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[flybuys] Earn 1 MasterChef Knife Credit for Every $20 Spent, Redeem 20 Pts for Santoku / Utility Knife @ Coles


From 4 November, Coles customers will earn a ‘MasterChef knife credit’ by scanning their flybuys card every time they spend $20 or more in one transaction at Coles supermarkets and Coles Online

The credits you need to collect to redeem the MasterChef knives -

Utility Knife - 20 credits

Small Santoku - 20 credits

Bread Knife - 30 credits

Cooks Knife - 35 credits

Large Santoku Knife - 35 credits

Steak Knives 2-Pack - 35 credits

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    So a utility knife is redeemable after a minimum $400 spend? Doesn't seem very free..

    • +1

      And entire set for a cool $3,500 spend.

      This year’s Coles Christmas range focuses on making life easier for Australians by not only providing the best locally sourced fresh meal solutions and showstopping desserts but also helping customers collect the best tools in the kitchen to be the most envied host.

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        Over a 3 month period, however the stock will be seriously low by the end.

        $1166/month, or $269/week… Though there is the Christmas shopping among that, but still!

        • +1

          I do about $220 on average for my weekly shop. I see steak knives in my future….

  • And if its the Santoku knives listed on here the stainless handles are going to be bloody slippery + christmas and drinking the ER is going to be amazingly cluttered

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      It appears to be the classic rivet set being offered according to that websites

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      If you click into the Media Release you can find the link to the Getty Images photo gallery..
      Knives look like this:

      EDIT: Ahh, must not have refreshed the page before commenting.

      • Those do look slippery. Hopefully there is a wooden block or something to hold them with?

        • why the middle knife got indents?

          • @capslock janitor: Make it go faster.

          • +1

            @capslock janitor: @queer dog geyfrog: These depressions, called kullenschliff or a Granton edge, reduce friction and help prevent food from sticking to the blade. As a result of the santoku's popularity, manufacturers have started adding the dimpled edge to other knives, too. Now you can get a kullenschliff edge on all sorts of knives.

    • Why are they all called Santoku if they are not all
      Santoku knives?

  • Which one would be good for filleting a whole raw fish?

    • +1

      Filleting knife..

      Seriously though, u really need a thin & narrow blade, preferably a little flexible to use for filleting fish..

    • A good cleaver works well.

    • -1

      Butter knife.

  • No love for Coles 'Express' - ie Servo?

  • +10

    They're not meant to be at the best price, but considering this runs with your flybuys, you will just get these points as a bonus. When they had their tupperware containers promo, the containers I got from them are actually some of the best I own. So, can be good for getting points on money you were already spending.

    • That offer must be from ages ago. Never heard of it!

      • It's definitely been within the last year. Not too long ago really.

  • +1

    yea nah

  • -2

    Pretty much done with Coles. I'll save money by shopping at Aldi and the local fruit shop, even after their fancy flybuys offers.

  • I'll just shop as normal and scan my flybuys card.
    Do you get 2 tokens for a $40 shop or does that only count as one token for a shop over $20?

    • It'll count as 2

  • +9

    So kids will be fighting for the knives instead of ooshies on the playground

    • Gota collect them all!

    • When will we stop taking on that american culture!

  • Steak Knives 2-Pack - 35 credits

    35 credits x ($20 min spend each) = $700 min spend for two steak knives?

    Better be some epic steak knives..

  • +1

    every chance there will be bonus credits for buying certain things also.

    • I think that's generally a Woolworths thing…which is why the idiots ran out of Ooshies early.

      • +2

        pretty sure there was bonuses on the glasses.

        • You are correct. Sometimes they had double points weekends from memory.

  • You are rewarded flybuy points when purchasing gift cards at Coles.

    • I don't think they'd count towards earning credits for this promotion though

  • Hmm i actually don't mind the look of that cook's knife..

  • Click on the media release

    COLES VNR V2.mp4
    Daniel Andrews shared this with you.


  • -1

    Wheres the bargain

  • +11

    Do people forget you would normally do grocery shopping? You get food in return for your cash. Then as a bonus get points to redeem free knives.

    You all make out like you’re needing to spend $3.5k to only get a knife.

    Honest to god sooks.

  • Yeps managed to get two tupperware boxes the last time and a couple of drinking glasses just doing the normal shop.

