Apple Watch Series 6 44mm GPS $639 Delivered @ StudioProper (Possible Price Beat $607 @ Officeworks)


Found the cheapest AW 6 44mm offer so far @ $639.00, can be easily pricebeaten at officeworks
[UPD] Officeworks rejected the pricebeat as they were not happy with "Ships in 2 weeks"

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  • Make sure 44mm isn't too big for your wrist too. If you have small wrists then the 40mm would look more like a regular watch on you.

    • Def a good point, I have a friend who thought bigger screen = better, until he realised that it was too big and it was easy to crack the screen due to bumping around.
      Best to try it instore before purchasing.

    • I’m a 5 ft tall female and I went the 44 mm. I preferred the extra screen real estate. I suggest people have a good look before buying.

      • I'd prefer my watch looks as much like an ordinary watch as possible, instead of a mini pda strapped to my wrist. But maybe that's an old fashioned way of thinking about a smartwatch.

        • Me, I’m all for the practical. Telling the time is about the last thing I’m interested in doing. It is all about the apps and the fact I need to wear glasses, most of the time. The extra realestate means I can check my stats without having to drag out the specs.

  • Is "ships in 2 weeks" really a legitimate rejection for price beat?

  • $624.99 @ Costco hence not the cheapest but don't think OW will price beat them!?

  • If anyone succeeds with OW let us know. I'd be interested to see if they match it.

  • If anyone has aia vitality you can get the watch for free providing you meet the active benefit. (4 times per week exercising) otherwise you get slapped with a lazy tax and have to make aia's payment for the month.

    Kinda cool way of getting motivated I guess.

    • Kinda cool

      If you think losing money is cool

      • What do you mean?

        I already have aia insurance and aia vitality. I already hit the active benefit weekly. I get a 650 dollar watch for 0 dollars.

        Granted it's not worth getting the insurance for the watch but if you already have it.

        • Isn't it better just to get the weekly vouchers and pay for the watch yourself?

          • @Debellate: No, the voucher is 5 dollars per week and the term is 2 years.

            So that is 520 max you can get with the vouchers.

            You only lose out on the weekly active benefit not all the other vouchers you get.

  • I thought this was an absolute steal until I realised its the GPS only version. Damn

  • Sorry, I feel a bit of confusing now after I checked Apple Store Price $599 for Series 6 versions.

    So why $639 is the promotion price?

  • Went to Costco today, yes you do need a membership.
    Apple Watch Series 6
    Blue/Navy 40mm - $575
    Grey/Black 44mm - $625

    Apple Watch SE (sold out)
    But costs were
    Gold/Pink, Grey/Black 40 mm $410
    Silver/white, Grey/Black 44 mm $460.

  • +1 vote

    Officeworks price match confirmed.