Apple iPhone SE (2020) $679 Delivered (Was $749) @ Apple Store


The budget phone that matches and even out performs Android flagships twice the price is now even cheaper!

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64GB - $679 from $749
128GB - $759 from $829
256GB - $929 from $999

Great for those who don’t want too muck around with cancelling Vodafone contacts.

Not my first post. Don’t be nice.

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  • I guess this is the reason why…

    As part of our efforts to reach our environmental goals, iPhone SE no longer includes a power adapter or EarPods. Please use your existing Apple power adapter and headphones or buy these accessories separately.

    • Except even the $2,369.00 Pro Max doesn’t come with them lol.

      • Lacerta is right. The SE used to have these included in the box (ironically, I never took them out). They now removed them to align to the 12-line. Obviously this needed to go with a price drop. Smart move, the SE was a bit overpriced and is no longer running Apple’s latest chip, this makes it more appealing.

      • Mickalmus 36 min ago

        "This means that the iPhone SE isn’t “faster than the fastest Android phones.” In fact, this particular aspect of the performance is 20% down compared to leading Android phones."
        Quoted directly from the linked article and referring to multi threaded performance testing.
        I'll happily admit to being a Nexus/Pixel fan boy but not so close-minded to rule out looking at one of these as a replacement. I just couldn't get past the screen size or lacking full HD. I'm also kind of stuck on having stereo front facing speakers on my phablets too.

        Bang for buck it is probably very slick and the UX no doubt quite good. It was just easier to stay with what I was used to. ~10% price drop can't be sneezed at.

      • It called cutting cost under the disguise of being pro-environment so Apple could make more profit

    • My problem is that Apple lead the way to get a new phone either every one or two years thereby worsening environmental impacts.

      • I mean iOS 14 is supported on the iPhone 6S from 2015…

        • Yep just updated my 6s Plus the other week.
          Not usually an Apple fan but bought the phone through a family member very cheap and had it for a couple of years now.
          I am impressed with there warranty, replaced the original iPhone with refurbished with 2 year warranty which runs out shortly…

        • That's impressive. Android phone would have stopped update after a couple of years.

          • @browser: Which is why I moved from Android to iPhone. I got tired of NEEDING to upgrade every few years because of degradation in performance. Haven't looked back. My iPhone 8+ is still going strong

        • @Hybroid, but Is it usable though?

      • @Caped Baldy I disagree, there is a high demand for used iPhones (not everyone can afford a new iPhone), and their support is longer, they will be in use for many more years than Android phones hence lessening the environmental impacts. Android phones (especially cheaper models) get churned over more often as it is more economical to get new ones with new warranties. They are the worst environmental offenders.

        • I get your point and agree with you. They were the prominent manufacturer to first have non removable batteries and said that non Apple battery replacements would void warranties. So people either spend outrageous amounts for repairs or buy a new phone.

          • +15 votes

            @Caped Baldy: Official battery replacements supplied and installed by an Apple Store or an extensive network of Apple Service providers are $79 for the standard models and $109 for the premium models.

            Not outrageous at all.

            • @tp0: I remember paying $299 for a 2nd spare battery for my Nokia 101 back around 1995! That was just to ensure I'd have a working phone for 8 hours without access to a charger. $100 or so for a new genuine battery is VERY reasonable.

      • +22 votes

        Do they really "lead the way" though? Their level of software support for old devices basically has no match in the android ecosystem, they commonly give full OS version updates to 4+ year old phones. Meanwhile android manufacturers generally do 2 years for flagships, then just 1 or even 0 years on cheap phones. Some are making waves at the moment by committing to 3 years, but that still falls behind Apple.

        I'd argue Apple are one of the best phone companies for encouraging people to keep using their old devices. Sure they promote their new phones every year, but really they just want people to be part of their ecosystem and to keep making them money that way. Apps for 4 year old iPhones cost just as much as the same app on new iPhones.

        • I saw the latest versions of android are changing that.

          Doesn't help existing phones but they are essentially making it so all phones moving forward can at the bare min get security updates.

      • Typing on my iPhone 6s right now and still going strong.

        • I've actually still got my work iphone 6s, too bad the battery has less than 1hr SOT.

          • @Caped Baldy: I'm using a 6S. Haven't updated the iOS past 12; too scared that the newer iOS will eat battery or performance.

          • @Caped Baldy: I’ve got a 6s and I just had the battery replaced by Apple for $79. Now it goes for 2 days between charges and I couldn’t be happier! Will get another couple of years out of it before I upgrade :-)

      • It's the telcos we have to blame for the 2 year refresh cycle, and before the iPhone feature phones didn't last long. Once you put a computer in something it makes it outdated quite quickly usually.