    Definitely don’t spend my entire shop at Coles. Spread my special love around. Don’t mind walking to all three to get the best prices.

  • these chefs must be doing their cooking on the moon and use their knives to fend off meteor strikes

    • That sounds like Overcook.

  • Not sure i would be keen to spend minimum $400 for knife of questionable quality…
    Anyone had experience with them?

    • How much do you normally spend at Coles/month?

      • Not much if im being real honest. Maybe $100-200 tops

        • so, you are saying that in 2-3 months you will say no to a free knife, right?

  • Saw a poster in-store - New Flybuys signups will get 5x points iirc

    Edit -

    5 BONUS
    MasterChef Knives credits*

    For new members who register to Flybuys by Tuesday 26 January 2021*

    actually reckon it's just a one-time 5 credits ..

  • any stocks left for 20 credit? Utility knife

    • -1

      Maybe tell us where you can go to Coles at?

    • I saw plenty of all types of these on a stand at Ballarat Coles (Peel St) yesterday

  • No 20-credit knives at a suburban Sydney Coles this afternoon…

  • +1

    Grabbed the large Santoku knife, looks like that's all I'll end up having points for! But that's ok, got one before they ran out

  • Any 20 credit knifes left in Sydney? Hit 3x Cole's all out of stock

    • Also interested as I have 21 credits and 0/3 store success. I asked one Coles today, they said their final delivery was a few days ago and won't be getting more.

      • +1

        see comment below (not sure if you get notified as I didn't reply to you)

        • Thanks! The only notification I got was from this

          • +1

            @Fobsessive: Plenty at Broadway Coles when I went this morning. I picked up the small santoku knife and saw a few small utility knives too.

    • +1

      Saw some at Chatswood Coles today. (Small Santoku knives) they also had the 35 point knife options.

      • Which one? The one in Westfield or the one in Chase?

        • +1

          I saw in Westfield. Not sure about Chase.

          • +1

            @spaij: called chatswood westfield coles today no stock since last week as per the person i spoke over phone..

  • tried few coles in ryde area and around. No luck all sold out. If anyone find stock, can you please share. have 35 credits.

    • Edmondson Park, they had 3 bread knives and 3 boxes of the large chef knife in stock.

  • +1

    checked yesterday in Carlingford ,West Pennant Hills area & Epping but no luck.

  • been checking also in Sunnybank and sunnybank hills and none left.

  • Anyone know if there is any stock in VIC? Tried Essendon, Moonee Ponds and Avondale Heights. No stock of any knives at all.

    • +1

      I was at Stud Park, Rowville yesterday and they had 30-35 point knives still. I'm however only looking for 20 point knives :(

      • Yeah, me too. 20 point knives.
        Also checked at Flemington and they have sold out too.

    • If anyone knows where to get 20 point knives in Melbourne, please let me know. I'll do the same. I don't like our chances now though.

  • Has anyone seen knives still available in the Newcastle / Lake Macquarie areas? I've tried Belmont, Jewells, Mount Hutton.

  • Has anyone tried to get a knife and maybe pay for the missing points?…Not sure if that is a viable option currently.

    • According to the FAQs you can only pay with full credits or buy outright with cash. e.g. 20 credits or $20, not partially with both. I am struggling to find any small santoku knife anywhere in north-west Sydney. I gave up on hold on the Customer Care line for 1/2 hour and the FB messenger is not responding.

  • The whole shire is out, I have 30 credits anyone seen any in southern Sydney?

  • +1

    Yep, even if you ring Customer Care the stock database is indicating stocks of 20 point knives where there are in fact none. Helps to ring the stores if you go down that path as most report over the phone only having 35 point knives now - and even that seems limited. Would be interesting to know how many points go unredeemed due to Coles zero stock situation - could be worth many millions in savings to Coles at the effective price of $1 per point. Misleading and Deceptive come to mind - but they argue that their lawyers have covered their liability with a while stocks last clause in the fine print. They had no clear exit plan for this promotion except early exhaustion of supply.

  • +1

    Any 35 credit knives in Sydney's inner west? I tried 3 stores and had no luck.

    • Coles Customer Care on Facebook told me they were overwhelmed and apologised. They asked for my flybuys details etc to "take back to the business". To me, this implied something else may be forthcoming but there was no commitment and it also may be a massive fob off.

      • Same for me.

  • Are there any 35 credit knives anywhere?

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