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[PS4, XB1, Pre Order] Dirt 5 (Free Next Gen Upgrade) $69 + $5.90 Post @ MightyApe


Seems Amazon haven't matched this one yet. Great deal for a game that will get a free next gen upgrade.

XBox link: https://www.mightyape.com.au/product/dirt-5-limited-edition-...

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Mighty Ape Australia
Mighty Ape Australia

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  • You can get next gen for 79$ why to wait to download for upgrade when you can get PS5 or Xbox Series X at around same value.

  • Watch gameplay videos for this before ordering, it looks extremely disappointing & lackluster for next-gen. Forza Horizon 4 looks far far better even as a 2 year old title.


    • Dunno, looks good to me. https://youtu.be/CF9A935XFkU

    • “Is this a mobile game?” Ah yes, no bias here, at all…..

    • It's a cross-gen title, and I think it looks stunning considering that. Also - they're putting the extra power to use with three graphical modes for Series X/PS5. Very unfair to dunk on it considering.


      Why would you allow someone with clear BIAS towards PS to sway you with such an appalling overview of the game and SX?
      The video was initially taken from IGN who did such a poor job of capturing that it makes the game look worse than it is.
      The intent was to make the SX look bad, when the game is actually a x platform game meaning it will perform worse on the PS5 than SX. Look at the uploader's comment about how he already asks if this is a mobile game then apologizes to Xb owners, THEN check out all his praise PS videos.

      The guy is an idiot with his only devs skills being on a mobile NFS game?, that does not make him an authority on anything, if anything it proves how little credibility he has.
      He talks about 2 meter pop in on the road, what he does not mention is that on the left of the car where the trees are, no pop in, on the right, where the middle of the road which is covered in dirt, this is where the poor capture shows massive issues.
      Draw distance maintains the same left and right as in has a horizon, again the uploader clearly does not know what he is talking about.

  • ahhh, take me back to pikes peak! those were the days.


      Got mine for $50 when Lattitude had a $50 off spend $150, got Cyberpunk as part of the deal for $50 too.

  • Drop that price to $69 for PlayStation, c'mon Amazon…

  • I'm not a huge fan of the series but the video previews for next gen didn't leave me salivating… sure there are improvements but they feel somewhat more marginal than I expected for next gen :(