apparently) is something that increases metabolism, reduces appetite and weight gain.

      • +2

        HCA - studies exist which show no effect on fat loss.
        Caffeine - self explanatory
        Nicotinic acid - this is just vitamin B3 (Niacin)
        Cocoa - not evidence based

      • High protein has more than double the protein

  • this thing needs to be taken in consideration.


    • Hydroxycut hardcore anyone? :p
      USA blend was illegal, but easily found in muscle stores/ebay ect.
      Now the USA blend is same as aus since 2013, all the illegal stuff removed.

  • Amazon have a few boxes of protein bars for $30, free shipping with prime.

    • Probably better off getting them instore as you get 10% off when you buy 10

      • Yeah but the few dollars I saved I had to spend on petrol and time to drive there lol

  • +1

    Better options for WPC / WPI e.g bulk nutrients, VPA etc, but Musashi's protein bars are great - some of the tastiest i've had. Getting a tub of creatine monohydrate at that price is a no brainer too.

    • +1

      ^^^ Yep, thinking the same.

      Add the creatine and a protein bar to reach the $50 free delivery threshold.

    • +1

      Agree. I use VPA protein powder, and pre-workout, but creatine is creatine no matter the brand. This is a fantastic price

      • Yeah VPA is great - their flavours are significantly better than Bulk Nutrients for me. Salted Caramel, Choc Banana and Vanilla are all better than any others i've tried

  • All I'm saying is DO YOUR RESEARCH

    • Indeed.

      All comments are general in natural and your personal experience/gains will vary (YMMV).

    • +9

      TREN hard. TEST yourself. DBOLish your goals. ANAVAR give up.

      • -1

        English plz

      • +1

        The only four steps you need, am I right

        • Must be Spanish

      • +1

        Pin to win.

        • Swole is the goal. Size is the prize.

      • +1

        No PCT no cycle!

  • I personally buy 5kg wpi VPA each time which costs like $150 delivered.
    4kg of 100% whey at $80 is a steal. Altho musashi claim its a blend of wpc and wpi.. not necesaairly good for leaning, youd ideally want wpi on its own

  • Cashback possible combined with this deal?

  • +7

    Ozbargain should add a new rule to enforce a gym selfie if someone is going to comment or provide advice for protein related posts :)

  • What is the group's opinion about Musashi's plant protein ? Also, anyone compared it with the likes of Prana plant protein etc. ?

  • Just a question. Has anyone with lactose intolerance used WPI and has problems? I'm thinking of buying the plant protein but the wpi seems cheaper. I want to use protein powder as an extra energy supply so not fuss about carbs (actually the more carbs the better for me because my metabolism is really fast).


    • +1

      Try a single serve drink uht Musashi High protein drink. See if you get itchy skin or other effects. I was never intolerant until I did a few fad diets and must have triggered something. Musashi is usually ok, not too bad for me. Some brands are really bad for some reason. You can also get samples from different websites and see if they affect you. Bulk nutrients samples

  • Thanks OP, bopped on down to my local and got 2kg of Vanilla Whey powder for $39 :)

  • Being asian, these kind of products are quite popular among my parents and their friends. But I, for one, never tried it before. Shouldn't we focus on a more balanced diet instead?
    It's always intriguing to me and I wonder how many of you actually take this kind of supplements on a daily basis?

    • +2

      Very much dependent on your individual goals and requirements.

      Balanced diet: not everyone is able to meet the suggested servings of X,y,z, fruit, vegetables, macros etc and also not compromise the ratios.

      The point is that these are supplements, being that they're intended not to replace a balanced diet. Simply put, your own lifestyle choices or genetics may require you to supplement with vitamins, more of X product or in this case protein.

    • +2

      I've consumed either VPA or bulk nutrients protein powder + creatine daily for years. These products supplement a balanced diet. Having a balanced diet and consuming a (high quality) protein shake are not mutually exclusive-
      A good protein shake will give you a substantial amount of quickly digested protein, often per serve they're cheap as chips* and are portable. Of course you should be having 1.2g/kg + of protein per day via whole foods, nutrient rich carbohydrates and plenty of fibrous fruits and veggies. But these are quick, relatively very cheap and healthy supplements to a balanced diet.
      Edit: 1kg of VPA protein powder for $24 / 30 serves = 80c per serve. Many fold cheaper than a cup of coffee

    • +1

      If you do any training or even regular exercise, there is a big difference in recovery using protein. When I was vegetarian, it seemed to help with energy as well. If you log your macros, it's easy to get carbs and fats filled, but protein not so much. So people are using protein powder to get a balanced diet.

  • +3

    Usually $65 for 2kg of Musashi 100% whey at CW. Goes to $39 a few times a year. Don't stress about this deal, it's a regular sale price.

    • +2

      I agree I wouldn't stress as they do it twice a year or so. But it is still a good deal and people probably want to be notified when its happening, hence the post

      • Agreed. I only buy enough to last a few months. Always good to know when mores on sale.

  • +2

    You get another 5% and 10% off when you buy 5x or 10x of the same brand protein bars.

    • I did check for this and my local store wasnt doing it anymore so I assumed this promo was finished?

      • I went to Botany CW today to buy 10x bars and saw the 5% and 10% promo. Ended up paying $17.91 for 10 shred & burn bars (mixed flavours).
        I bought 'em to fix my late night sugar cravings I get now because I've been cutting for 10 weeks!

        • Cheers. Ive added that info to the description. Bit of a bugger my local wasnt!

        • the sugar alcohol bloat is annoying so avoiding protein bars with -tols in the ingredient section.

  • Thanks OP, ordered two!! Usually get ON but the price is too good!

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Already bought my truckload of these the other day but you get an upvote solely for the "roast me" comment… nothing more annoying than insecure easily offended first time posters who bleat about it and ask folks to go easy on them. It's just a shame that not all of the range is available for delivery… I live about 3 hours drive from my nearest CW which is (only just) not worth the drive to pick up the Deluxe Protein Rocky Road bars. Man they are addictive. :)

  • I'm sure this has come around quicker than normal, still haven't finished a tub from the last 50% off….But I'm not complaining
    Having the plastic peg at the top of the tub for the scoop is brilliant!

  • Thanks OP. I picked up some of their tribulus capsules for under $10 for a bottle of 60, which is brilliant value. I’ll see how I go with them over the next couple of days and whether they help with energy levels, and if they work out I might grab a couple more.

  • Great buy if you're on a tight budget and just a casual gym goer wanting to supplement protein intake.

  • Can anyone vouch for the taste of this protein powder?

  • -3

    Unfortunately still not as cheap as myprotein or bulknutrients

    • +1

      How do you figure that? BulkNutrients is $36 a kg. This is $19 per kg. $19 is less than $36???

      Plus $7 postage as well for BN. At normal price sure but not when this is half price and free postage.

  • Seen alot of comments about getting an extra 10% off when you buy 10 bars, do stores put a limit on the amount you can buy to get the 10% off?

    • +2

      When my local did this promo they didn't have a limit

  • +1

    further 10% on already 50% off for 48 hours

    • The website doesnt seem to be working that well with it though. Searching 'Musashi' doesnt show the extra 10% off discounted price but finding the bars by scrolling through on the homepage does?

      • It shows when you actually click specific product.

  • and stock is not correct on the website. I tried to order online and it showed that the product was not in stock in the particular shop. I went their and it was actually in stock..

  • Thanks OP. Hung off buying and ended up buying today with extra 10% off.

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