Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus $66,900 + On Roads (Was $73,900 + OR) @ Tesla


Greetings everyone, this was originally posted on the weekend but was removed due to a lack of information, but thought it was best to share again as it's a substantial discount :)

As per the Drive Article:

The price of the Tesla Model 3 has dropped substantially for the Australian market, in line with upgrades to the electric sedan's interior and exterior design and technology features and claimed electric range figures.

The base Standard Range Plus model is now priced from $66,900 before on-road costs – representing a decrease of $7000 on previous pricing – while its quoted range has received a 30km boost, now extending to 490km on a single charge (according to the NEDC test).

The mid-spec Long Range variant has dropped to $83,425 before on-road costs, a price cut of $6000, while its quoted range has climbed to 657km, up from the previous 620km (an increase of 37km).

Finally, the top-of-the-range Performance variant now costs $92,425 before on-road costs, or $5000 less than before, and offers a claimed range of 628km – marking the largest range increase in the line-up with a boost of 68km.

Surprisingly, while prices have decreased, the level of standard equipment on offer has been either upgraded or revised.

All prices listed above exclude on-road costs, but include Tesla's mandatory $150 order fee and $1375 delivery fee.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +375 votes

    Thanks, bought 5.

  • +48 votes

    Probably be ozbargained

    • LoL…with all the broke OzBargainers who can only afford Camry's? I don't think so…

      • i wish i could afford a camry

      • Nothing really wrong with a camry…

        Other than how fkn low the front bumper is to the ground. Does not work with the high kerb at the front of so many parking bays. Ours was replaced once (accident) and the new one is dinged to buggery from kerbs even though we now have a good appreciation of the car size.

        • Definitely nothing wrong with it! It's the people and their mindset on here that's wrong…only thinking that Toyota is the hands down go to brand or Mazda or Kia…most on here can't actually afford better cars so they find any reason to neg European brands/more expensive brands to make themselves feel better.

          • @SelfMade: I like feeling better.
            Also like lighting money on fire and donating to my mechanic's kids college fund.

            Which is why i think my next car will be an Audi
            (Currently driving a Kia btw, and i just want something to break so i can fix it)

            • @Drakesy: Enjoy your Kia, some of us like nicer things in life and can afford it too. Also, can you believe some of us made our own money without getting a cent from daddy or from family connections!

              • @SelfMade: I think you have the wrong impression of ozbargainers.

                If you look at the results of the previous survey ozbargain is actually made up of a majority of high net worth individuals $100k+.

                Not sure why the personal attack. Everything I've ever owned is self made pardon the pun, from my education to my 100k salary. But you seem to have it out for people living frugally. Yes my next car will be an audi, not because it makes sense but because I want to feel good rather than get in a bland kia and can afford it, which I feel is a reasonable argument.

                Yes the kia is a good reliable car and I would happily drive it till the day I die, but at the end of the day we work hard for a reason so why not enjoy it.

                • @Drakesy: The thing is I also lived frugally upto my mid 20's and saved a considerable amount for someone that age. However, I realised that if I was to achieve any of my dreams I had to take more calculated risks and think outside the box and the more I started reading and listening to people with actual wealth the more my mindset started to shift and to think differently about money. I then started to save to invest instead of just to save.

                  The biggest thing for me though was that I thought about how do I earn more instead of how do I save more. It's quite a considerable shift in thinking and because of that funnily enough I've been able to save a lot more because I'm making a lot more.

                • @Drakesy: I would be interested in reading the results of this survey. I tried searching for it but couldn't find it.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a decent amount of OZB were high net worth individuals. OZB users have a similar mindset. Just because someone likes to look for discounts doesn’t mean they’re poor.

        • I would bet that most on here are in their 20's and have not much money at all. Many here have the mindset of purely saving…which is better than those who live on credit cards and don't know how to manage their money, but trying to save everything at all costs is a poor mentality too…you won't get weathly that way.

          • @SelfMade: I would bet you would lose that bet.

          • @SelfMade: I'm pretty certain I would have a lot more money if I wasn't always on OzB! :)

          • @SelfMade: I don't speak for everyone but people like me use OZB to find the cheapest price for an item. Why would I pay $120 for an item that is worth $100 from a different place that I wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for OZB? It's a good tool for tracking item prices and knowing what something is actually worth. The occasional funny joke in the comments is a bonus.

            Am I in my 20s? Yes

            Can I afford to buy a new Lamborghini every second Wednesday? No

            Do I use OZB to find bargains so I can scrounge my way up to become richer than Jeff Bezos? Also No

            Hotel? Trivago

            The people on this website aren't here seeking financial advice. We have the money. We just also have a mutual hatred for being ripped off.

          • @SelfMade: Love all the negs LoL…keep saving and retire poor… especially with the amazing savings interest rates of today LoL.

