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Extra 30% off Everything @ adidas Outlet Online (Stacks with Existing Discounts / Ultraboost $127 / Stan Smith $64)


Ends 11:59pm AEST Sunday (25/10/20) unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Apply code CASHREWARDS at checkout. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Use Cashrewards for 10% cashback. Ensure last click before purchase is from this link.

Code is exclusive to Cashrewards - cashback will be ineligible via other publishers.

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  • +2

    Any Adidas shoes a wider fit?

    • Looking for this one too

    • +5

      If you’ve got Sasquatch feet like me - the Reebok nano 9 (possibly the x) is about the widest shoe I’ve ever encountered. Mid that they fit super small (so I had to go up a full size). I think they are the same company as adidas so there’s a chance the “platform” is shared?

      • +2

        Sasquatch feet

        so cute! congrats on your first comment:)

    • +3

      @tunzafun001 New Balance make the widest fitting shoes.

      • Gotta fit those big Dad feet

  • -1

    Amazing , thanks OP! Adidas seem to be back to almost normal shipping times now as it only takes me a week in WA to receive the items!

    • are you sure about this? anything order after 14/10 will take more than 20days to dispatch if memory serves me correct.

      • It's normal now. I got my ultraboost 20 from the last shopback deal only 5 days after ordering. Not sure about anyone else but I'm located at ACT.

        • I'm still waiting for my order from 30/09

  • +4

    I'm still waiting for my order to be shipped from the last deal. its been 8 days..

    • +4

      Could be worse…5 weeks and counting. But I didn't get an email saying they are preparing my order.

      • +1

        5 weeks???? Have you tried contacting them?

    • Same here, been 8 days and counting and all I've got is an email from PayPal confirming payment :D

      • Mine arrived yesterday! (Sydney)

        • I'm in Sydney and they're still preparing my order from 12/10

    • first order arrived within 5 days (regional QLD) express post

      waiting on second order, also announced as express post and it's auspost holding back, not adidas

  • Bought 3 shoes and apparently the Extra 30% did not work on one of the shoes. Unfortunately I realised it after I placed the order. Bummer!!

    • +39

      I think your first mistake was not buying pairs

  • +2

    still waiting on my order from a month ago when they were changing distribution centres :(

  • Hardly any sizes :(

  • +2

    Got my firsts UB, thanks

  • +4

    Not everything from outlet is 30% off. I tried the code with a pair of shoes and got the following message:

    "Selected products are excluded from discounts"

    • +8

      Means you searched and exited the Outlet store :)

      • +5

        oh yeh i did lol. Thanks for letting me know :)

      • +1

        Not sure why but I found quite a few within the outlet are still excluded from the code: (

    • +1

      Same here "Selected products are excluded from discounts" after adding some tees :(. It's working on shoes though

  • +3

    Their stock management sucks. Still waiting for my items and it's been almost 2 weeks.

    • yh during COVID its been pretty rough, I was expecting a week or two, but ended up being a month if I recall correctly. But nevertheless, still a fantastic deal even if you have to wait a bit longer

  • +2

    Great deal, thanks TA

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered my first UB

  • +1

    lol idk if they have ever been cheaper.. got two pairs for $196 not including the cashback…

  • +1

    Is there anyway to get the free delivery if your order cannot get upto $100?

    • Buy more then return. A bit of a hassle though but only way

      • yep that's a pain given that there refund timelines are ultra crappy.takes ages to get the money back.

        • yea and delivery takes ages as well :L

  • +2

    I have 3 pairs of UBs for gym work, 2 pairs for running and 1 as a casual shoe (all black), do I complete the Ultraboost Gauntlet and have a pair for each day of the week? haha

    • +2

      This shouldn't even be a question. Not only should you have a pair for each day of the week, but there should be AM and PM shoes also.

      • +1

        ugh, I knew it was a silly question! I ordered an extra pair so now I have 8! Just in case there's ever an 8th day of the week.. you know :P

        • +4

          haha… Mind sharing a photo of the collection?

          • @Koipanda: haha yes please, I want to see this man's fashion style and variety of taste

  • How long do returns usually take with Adidas?

  • +1

    Nice prices on the Ultraboosts :D

  • Barely any styles :-( Just want basic black and white ones :-(

  • Wow I actually made it in time for an ozbargain deal. Thank you so much i picked up a pair of the Ultraboost DNA blue and black. Could not resist, they look great.

  • ordered ultraboost last week and arrived in 3 days.. impressed

  • It says selected products are excluded when I order kids shoes.

    • See here.

      • Yep got it cheers. Also FYI 12K is a US size not UK size.

  • Very glad I didn't order last night!