        I've just upgraded from iPhone 7 Plus (had it for 3 years) and am moving to a second hand iphone XS. The 7 Plus is certainly still serviceable, battery health is poor but it's otherwise great.

      • worsening environmental impacts.

        how? almost all the time iPhones are passed on to a second hand user or recycled through trade in or other means. Not a single apple device or accessory i owned in the past ended up in a bin.

        • That's called a ponzi scheme. What happens to the existing phone the person who bought your old iPhone had been using? Except the first time phone users (kids) everybody has a working phone. Some of them need to end up in a bin if everyone upgrades theirs.

      • My partner is still on the old SE, performing well for her.

    • Does it at least come with a lightening cable?

      • Yes, Lightning to USB-C. So all those apple phone chargers "you already have laying around" as Apple says, won't work, you'll likely have to buy one anyway.

        • You can use the cable you already have with the charger you already have…..

          Definitely a better deal to include the newer cable rather than the older one. The newer cable is required to connect the phone to a macbook or iPad Pro so it'd be sillier to have put in the old cable and worse to have no cable. And the 20W adapter isn't too terribly priced by Apple standards anyway - $29 . The magsafe charger on the other hand. Ouch that price.

          • @jkart: Actually good point .. didn't think of that. I just wish they had ditched lightning and gone full USB-C finally.

            • @narcoleptic-haze: Yeah, I also wish they'd ditched lightning. I'm still expecting the next or the version after to simply be a single slab of glass with no ports or buttons though……

              Also I reckon if they'd changed to USB-C the argument for not including the charger would have been weaker since anyone without another USB-C device already would have needed both the adapter and the cable.

              • @jkart: Yeah I imagine they're going to ditch lightning for nothing rather than going to USB-C. They're just waiting for wireless charging to improve.

                • @leethompson: Which would be a neg from an environmental point of view - induction charging is no where as efficient power transfer as a diect cable. So lots more power wasted.

                  20W x 30% loss x millions of phones = lots of wasted power.

    • This would be ok imo if they gave the option to include it at checkout for free. Like what if this is someones first iPhone?

      • I think everyone would just tick the box and we'd be back to square one. If it's your very first iPhone and you have somehow avoided collecting them from family and relatives then you're up for another $29, assuming you don't have a wireless Qi charger already from an android phone that you want to keep using, or a USB-C adapter from an android phone you want to keep using, or a macbook, or an iPad.

        For marketing purposes they'd be better off just getting people to tick a box and save $30 to not include one. That way only people who wanted it would get it and 'save $$$ by not getting something you don't need and won't use' is more friendly than paying more for it on the very rare chance you do.

      • This is exactly what I've said. If you are excluding them for environmental reasons, then give people the option to grab one at time of purchase for free.

    • Then order separate charger & earphones for more environmental packaging waste & money grabbing :(

      • Yes, except most (if not all) of the packaging is recyclable.

        • +1 vote

          Recycling is not a 100% efficient process. You can't recycle the energy needed to manufacture something and then to recycle it.

          Not manufacturing it in the first place always beats recycling.

    • I just bought an iPhone 11 for miss entropy from an Apple store. They still have stock with the chargers and EarPods in the box, sold at at the reduced price so I would expect it is the same with this SE (my son has one, a great, speedy little phone).

      When they run through existing stock the boxes will be smaller and without the charger though..

    • They should use USB C and align themselves to the rest of the industry if they cared about reusability and the environment

    • Accidental repeat

    • "As part of out efforts to reach our environmental goals"

      That's a relief, for a minute I though it was to do with maximising profit.

  • I noticed this the other day. Was able to claim $70 back on my Coles MasterCard. I was also able to
    Claim $200 back on the iPhone XR.

    • How did you claim $200 back?

      • I’m assuming price protection insurance

      • As above. Coles don't offer it anymore. Same with 28 degrees.

      • Account Cover Plus on my Coles MasterCard. It's no longer available to new card holders. Price dropped from $1049 to $849, hence I was able to claim on the price protection policy. Last year I was able to claim $180 when it dropped from $1229 to $1049.

        • I've got the old 28 Degrees price protection. Is the old Coles price protection the same? 12 month validity, any Australian retailer, unlimited claims?

  • The budget phone that matches and even out performs Android flagships twice the price is now even cheaper!

    You should be hired by Apple for sales and marketing. Sorry didn't brought anything this time.

  • +1 vote

    Should be: Now from $A, was from $B

    Was jarring for me to read.

    EDIT looks like it has report and changed by power-user/mods

  • Thought Australia has a law which requires phones to come with headphones

  • This comes with a tiny battery so if definitely not for heavy users.