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Boost Mobile $150 SIM Starter Pack (12 Month Expiry | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text) $135 Delivered @ Auditech


The new Boost Mobile plans are fairly unimpressive ($200/85GB data - soon to be 30GB data) in comparison to the old $150/80GB plan. Thankfully, the remaining $150 SIM Starter Packs on the market can still be bought and activated up until their expiry date (March 2022). Note that once the 12 months is up, you'll have to switch to one of their new plans.

Given that the $150/80GB deal was already pretty good for using the Telstra network, this $135 offer is pretty decent. Ends up being $11.25/month for 6.66GB/month (with rollover).

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  • Was looking to get this the other day when it was on sale with the 20% ebay sale and missed out, snagged one this time, cheers.

  • I'm on boost currently till dec. my plan was to do a 3month rollover to Kogan or something then come back for a 12month on boost starter again .. if I get this can I hold and activate in March next year?

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    Thanks OP, so you mean these 80/85GB plans will cease to exist and replaced by 30GB plans? omg

    • If that happens does that mean once you try and activate this it will only be 30gb or is it guaranteed on what was and not what is available at the time. Will be a dam shame and I think it works like that. What ever the $value is you can get what's available at the time. It's not a fixed data allowance. Could be wrong 🤔

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        If you get one of these packs you will get the 80GB for 12 months. You just won't be able to renew after 12 months on this plan (only services activated by August 10th can renew on the same plan).

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      The $150/80GB should still be a valid recharge for services activated on this plan by August 10th 2020 as per:

      "Activate before the 10th of August, and be able to renew on the $150 plan after 12 months"

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    There is still a $150 80G recharge option.

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      … For those who activated prior to aug 10 2020

      • My $150/80GB plan is expiring next month. Do you know whether the data is rolled over if I recharge before the expiry date?

        • It doesn't roll over. But make sure you recharge before it expires otherwise you might no longer have access to the 80gb $150 plan

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            @SmiTTy: FYI I stuffed up and forgot to recharge on the day. But I tried renewing on the app the day after expiry and it still worked.

            • @Helmuth: Great to know for myself, thanks!!

      • Ahh ffs. I've had one siting in the drawer for 5 months waiting for my wife's plan to expire, when I bought it I knew I could recharge it but as I have not activated now she can only get one year. :(

        • thats only 50 dollar different per year (150 vs 200). or 4.12/month.

          having say that, it is still much cheaper than any other postpaid plan (if you are not a heavy data user)

          • @dts88: The WW one is pretty good. Not as good features wise but money wise it literally makes me money with the grocery discount

  • Does data rollover for 12 month plan if I recharge in time?

    • Nope

    • I recharged my boost mobile with $150 on 8 Aug, a little under 2 months before the previous 12 months ran out. At the time I thought I would not able to do a $150 recharge again.

      After the recharge i noticed it first utilised the remaining 40GB from the previous plan before it began to consume the 80GB from current plan. This is the same for intl minutes and sms.

      On the boost app it shows separate lines for data and mins from the previous plan along with expiry date. My previous plan ran out on 10 Oct and I can no longer see free minutes from previous plan.

  • Can I get this in eSIM?

    • Pretty sure boost don't do esim yet

  • How to transfer current mobile phone no. to a prepaid sim such as this one? Thanks.

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      Just go through the steps to activate the starter kit. It will ask you if you want a new number or port your existing. Provide all the appropriate ID then once it starts the porting process it might take a few mins (or a few days depending how unlucky you are) for network to switch across

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    Whats the cheapest best value plan for calls in Australia? Data is not important, just calls.

      • Does this expire?

        • Monthly

      • This plan should be bear in mind as I was in this plan and switch back to Boost. You cannot add more calls(conference call) or receive mms, which cause sometimes cause inconvenience.

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      Think it's time to switch to Woolworth mobile prepaid which is on Telstra network

      $20 - 6GB per month
      $30 - 30GB per month
      (Plus data rolls over if you don't use it)

      The real benefit is 10% off every month so if you spend $200 on grocies in one shop you get $20 discount which pays for your mobile plan.

      You scan the rewards card and they ask if you want to claim it you can say no or yes so you can maximise the 10% off on your biggest shop that month

      The Woolworth offer 365-day $150 for 84gb but no 10% off groceries do better with month by month plans.

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        I think you'll find that you're wrong that the $150 yearly plan doesn't have 10% off your shop once per month.

        • Incorrect.

          I just switched from Boost to WW $150 last weekend and i made sure the 10% shopping discount is still available. The only caveat is it only applies after 60days.

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        Woolworths say you do get "10% off your grocery shop every month" on the 365 day recharge.


        • Thank you I was looking at an old information at the bottom of this page :-)


          Well 84GB for $150 for 365 days is equal to boost mobile + additional 10% off grocies just hope it offers telstra wifi calling.

          • @jman177: Woolworths mobile does not offer VOLTE or wifi calling and not expected until end of 2021.

      • I already have the 10% once per month from Woolworths insurance - does this give me 2 x 10% in a month of just the once?

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      Coles mobile is $99 at the moment for 365 days + 60gig. ($8.25 per month)


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    Coles mobile had a similar offer $120 for 60gb and 150 for 120 GB , and unlimited local talk and text and some international countries also. But on optus network

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    Boost plans are getting worse and worse. I was so happy with the $150/80GB. Then they make it $200 for another 5GB.