  • +1

    code works but there is a minimum spend for free postage

  • Got a pair of Ultraboost 20s. I'll take $127 > $260 any day. Thanks lads!

  • Might cave to social conventions here and pick up a pair of UB’s. Are they that good (for running)?

    • absolutely love them for running!

    • Yeap absolutely love my Ultraboost as well.

    • They're like marshmallows hugging your feet. I'm not the biggest runner though so ymmv.

  • Hmmm -

    Do I be cheap and get either of these for $115 (incl. cash back)


    Or get the Core Black / Core Blacks for $164 (incl. cash back)


    • +1

      The core blacks are not part of oultet sale. So the promo code won't work

      • Silly me - I saw the vertical grey text on it and the other models that said SAVE 30%. They just say BEST SELLER. Need my eyes checked.

        • The metallic gold looks better than triple black to be honest.

    • This post gave me a heart attack, I thought I missed another triple black sale.

      • I don't understand fascination with 3blacks. Saying that I own a pair of those and also another non 3black UBs and tbh I prefer later.May be I am not that young anymore when now a days drinking smoothie out of a jar is considered cool and in fashion :-)

        • +1

          For me it is because i can wear it to work. My employer dress code requires shoes to be all black.

        • I prefer my kicks with some colours too. Especially when I wear dark coloured clothes, I want some colours to stand out. All black is stealthy but also a bit boring. The triple black is good as working shoes if the workplace don’t mind staff wearing runners.

        • Funny coz I thought the young don't like triple black. I like it because I can wear it to office without drawing too much attention.

  • +1

    I'd say the cheaper and the prime blue, gotta be really careful on the snug, sock like fit.. I made the mistake of ordering a pair in the same as the ultraboost standard and its a mission to get them on! haha

    • Thanks for the tip. Was just watching 2 review videos where they say to get a 1/2 size up compared to your normal UB fit.

  • +1

    Order UB and NMD.

    Not sure about the fits on the NMD but i kept it the same as the UB I have.

  • This is a ridiculously good deal, with 30%, then 30% plus Cash Rewards, killer savings.

  • +1

    Great deal. Got myself and the Mrs a pair of NMD's each. With the 5km rule becoming 25km now in Melbourne, we will be able to walk a bit more once we get the shoes. Stay safe everyone.

  • +2

    Great deal - I missed out ShopBack's 30% off but managed to get my shoe and size (and 10% as opposed to 8% cashback) through CR for the same price. Thanks TA!

  • I don't find the NDM is very comfortable at all compared to any of the boost range

    • Agree! Ultraboost is more comfortable. NDM feels less support

  • Got a pair of ultra boost and just got the cashback tracking email from CR. Very smooth transaction. Thanks TA!

  • +1

    Why do so few brands do a solid grey sneaker? There's always solid white and solid black, and combinations of both, or some with splashes of grey, but never all-grey.

    • Not a good colour.

      • Not a good colour? Happy to agree that grey soles are probably a bit too much, but grey goes with (almost) everything, is flattering on everyone and if we're being technical is more ideal for low-contrast people (eg pasty blondes) compared to black. White has similar attributes but is more difficult to keep from looking haggard (and I've got enough).

  • Will somebody please explain if the $127 is women’s UB? I can’t see any at that price.

    • +1
      1. Click this link to go to Cashrewards’ Adidas page.
      2. Copy the coupon code CASHREWARDS in the coupon offer box on the page.

      3. Click on Shop Offer orange link to go to the Adidas outlet page.

      4. Search for your desired women’s Ultraboost and add to cart.

      5. Paste the coupon code you copied in step 2 or type in CASHREWARDS to the voucher/coupon code box on checkout page.

      6. Voila! You’ve got an extra 30% off your Ultraboost!

  • Adidas seems to not like townhouse addresses…Kept telling me to review highlighted in the checkout.

    • +1

      I had to remove the hyphen in my address. It will still be delivered even if you put in 100 instead of 100-104 for example.

      • Yeah I figured that was probably it. But the thing is it didn't even make it obvious that was the problem. Ended up getting it shipped to my inlaws instead.

  • are UB 20 the same size as NMD ? I m size 8 for NMD (exact fit).
    Thanks :)

  • I've not gotten an email from cash rewards saying they're tracking my purchase but I used the link. Does that mean I won't get the additional 10% off??

    • +1

      Tracking notification in 1-7 days.

      • Ta! I missed that bit.

  • Bought a pair. Thanks.

  • +1

    How are you guys finding the Ultraboosts? They good for everyday wear, not just running?

  • +3

    This also seems to stack with the Amex Fashion's Night In offer.

    I just bought a pair of shoes and some socks to take it to just over $100 after the discounts, should then get 10% cash rewards and $25 back from AMEX taking it to just over $65 total!

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