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OMEN X Emperium 65-Inch Big Format Gaming Display $6799.15 Delivered (Was $7999) @ HP


Brace for impact - because at-home gaming and entertainment will never be the same. With stunning 4K HDR visuals, NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Ultimate with blazing-fast refresh rates up to 144Hz, and built-in NVIDIA® SHIELD™, this cutting-edge display brings your entire living room to life. Game, stream entertainment, and lose yourself in a brilliant 64.5” diagonal screen - when it comes to immersion, it doesn’t get much bigger, or better, than this.

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  • Yeah…nah.

    Just get a LG OLED CX series. Will be way better than this for half the price.

    OLED, 144Hz, G-Sync and FreeSync Support, Very nice colour and blacks etc…

  • +8 votes

    This is HDMI 2.0b vs 2.1 in the CX so there are no reasons I an think of to buy this.

    You wouldn't but it if it was the same price as the CX, let alone nearly twice the price.

    • So before HDMI 2.1 was released, on the brand new Nvidia graphics cards, the only way to get that bandwidth was DP 1.4, which this has.

      So previously, something like this was the only way to do it, now, you may as well buy an LG and a new GPU (if you can find one) as it'll still be cheaper.

  • What kinda shit is this. It's not even IPS. MVA?? You can get a 65" OLED for literally 2000 less at full price. 'Monitor' market should be in shamble's

  • But how good will Crysis look on it?

  • This deal is a disgrace

  • TVs have come down heaps in recent years. I remember back in the day when a 42" plasma was over 9 grand.

    • I remember when I bought my 60 inch Kuro for $12,000* in 2007. Still using it.

      *reduced to 7.5k on a DTV forum group buy.

  • does it have vga port?

  • At this price the LG CX is basically a no brainer….you are effectively paying half the price for a substantially better product geared for serious cinephiles as well as gamers.

    1. Infinite contrast
    2. 4x HDMI 2.1 inputs which offers up to 120hz Gsync and Free Sync support.
    3. Ultra low 1ms response time.
    4. 97-98% wide colour volume (DCI P3)
    5. The general aesthetics of the LG. It just looks way sleeker and classier than the Omen.

    The list goes on….

    • Not that I disagree with your general point, but the term “infinite contrast” is the biggest BS marketing term in TVs. Drives me mental seeing them drum it up.

      • Lol fair enuf what are the normal contrast level for an oled? Everywhere quotes infinite contrast including rtings.com and the likes

        • Infinite contrast ratio has been a marketing thing since long before OLEDs were popular.

          But you can’t accurately measure contrast ratio on an OLED to my knowledge. Because it does perfect blacks. Which means 0. You can’t times but zero.

          With that said, you can still only get so bright/white. Black might be perfect but the white isn’t. Ergo the entire contrast ratio can’t be perfect.

  • I wouldn't buy this over a LG OLED but this isn't prone to burn in. It's got a slightly higher refresh rate at 144 vs 120, it has HDR 1000 vs HDR 600 (I think), Nvidia Shield built in and a sound bar built in.

    Still a rip off but it has a few little advantages.

  • Wish they made small form factor gaming monitors with OLED. i.e. 25", 27", etc.