            • @SelfMade: I love being poor, but then again ive just paid of my mortgage with the money i saved. I think i'll be a lot happier without your financial advise, but thanks anyway

              • @jackwoz: LoL having one house paid off…goes to show people just believe in their own naivety. Paying off your mortgage on one house over your lifetime is the opposite of being wealthy but all good no need to listen to anyone except yourself…you probably know more about finance than finance majors who have worked in the industry right? LoL

          • @SelfMade: Mate why are you on OZB if your mentality is to not save?

            • @Nickelback: It's to do both…not JUST to save though…which seems is the case for a lot of people on here.

              I honestly used to be too frugal, I still like to save…but I like to earn more than I like to save and I actually take action on that. I've just learnt a better way of thinking through learning from those who have actually got wealth and are living life on their terms. I didn't want to be working until I was 65 in a job.

              • @SelfMade: Would greatly appreciate it if you could donate to the charity Exulted. Having taken some financial risks but failed it could use some normalisation

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            @SelfMade: 30-something year old here. I have a decent amount of wealth and all self made. I drive an Audi. I think your opinion stinks.

        • What else are you going to do with all the money you have saved??
          You have to put it back in teh community. The Pollies don't want you to save it in the banks, only they can do that.

        • If you have time to live your life scouring sites like this and probably others. They probably aren't very successful.

      • I like my 40k Camry that I borrowed at 0% for 4 years for as my second car. But carry on, tell us more.

      • Owning a camry indicates one has lost all hope in life. I own two

    • I mean I can already tell you they will run into stock issues and have to go on backorder lol

  • Thanks, I might actually get one. I test drove a Model S P100D 2 years ago and was blown away. Dunno how this one stacks up though.

    • In some ways its better, id say for the disparity in price its well worth the money

    • Test drove the same car about 2 years ago as well…insane speed and instant torque…amazing. Unbelievably quick, especially for a full size sedan.

    • I drove a Model 3 Performance a couple of months back. My Lexus feels like a dinosaur.

      • I love the idea of a Model 3, but your lexus build quality would dwarf the model 3.

        Also, no V2I for the Model 3 is pathetic. They want people to buy Telsa Powerwall batteries for their homes, not use their cars.

        Autopilot is great. Road noise is pretty ordinary as they cut down on noise insulation to reduce weight + increase range.

        Apart from that, the build quality is shit. It's a crappy American car, which consistently scores near the bottom of the US customer satisfaction ratings for quality…

        Sadly, I think I'll wait a few more years.

        • To be honest all these horror stories about build quality are overrrated. For eg interiors are all soft plastic in Model 3, even places where my lexus is hard cheap plastic. Not sure what you mean by V2I?

          Also not sure what your definition of build quality, but most Tesla cars are the top of their class when it comes safety and were IIHS top picks. The Model X even broke their scoring system. Dont listen to bullcrap daily media propagates about the brand. Tesla is fighting two big lobbies - the fuel lobby and the car manufacturers lobby.

          Whats crapy about an ev which offers most miles per $ spent, most performance per $ spent and is the only ev brand to have cars which have done million kms. Also want to ask you, how are america cars crappy and european cars arent?

          • @dealsucker: V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure). Use your car battery to provide electricity to your house, store your solar energy, and/or store your power providers electricity at off peak rates for use at anytime.

            • @rifter: They could enable it any time via software if they wanted to but their reasoning is that your car isnt connected to grid all the time, its not charging all the time either. Second no matter which chemistry, it can only do so many charge and discharge cycles. If I was an owner of an electric car I would perhaps not connect it to the grid lest is depletes the charge cycles. The Powerwall makes much more sense since it is always connected and is purpose built for this. In anycase, they might change their mind in the future in which case all it needs is a software update.

            • @rifter: Yeah, you know why they don't do that? Charge cycles. Cars have a finite number of them, enough to get you about 400-500,000km at the moment. But charge and discharge every night, instead of once a week, and that 500,000km quickly becomes 80,000km. You want a battery to provide power for your house? You need a different chemistry. It's why they make Powerwalls a stand alone product.

        • Yea that's one thing that's let's it down when compared to it's European competitors…but where I think Tesla is severely lacking is in the styling department. They don't look that great compared to their rivals.

    • +5 votes

      I have the Model 3 SR+. It ruins the driving experience of every other car I drive. Easily the most amazing car I have driven and only one that gets better every few months instead of worse (constant software upgrades does things like increase milage, speed, various other improvements).

      • Have you tried the X? It does things vehicles of that size shouldn’t be doing in my mind.

        • Such as?

          • @delfredo: How about drag racing an Alpha 4C and winning?

            Or even better, how about racing an Alpha 4C while towing a trailer with an Alpha 4C on the back… and winning.

            It’s mental. https://vimeo.com/253258542

            • @DunDeel: it depends on what you call winning. If being fast on the road, makes people happy, then yes Tesla is good for them. But for me the fun factor from purist car can never be had form an electric one. Besides, the Alfa 4C is one of the sexiest cars on earth. No one talks about Tesla if you think classy. No competition there

    • +10 votes

      Would really love to get one, but we get no incentive for this laggard coal mining government. The least they could do is reduce rego, and mean it.