    Like, (profanity) off with that Boost.

    Are you serious OP, they are making it 30GB or was that a typo?

    Boost had such good service but they seem scummy as hell to me now.

  • YES! Finally, early bird gets the worm! Thx OP.

  • I thought you can't activate these anymore? Anyone tried?

    • Why is that?

      • Because the plan is no longer available for new customers

        • I hope Auditech is willing to refund people if it turns out they truly can't activate on this plan. Being able to activate with $150 included credit is different to being to activate "on this superseded plan"

          • @constipated: No idea if you can refund. I wouldn't risk it. Unless someone can confirm they can activate

        • Then how can they sell it?

        • Are you saying they're essentially selling expired plans?

          • @Skinnerr: They are selling a SIM starter pack with $150 credit. Who knows if when you sign up, you may have to pay an extra $50 for a $200 plan yearly plan (their current pricing).

            Technically I think their wording just says they are selling you a pack with $150 credit, not that you will have access to the previous plan.

    • I did last week, a bit drama with my name but all gone thru well. Hope it helps

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    Thanks OP, purchased 2. One for wife and one for myself.

  • Accepts all details but out of stock during checkout.

  • Sorry, I reported it as duplicate by mistake.
    It should be reported as Out of stock.
    Good deal but I missed it.

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    I got a Catch Connect one for $89 for 60GB data and unlimited calls/texts for 365 days. Compared to it, this isn't a great deal.

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      Boost uses Telstra's network while catch uses Optus. deal depends which network suits you best.

    • Optus is rubbish.

  • HI All, Got two packs. But Im already on boost so how can I use this. I guess it cannot be used for recharge.so whats the way out. Thanks

    • stick to the wall, people love art gallery.

      • Unfortunately, my love of art is in different domain mate

    • Port out and Port back in.
      Might lose future recharge option tho, but at least your next 12 month cost 135 instead of 150

      U could also try to reach them on chat and ask if they can transfer the credit. I think they have a way to move your number over to the new sim manually so u don't need to port out / port in.. But ymmv

      • Port out. How? Sorry bit of a noob here.

        Does that mean I need to get some other SIM of some other provider & then port out to them & come back to Boost.

        Cheers mate.

        • Does that mean I need to get some other SIM of some other provider & then port out to them & come back to Boost.

          Thats exactly what it means. Telstra have a free prepaid sim you can order to do this. Or search ebay for cheap sim cards.

          • @Skinnerr: Thanks mate.Will give it a try. So it will take couple of days and porting out will be at least 2 days and then another 1 day for porting back in. Isnt it?

            • @harry ss: Ehhh depends on alot of variables and differs from telco to telco (depending on who you use). 2 weeks max I'd say.

        • Coles Sim is $2 and you can activate without any additional recharge. So you can try
          Port out to Coles
          Ensure porting is succcessful and you are on Coles (Optus) network
          Port out to Boost with the new pack

          But not too sure what you can do with the second new pack - maybe sell it

          • @ozprash: Ow man~ I bought Coles mobile sim and tried to activate without additional recharge. But recharge is mandatory starting from $20. So I ended using Coles instead of Boost. I will keep it in my draw and get it opened at the end of the next year. :)

            • @DisabledUser196949: Ouch! Sorry about that :( It worked for me back in Mar, and thought the process wouldn't have changed.

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        Hi All,

        I figured out that you don't need to port out & port back in. I just messaged their helpdesk and they changed the # to new SIM without having to port out. So all good.


        • That's fantastic! Did they ask for the reason? what info did they require for this transfer? And how long does this take for the transfer? Thanks

          • @Bargain Fighter: They asked for my ID. It took only about 30 minutes.

            • @harry ss: Great! So you just asked them that you bought a new starter kit and want them to transfer your number to the new sim? Did you online chat or email their helpdesk? Thanks

  • Is the voicemail still as message/text for Boost? What’s the experience here for OzB members here? Happy with that?

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      yes and yes

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      Mine changed over to visual voicemail a couple of months ago. No action was required by me. It just happened.

      • Does anyone ever get pigeon English text 2 speech messages from the program not understanding accents? Cracks me up lol.

  • Hi guys,

    I'm currently on sim-only with Voda for $35, 30gb / month .

    Never thought of boost and woolies before, though with these deals it's sounds pretty good.

    Some questions for anyone who has used boost;
    -Do you get notifications for data usage?
    -What happens when you use all your data? do you get charged or have to buy a data pack?

    Getting these cheap sims on a decent network means I can buy a phone when I want it, and not wait for lock-in plans that are ok.

    ….is it worth waiting for Black Friday / Boxing day before switching?


  • Damn missed out!

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    $300 Boost starter kit for $249 delivered here - https://cellmate.com.au/product/boost-300-starter-kit4/

    Apparently postage is taking forever these days, so head into Officeworks and get them to price beat it - https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/boost-300-...

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    Don't sign up if your phone does not support VoLTE!

    Boost is getting worse by the day thanks to Telstra shutting down their 850Mhz network: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/564827

  • bought from them during ebay sales. fast shipping and good price.

  • What's the easiest way to switchover to Boost from Telstra Postpaid.
    Port out to Optus/Voda then port to Boost or is there a simpler way?

  • Can someone upload or pm me the reciept if possible please?

  • currently with them on $150/12 month, can I still recharge by getting voucher from Coles?